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An Open Letter to Alex Van Oeveren

July 24, 2009

The team received the following email from Alex Van Oeveren on 24th July 2009.

My possition is simple, I am Disability Aid Dogs Pty Limited (International), correctly quoted by Beverley Manners of RM. She has been inducted as our International Ambassadore and has been around the world on workshops about dog breeding, NOT JUST Australian Labradoodles. Adele Lindlely is our CEO, also a highly qualified International Dog Trainer and Behaviourist. I have had Adele fully inspect RM, with asounding results. RM is, in Adele’s words – “A Five Star Dog Motel”, now I am personally going down to fully Audit ALL of her kenneks and operations. I absolutely support Beverley, also find this website very disapointing, as NONE of you have ever seen nor know about the REAL FACTS. I am wrighting this because when DAD is bought into ANY forum, dubious comments or defamational areas, I take it personally, as we ARE International and have EXTRA HIGH STANDARDS of training and animal treatments. Our breeders of which RM is one, are vigerously checked and audited BEFORE one dog would ever be considered for our programs. I apreciate that you may be acting in good faith, but PLEASE, stop this, as Beverley is an International Dog Trainer, Behaviourist and has very high qualifications in the areas of Genetics.

In The Best Of Faith
Alex Van Oeveren
Managing Director / Owner
Disability Aid Dogs International
Intenational Dog Trainer and Behaviourist
Human Rights Medal (Australia) Nominee 2005 / 2006
Human Rights Legal Advocate (Australia and UK)

Proudly Supporting
Rutland Manor
Adele and Adam Lindley Golden Doodles
Beverley Manners (Our Patron and Ambassadore)

We thought we would take this opportunity to ask Alex some questions prior to his upcoming audit of Rutland Manor.

1. Firstly lets sort out the name, we so far have 3 versions

  • Disability Aid Dogs Pty Limited (International – Alex Van Oeveren
  • Disabled Aid Dog International Pty Ltd (DAD) – Beverley Manners
  • Disability Aid Dogs Pty Ltd – Adele Lindley

Alex which one is correct?

2. We would like to establish your training qualifications and where you studied. We ask this because we have been unable to find any information; this was the reply from another respectable organisation, Assistance Dogs International:

ADI has no knowledge of Mr. van Ooveren or Disability Aid Dogs.

3. What professional qualifications do your trainers require and are these qualifications approved by the Australian Association of Professional Dog Trainers

4. Does your organisation condone the illegal underage breeding (from as young as 8 months) and illegal back to back breeding of Rutland Manor dogs. These practices have been illegal in Victoria since 1994. Here’s the exact wording from the mandatory Victorian Code of Practice: Bitches must be at least twelve months of age before being mated and a bitch must not have more than two litters in any eighteen month period.

5. Does your international organisation with “extra high standards”, whose aim is to advocate for the rights of the disabled and promote the benefits of companion animals in assisting the disabled condone the planned disabling of the dogs voices by way of debarking surgery?

6. We are very concerned for a number of dogs but in particular Rutland Lil Masquerade. Her photo on the home page has generated hundreds of concerned emails. She was operated on a few months ago to remove her voice and was due to “honeymoon” this month. Could you please let everyone know where she is and how she is coping, now that she cannot communicate and is disabled for the rest of her life?

7. We note that your CEO Adele Lindley uses the company Dogtainers. Are you aware that on the 29th January the Supreme Court of Victoria ordered Rutland Manor to repay Dogtainers $64,325.44. Rutland Manor was declared bankrupt in February 2009 however still continues to breed and sell puppies. Was this information considered prior to making Beverley Manners your International Ambassador and do you condone such behaviour?

Alex thank you in anticipation for allowing us the opportunity to clarify these points and get some answers to our questions. I am sure there will be more questions to come, but these few will do for now.

We look forward to your report after your visit to Rutland Manor. Alex just so you are aware a large number of the RM dogs are no longer at this property and we do hold grave concerns for their welfare, they have recently had surgery to their throats as previously reported and we would like to know where these dogs have been moved to this time. Also a number of us have been to Rutland Manor many times over many years so with all due respect we do know the “real facts”.

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  1. Silva permalink
    July 24, 2009 7:07 pm

    Go to and go down the page to
    My Credentials (Click on the links)
    • PATRON Disability Aid Dog International Pty Ltd
    • AMBASSADOR Disability Aid Dog International Pty Ltd
    • SENIOR ACCREDITED Dog Trainer Level 5 Masters
    • ACCREDITED Trainer of Dog Trainers Level 5
    • INTERNATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE Disability Aid Dogs International

    Take the invitation and click on the links and then right click and look at the document properties of Dad Patron and Senior Trainer.

    The pdfs show the author to be Beverley herself. The “qualifications” pdfs were created at 14.27 24th of July 09 and 14.23 24th of July 09 TODAY. Did Beverley have to print her own?
    The dog in the jacket is a poorly executed photoshop job, copy it and fill the screen with it and you will see!

  2. Samantha permalink
    July 25, 2009 7:13 am

    I have been a supporter of Rutland Manor for years and actually own one of Beverley’s puppies.
    Lately I have been watching/reading certain posts on this website and other forums (UK & US).
    It has become very obvious to myself (and I am sure many others) that Rutland Manor/Beverley Manners have some very serious allegations to deal with.
    For the life of me I can not understand why someone would see the need to debark their dogs. If you have too many dogs and they are bored (which is why dogs bark) then for their own sake – Keep LESS dogs.
    If the coats of your dogs are in the condition that we are seeing – there s NO excuse.
    Evidence of mating females as young as 8 months of age -(not on one occasion but multiple females bred at VERY young age) then back to back litters for 4-6 litters.
    NOW I am seeing that Beverley has been acknowledged and endorsed by you Mr Oeveren. Not only that BUT Beverley has created her own certificates to post on her website (right click on the Certificates and go to ‘properties’).
    In light of these evidence – not only here but in other places unrelated to this – Beverley Manners you have disappointed so many people but most of all you have disappointed your dogs whom you say you love so much.
    You should be ashamed and Mr Oeveren – you have made an error of judgement endorsing Beverley Manners.
    Beverley you do not deserve to breed these fabulous dogs. You did NOT create the Australian Labradoodle – you farmed them. The people who bought them from you have raised them with love and devotion THAT is why they are so lovely.
    The dogs on your property are obviously very sad and frustrated otherwise you would not need to resort to debarking as a tool to silence them.
    Now no one can hear their plea for attention, interaction and love.

  3. luvmydoodles permalink
    July 25, 2009 7:26 am

    In your rush to get qualified, Bev, you have got the spelling wrong on your certificates, check out APPAOINTED and AIDF, A signature would be good as well. Alex, how did you pass Beverley as an Executive on the 7th of June, did you go there?

  4. Lisa Ryan permalink
    July 25, 2009 7:45 am

    Alex, others can make up their own minds about you, Adele, your organisation and Beverley Manners. For me, I have personally received a threatening and intimidating email from you “warning me” and telling me “you are being watched”, so you can preach all you want about Beverley Manners and her virtues and qualifications. For me, Beverley Manners is a greedy and cruel puppy farmer, her staff are spineless cowards and you are a bully and a thug. And you dare use the banner of an organization supposed to promote rights and access and equality for the disabled propped up by decent members and no doubt, financial benefactors – you have a hide !

    You are all very deluded with your own self-importance and if Beverley is an expert on genetics and breeding then I am St Theresa ! Beverley Manners in spite of all her proclaimed years of breeding a variety of pure bred dogs, judging pure bred dogs, breeding cats (yes dear old granny dabbled in cat farming too), still can’t tell the difference between a poodle, a Labrador and a Shit Zu, so god help the Labradoodle fraternity.

  5. Ruth Lloyd permalink
    July 25, 2009 9:27 pm

    Is there any proof of the allegations that you make? Could you please provide proof positive in the form of Veterinary Certificates?

  6. StopRutlandManor permalink
    July 26, 2009 12:15 am

    Yes Ruth and thanks for asking. They will be coming soon. Keep checking this site.

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