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More Lies Exposed

July 5, 2009

Beverley Manners has been very busy posting blatant lies on various forums around the world in an attempt to stem the tide of questions coming her way. She has been deleting the comments posted on her own forum so the public are not able to see the truth.

Members of a UK forum have been questioning Beverley about her common practice of breeding “her girls back to back”. They have provided numerous examples such as Rutland’s Snuggles who had 5 consecutive litters.

On July 5th Beverley posted on the forum that the legislation in Victoria had changed regarding back to back breeding in 2006-2007 and she “forgot” to update her website.

This is a lie.  The Code of Practice for Breeding and Rearing Establishments came in to effect in 1994 and has always read

Bitches must be at least twelve months of age before being mated and a bitch must not have more than two litters in any
eighteen month period.

I am sure Beverley is in that data base at the moment deleting all the extra litters her dogs have had over the years.

Stop pleading ignorance Beverley.

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  1. Lisa Ryan permalink
    July 5, 2009 7:09 pm

    There is nothing is the world that will bring back Yogi Bean or alter the suffering this little girl endured for years and years and years. Her daughter Beansie has also suffered for years and years as did Yogi Bean’s mother and grand mother. This suffering for greed needs to stop now so no others suffer as Yogi bean and her daughter have, and countelss nameless, faceless others over decades at the hands of Beverley Manners and those who stood by silently and allowed this suffering to continue when they had the authority and ability to speak up.

    Many of these precious dogs have lost their voices, but their eyes are pleading for this country to wipe these puppy farmers out forever. My voice will be loud and I will proudly speak for Yogi Bean, Beansie and all the others across this state that are prisoners of greed.

    Let this be a lesson to any breeder that what you bring into this world is your responsibility for life and placement of puppies, older dogs needs to be undertaken with a contract which includes desexing. Let the other lesson be that if you quote the phrase of responsible breeder, then the first priority must always be – being responsible for the breed you love.

  2. Emma permalink
    July 6, 2009 10:18 am

    Hello Beverley. For some unknown reason you seem to think I am 2 people and I have no idea why, I may be slighty over weight but not enough to be classified as 2 people! My name is Emma, not Charlotte and I live in Brandy Hill, NSW. I attended a Labradoodle Open Day in the Hunter Valley. On a visit to the bathroom I passed the quarantine area, which was not open to the public, where I saw and felt some of your dogs (I asked one of the helpers who they were). I WITNESSED FOR MYSELF, FIRST HAND WITH MY VERY OWN EYES that thier ears were dreadfully hairy and so infected you could smell them as soon as you bent towards them. Thier coats were so matted they could barely walk. This would have taken months to have got to the negletful state that these poor animals were in. As I mentioned in my email to your forum, I’m not interested in the top to toe of your property & pot plants but the welfare of the dogs kept there. Mr & Mrs Lindley probably can supply an unbias report on every ‘puppy’ at your property as they have not had the time to matt and be negleted like the adult dogs, plus its amazing what you can do in the, as stated by you, ’13 hour drive each way’ to your property!
    Please do not wait for an appology from me as I can only comment on what I saw with my own unbias eyes. You sign off as with the word ‘Peace’ I just pray that maybe your dogs may feel a bit of that word you preach, although I would rather use the word ‘Comfort’.

    • Kristie permalink
      July 9, 2009 1:29 am

      Emma, I know the place you are talking about in the Hunter Valley. I have been there numerous times. It is fantastic and has fantastic facilities. The dogs are looked after and cared for beautifully. The dogs have fantastic natures and I think that is due to the care they are provided with. I have a doodle from there and I could not be happier. I just hope Beverley could take tips from this breeder (Charlotte) and if she was just a little like her, maybe there would be no problems with Rutland Mannor?

  3. Lisa Ryan permalink
    July 6, 2009 11:22 am

    Hi Beverley

    As you have changed your chat page/s and have such restrictions with what can transpire on your forum, (which is your every right), I probably will not be able to access the ‘unbiased’ report.

    You have previously stated that you have staff to care for the dogs so I don’t understand why they would now suddenly take up your daytime hours.

    I do have an open mind Beverley and that is why I posted my questions publically that you have still not answered, and that is why I made my offer on a public forum to visit myself but you have avoided that question too. Neither have you responded to most of my other questions about Yogi Bean, Beansie, Pal, Goombah, Geogia, Lexie, and all the other dogs mentioned in my earlier post; so I really don’t know why you have bothered to respond at all.

    In relation to a call I have made to a shipping company – which call and which company exactly are you referring to ? Australia has quite a few pet transport companies as you would be aware.

    No-one has to date, told me anything about any “government vet who inspects all the puppies who go through his shipping company before they leave Australia.” No-one has told me that the vet is “Dr Noel Smith, who is the toughest and best qualified of them all.” No-one has told me that “Noel Smith frequently comments on the Rutland Manor puppies and how healthy well cared for and clean they are.” But thanks for the name, I can add it to my ever growing pile of paper.

    If Dr Smith is happy to write a letter for you then you can post that too. Maybe Dr Smith can also comment on the age of puppies and the pregnancy stage of some of your dogs being exported and maybe he can tell us where they are being exported from and where to and how often and when most recently.

    In relation to me setting myself above Rutland Manor, trust me Beverely you and I are worlds apart.

    Regarding Twyla’s posting, yes most of us have heard of emailing photos. My question was in relation to Lexie’s age (6 wks) and I queried this photo in regards to where it was taken with Ella (the child). Who is Ella ?.

    I note you have not addressed the other question I posed to you regarding Laura and Ryan and those dogs.

    If you are going to reply to me Beverely – do so in full.

  4. Twyla Pyles permalink
    July 6, 2009 4:03 pm

    This is an exact quote from Lisa Ryan on the Care2 site started by Debra Tranter:

    YOU QUOATED ABOVE….A further posting on your site from Twyla confuses me. This was on Thursday 2 July 200. Twyla sent you a message and in that message several photos of her dog Lexie. One of the photos shows Lexie being held by a young girl that Twyla states is Ella. This photo actually has the date on it – 23 October 2007. Twyla also states that in this photo Lexie is 6 weeks old. How could that be if Lexie was also, like Georgia exported by you ?

    So what is so confusing Lisa?? That right.. You have again jumped to a conclusion to spread your malicious lies. YOU my dear do not have all the facts and I will inform you of the dates of Lexie’s picture so you will can rest your weary little mind concerning the dates.

    Lexie was born in Sept. of 2007.. Now I want to make sure you understand completely. LEXIE WAS BORN AT RUTLAND MANOR ON SEPTEMBER OF 2007… Now did you understand it the second time around!? Now get out your little calendar and calculator and add the following. Born in September of 2007- Picture taken October 2007… Imagine that!! Lexie is six weeks old around 10/23/2007.

    Because of your lack of knowledge you have no idea who Ella is or where she lives. Maybe you should research and get your facts correct before posting your malicious lies.

    As for Ryan you KNOW NOTHING about his personal circumstances that transpired with Georgie.

    Honestly, I hope Ryan, Laura and Beverley NEVER RESPOND TO YOU. If you had shown respect to your fellow human man I am sure without a doubt we would have all been more than happy to put you concerns to rest and answer all your questions.

    Now why don’t you go out and do some good in the world and stop spewing all your toxic venom.

    And this is your quote from Above on this site:

    Regarding Twyla’s posting, yes most of us have heard of emailing photos. My question was in relation to Lexie’s age (6 wks) and I queried this photo in regards to where it was taken with Ella (the child). Who is Ella ?.

    Wouldn’t you like to know. Show some respect to others and maybe you can get your facts straight. I am completely finished with answering any of your questions and responding to your Ludicrous comments.

    I do hope you can find some peace within yourself.


  5. Lisa Ryan permalink
    July 7, 2009 12:23 am

    Twyla all you do by replying in such a childish and hostile manner is insult your own homeland America and Americans in general. I will not degrade myself or my country by replying in kind.

    I have not spread malicious lies – I posed a question, in fact many questions, which have still not been answered in spite of your response. You need to go back and read exactly what I wrote and queried before you bombard Australian sites with such replies.

    I think you are incorrect about the Care2 site – I think this is owned by Julz not Debra Tranter.

    No I don’t have all the facts and that is why I ask questions but I assure you Twyla I have more of the facts than you do – many more.

    Yes Lexie was born on a date in September 2007 at Rutland Manor. Yes this bitch is 6 weeks old in the photo with Ella taken on 23 October 2007. So again who is Ella and where was this photo taken. I am researching my facts Twyla – this is why I pose this question which you have still not answered. In simple terms was this photo taken of the dog Lexie taken with Ella (when Lexie was 6 weeks old) taken in my homeland or yours ?

    In the end you don’t need to reply Twyla if you don’t wish to – Lexie’s records will be recorded through her microchip and exports papers.

    Again – no I do not know the facts about Ryan and Georgia – this is why I ask. Again – this ‘version’ of the truth is different to what Ryan has implied many times about the dog Georgia.

    Yes I would like to know – Australia would like to know Twyla. Again – I posted no venom or lies or conclusions – I asked very simple and straight forward questions. Again – none have been answered.

    • Renee permalink
      July 31, 2009 1:19 pm

      I live in Australia Lisa and I know Rutland Manor and Beverley look after their Bredding Dogs and Puppy’s with absolute care. Beverley has only ever thought of the Welfare of her dogs, I personally know this.
      I DO NOT KNOW WHY YOU WRITE SUCH HORRIBLE STUFF – what you acheive by this i do not know.
      Beverley and Rutland Manor Produce the best Labradoodles and are not in any way a puppy farm. Their dogs and puppy’s are looked after better than most other Breeders.

  6. July 15, 2009 8:22 am

    I admire and appreciate anyone who fights to make the world a better place for animals.
    But,I have a problem with this site……who are you? are you an individual or group?
    Your goal is obvious ,to “out” those who would profit from misery.
    No matter what cause you are fighting you should not be afraid to add you name/names
    You should inform the public by adding “about us” to the site.
    If a cause is just put your name to it..

  7. StopRutlandManor permalink
    July 15, 2009 12:33 pm

    Thanks Linny,
    Please check our “Contact” page.

    • July 15, 2009 7:49 pm

      Thank you!….my apologies. …..didn’t see it.
      Perhaps you could place this more to the fore on the site?

  8. Lisa Ryan permalink
    July 31, 2009 10:18 pm

    I “WRITE SUCH HORRIBLE STUFF” because its true, and you are correct it is truly horrible Renee. Have you looked at the photos of the RM dogs Renee – does that not scream ‘horrible stuff’ to you ? Beverley has no regard for her breeding dogs, if she did they wouldn’t be so matted in their coats
    that they needed to be shaved in mid winter to get rid of the factual evidence, she would not debark them to silence their cries for help, she would not mate her girls from as young as 8 months of age and then breed them back to back time and time again, she would not be shipping heavily pregnant bitches around the world, she would not be producing puppies that are half Labradoodle and half Poodle (with all the known health issues) and she would not then offload older breeding dogs elsewhere, and sometimes to other breeders. Their dogs and puppies are NOT looked after better than responsible registered breeders do but you obviously have limited experience with responsible registered breeders Renee if your only exposure has been Rutland Manor. Hate to tell you Renee – but you have been ‘duped’, but don’t worry, you’re not alone and Beverley has had a couple of decades of practice. Finally what I achieve by helping to highlight all this “HORRIBLE STUFF” Renee is hopefully prevent any more dogs suffering like Yogi Bean and her daughter Beansie and all the other nameless and faceless dogs. These two girls in particular will haunt me for a long time to come.

  9. Samantha permalink
    August 4, 2009 10:23 pm

    Well written Lisa.
    I was a supporter of RM but due to your evidence i have considered ALL of the evidence here and in other places, at length.
    You are correct – there is no need to shave the evidence off mid winter unless there was evidence of matted coats there in the first place. The evidence of the coats can not be dsiputed when there is photographic evidence – and of more than one or two dogs.
    Thre is no need to CONSISTENTLY breed females at such a young age and then back to back for many litters unless it is FOR MONEY.
    SO much evidence from many different places and people can’t be all wrong.
    Thank you for having the courage to speak out and enlightening myself and others.

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