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An open letter from Alex Van Oeveren

August 27, 2009

27 August 2009

Reference – Rutland Manor Web Site.

It is a little curious that even after we disowned Beverley Manners and RM from our organization due to the fact that we have extensive Government and RSPCA evidence of her cruel and obscene behavior with her dogs, including the “Debarking” of a reported 28 dogs, she still proudly has this on her web site.

Rutland Manor Australian Labradoodles

Breeding Practices

This section discusses Linebreeding and Inbreeding –  Canine Disease  – How dog breeds are Created and Developed and Rutland Manor’s breeding practices and health policies.

Beverley Manners’ Qualifications and Experience

  • PATRON Disability Aid Dog International Pty Ltd (DAD)
  • AMBASSADOR Disability Aid Dog International Pty Ltd
  • SENIOR ACCREDITED  Dog Trainer Level 5 (Advanced Masters)
  • ACCREDITED Trainer of Dog Trainers Level 5
  • 55 years experience breeding and exhibiting several “Pure” Breed dogs :-

This woman is a fraud and also now found to be a liar and using other peoples experience and qualifications to further her ill gained ‘reputation’.

Beverley Manners is NOT accredited by Disability Aid Dogs Pty Limited (International) in any way whatsoever.  I refute any of her claims, and have warned her of the consequences of using our Trade Mark, which includes our Trade Name.

If any breeder, dog or animal trainer wishes to contact me, I am keen to set up an international movement to crush this fraud.  My contacts are as per below, but our web sites are unavailable temporarily.

Alex Van Oeveren

Managing Director – Disability Aid Dogs – International Dog Trainer and Behaviorist.



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  1. Beverley permalink
    August 28, 2009 11:14 am


    When I discovered that Alex Van Oeveren’s so called ‘Disability Aid Dogs’ is just he himself and has no affiliation nor accreditations from anyone other than himself………..I disowned him and his meaningless accreditations he bestowed upon me and which I gullibly accepted thinking he was genuine.

    His own CEO also abandoned him when he threatned her and her dogs and I have the emails to prove it.

    He boasts that he was nominated for the Human Rights Award….but guess what? He NOMINATED HIMSELF.

    He boasts that his organization trains service dogs but refuses to produce any list or names of recipients, or any names of trainers who train service dogs for Disability Aid Dogs.

    His organization is simply a business name that anyone can register. It has no committee, no banking account, and no credibility with any accredited Service Dog association anywhere in the world.

    He and his wife are pensioners, yet they duped me into paying for what I thought were “professional services” of $2,500.00 when in reality it was to pay for their “first holiday in fifteen years” to visit his family and grandchildren interstate.

    As pensioners, he also tried to elicit quarterly payments from his former CEO as a bribe to let her keep her “credentials” he had bestowed on her before she resigned.

    This old man is a fraud in every sense of the word. When I watched him handle dogs at my property he couldn’t even make one sit without pushing down on its hindquarters…………the same dog that his former CEO handled with obvious experience. The dogs loved her, but he couldn’t even get them to look at him. Dogs have a lot of sense!!!

    If I have accidentally left my so called ‘accreditations’ on a page of my huge website, someone please let me know which page it is on…..Alex Van Oeveren has not replied to my email asking him this same question.

    I have NO wish to have my name associated with this bully who openly admits that his favorite pastime is in “kicking arses”…..something he was going to do FOR ME before I found him out in his lies.

  2. StopRutlandManor permalink
    August 28, 2009 8:25 pm

    See Bev, we don’t delete your posts, happy to accept your apology.

  3. Lisa Ryan permalink
    August 28, 2009 9:33 pm

    Beverly given your own well documented threats, warnings and attempts at intimidation to a large number of individuals who have been brave enough to oppose you, I think your response is a little – well hypocritical to say the least. In between your very non christian ‘rantings’ and ‘ravings’ of a clearly very desperate woman, the only thing I agree with you is that “Dogs have a lot of sense”. Alex and his wife have nothing to be ashamed of in being pensioners. You obviously don’t need a pension and would not need to claim a pension given you annual income made on the back of countless suffering RM dogs and all those you have ‘ripped off’. You have made up or invented a significant number of so called pioneering dog related practices, credentials and associations with individuals and organizations to try and give yourself some credibility – all have proven to be ‘made up’ in your own deluded and egotistical mind.

    YOU Beverly are the fraud, the bully, the liar, and most of all – YOU Beverly are the manipulative, deceptive, cruel and greedy commercial puppy farmer and a failed breeder and no doubt bad dog judge to boot. Suggest you shut-up while you are are drowning in your web of deceit as it will likely be less painful.

  4. heike allison permalink
    August 28, 2009 10:01 pm

    No Bev, when you found out he wasn’t one of your tools, you do what you do to everyone who no longer supports you, even if just one sentence is true doesn’t change the facts!!!! You debarked your dogs, you bred underage dogs, you breed back to back, you bought a pound puppy and passed her off as a “pure” Labradoodle after all “we have no other breed”.

  5. Heather permalink
    December 10, 2009 9:16 pm

    Hi –

    I did happen to look at Alex Van Oeveren’s emails on Beverly’s website and he sounds inconsistent at best. He vacillates between complete adoration of Beverly to clear disdain. Doesn’t really add up. You have so much evidence against Rutland Manor that you don’t need to shore up your case with other perhaps bogus constituents. Thanks for your research and commitment to doing what is best for the dogs.

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