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An Update

September 1, 2009

It’s been a hive of activity at Rutland Manor over the last few days, kennels being cleaned and painted, new beds and bedding being purchased, not sure if the plague of rats can be cleaned up so quickly though.

So while we are waiting for Bev’s new glossy photos of the spruced up kennels which no doubt will be called “bedrooms” here’s a recap.

  • Rutland Manor declared bankrupt in January 2009, now trading as New Covenant Corporation Pty Ltd, still owes Dogtainers $64,325.44 , but Rutland Manor are still exporting puppies for thousands of dollars with a company called Dog Porters.
  • Hid dogs overnight in NSW when Melbourne Supreme Court Appointed Liquidators came to inspect Rutland Manor
  • Underage breeding from dogs as young as 8 months – illegal
  • Back to back breeding with no rest in between litters – illegal
  • Debarking of dogs – illegal
  • Signing a false statutory declaration to get a NSW vet to debark her dogs -illegal
  • Operating without a permit up until June 2009 – illegal
  • Ignoring the Environmental Protection Agencies original orders and fined $5,671
  • Breeding from a stray dog “rescued” from a pound and selling pound puppies with fake pedigrees for thousands of dollars – illegal
  • Accusing Debra Tranter of contributing to the death of Colin Hamms, who is STILL alive!
  • Breeding from Shania 3 back to back litters after she has had triple mastectomy surgery-illegal
  • Lying about working with Monash University
  • Attempting to pass of ungroomed poodles as Labradoodles (remember Snuggles)
  • Lying about her dogs being kept in “guardian homes”
  • And now trying to justify and defend the shocking conditions of her kennels

We need to keep writing to the authorities to force them to act! Unfortunately dogs on puppy farms are not a priority in this State. Council needs to get a clear strong message from the public that this will not be tolerated.

Please keep writing to David Powell CEO of Baw Baw Shire.

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  1. Lisa Ryan permalink
    September 1, 2009 9:36 am

    I am not surprised there are rats there but I am surprised that many of the dogs are not very sick from such an obviously unhygienic kennel environment. The entire place needs scrubbing with bleach and then painted and sealed to stop grime building up into cracks and that is just for starters. The dogs must have warmth and comfort and stimulating toys. They must have non spillable water dishes and they must have good daily exercise and all need urgent and ongoing regular grooming – coats, nail and ears. However, all this is secondary to the ongoing ‘breeding’ lifestyle these dogs are expected to endure.

  2. heike allison permalink
    September 2, 2009 5:24 am

    I don’t care if Bev turns her kennels into the Taj Mahal, they will still be kennels!!! Dogs locked up in concrete block cells. I didn’t see on toy or anything resembling a home like environment for them. This is no life for loving dogs. How scared and lonely they must be locked up in there. Bev herself says the “Labradoodle” must be with people not left alone outside.
    But that is exactly what she does, leave them alone locked up outside.
    Sad, very sad. 😦

  3. Jennifer permalink
    September 2, 2009 6:35 am

    I have just finished reading this site and I am appalled that this puppy farm has been allowed to continue to operate. The Local Councils in this country are part of the problem-we are all part of the solution. Shame on the Council who have failed these dogs.

  4. Melissa permalink
    September 2, 2009 12:23 pm

    This is such an injustice, I have written to the Council. I am disgusted

  5. heike allison permalink
    September 4, 2009 8:43 pm

    My word, now Bev is claiming we are attacking her “ministry”, I had no idea she was a minister. Jeez does it get any crazier, self appointed expert of everything dog and now self appointed minister too.

  6. Chris permalink
    September 8, 2009 3:10 am

    That would be Beverley’s MINISTRY OF GREED 😦

  7. Jarvis permalink
    September 8, 2009 8:35 pm

    This has NOTHING to do with puppies that you breed and have been raised and trained by loving caring people.

    It has EVERYTHING to do with the manner in which you neglect and disregard your dogs when the camera shutter is not ‘off’.

    You have been fortunate enough to breed some lovely puppies over the years but those puppies went on to be raised and loved by their owners (Thank God). What about the dogs that remained at RM – behind the kennel doors. Why did you never post any photos of the INSIDE of the kennels.

    You have admitted that the photographs taken by Debra are YOUR dogs on YOUR property – you have failed to explain why you have allowed your dogs and facilities to be so neglected.

    You can clean and shave coats all you like – in an attempt to discredit the evidence but you have admitted the photos are on your property and are your dogs.

    Instead of setting up your supporters as ’sock puppets’ to post on other forums – why don’t you just retire.
    It is obvious that the dog’s welfare and care has become too much for you. You have had your years of glory – given to you by these wonderful dogs. Now it is THEIR time for quality life.

    You have made your fortune out of your dogs over the years – maybe it is time to be honest with yourself and admit you are not able to cope with them all anymore.

    NOTE: Debra Tranter has been actively fighting for the welfare of dogs/puppies for 18 years. She has the respect of many and works closely with high profile and respected people.

    She is well recognised as publishing TRUTH. Debra has nothing to gain from exposing the current situation at RM – only the liberation of the dogs. She is not a competitor to you Beverley and you yourself have publicly acknowledged her wonderful work in the past.
    I hardy think Debra would risk damaging her respected reputation to post lies after 18 years.

    Admit it Beverley – you have been ‘caught out’. Not by one person but by many – from all corners of the globe. Exposed by people who are not linked nor united. It is just that the evidence has become apparent as a conglomerate in easy to access places.

    You can try and cover this up as much as you like but the truth has been exposed by Debra Tranter and others – who have first hand knowledge.
    Your supporters are dwindling as the truth becomes more apparent and can not be denied.

    For those of you who are watching this situation unfold – you can help.


  8. Lisa Ryan permalink
    September 9, 2009 9:55 pm

    Beverly’s new marketing spin aimed to divert attention away from herself includes :

    “Animal Liberationist Groups are pushing governments for legislatation especially in the UK, United States and Australia, to ban the breeding of any dog other than pure breed dogs. Click the following link to read a documentary on the health status of PURE breeds and to understand why Beverley Manners has spent twenty two years developing a sound and healthy new breed. PEDIGREED DOGS EXPOSED “

    Beverly there are thankfully still good and responsible breeders and those who are good and responsible accepts critics, learn, and move forward in the interest of their chosen breed. There is no doubt good and bad in both registered and non registered breeders. Then there is the other bottom end of the pit – PUPPY FARMERS like YOU. You are the worst of the worst. Now however you are attempting to ride the ‘spin’ deflecting from other bad breeders declaring your justification for the RM dogs. You have NOT developed a healthy new breed at all. Your pedigrees are simply a combination of pure and cross bred dogs with a pound dog or two thrown in for good measure. All your RM dogs are littered with unknown and undeclared health issues only made worse because you cover it up, obviously don’t do the required testing and then lie about the actual real pedigree. It is like a lucky dip pedigree !

    Again, none of your new ‘spin’ has anything whatsoever to do with the increasing volume of evidence about YOUR actual breeding practices including underage breeding, continual back to back breeding, debarking, false pedigrees, filthy and unhygienic kennel conditions, and significant cruelty and neglect of all your animals. Are these the ingredients for a successful new RM healthy breed of dog ?. Your deluded ego is only matched by your complete and utter dishonesty.

  9. Emma permalink
    September 11, 2009 9:45 pm


  10. heike allison permalink
    September 13, 2009 9:51 pm

    Yes Lisa very well said!!! I cannot believe the new crap on her website justifiying her puppy mill. And she still spews out the lies about DNA tested parents. Is she really that delusional, her dog HAPPY was a pound puppy with no background known!!!!! There is no end to her lies. And yes she DEBARKED her dogs instead of addressing the reasons why they bark incessently in the first place. Bev is a puppy harmer as well as puppy farmer.

  11. heike allison permalink
    September 13, 2009 11:18 pm

    Another point she admits to, Keeping the database is something I never learned to do!! EXCUSE ME!! You who have bred these dogs for over 20yrs have never learned or bothered to learn how to keep a database to make sure your manufactured pedigrees were correct and true. You have go to be kidding me. You have not “developed” anything but ways to dupe the public into spending thousands of dollars on dogs that are nothing more than a mixed up breed of unknown origins. What is that you do Bev??? Don’t take care of dogs, don’t take care of Kennels, don’t take care of paperwork. Hummmm what’s left oh I know fulll time SPIN DOCTOR.

  12. Lisa Ryan permalink
    September 14, 2009 9:57 am

    Has anyone else noticed Beverley has removed all public access information regarding her brides and bridegrooms (how very ‘tacky’) and litters. Obviously doesn’t want anyone collecting factual information regarding breeding in light of the fast approaching D Day as per below :

    “On Friday 21st August 2009, the Environmental Protection Agency issued New Covenant Corporation Pty Ltd with a new Minor Works Pollution Abatement Notice. This notice requires New Covenant Corporation to remove all breeding dogs from the premises within 30 days (21st September 2009) and CEASE BREEDING DOGS UNTIL THEY HAVE UPGRADED THE KENNELS in accordance with all recommendations made within a report by an acoustic consultant and then demonstrate to EPA they can meet noise limits”.

    Have you ceased breeding Beverly or just being extra sneaky about it – I guess no-one can hear DEBARKED dogs screaming out when underage bitches are locked in with dogs and they are tearing each other apart can they ?

  13. Jarvis permalink
    September 15, 2009 12:47 am

    The dogs will be hidden/romoved in preparation for the 21st.

  14. heike allison permalink
    September 15, 2009 6:23 am

    Has anyone noticed her website has removed all the controversy surrounding her, no rants about Debra, no rants about Alex and Charlotte, no reference to her lies about the University studies, even her crazy ministry stuff is gone, no honeymooners, nothing at all about her debarked dogs, just the gloss and boasting about being the founder of the labradoodle and her purpose bred dog. She even removed the pics of all her breeding dogs, hmmmmm why is that???? Where are you stashing your dogs?? My hope is they are going to real homes and will no longer be in kennels, because didn’t you say you dislike breeding dogs in a kennel enviroment and that is why YOU “pioneered” the guardian home concept. A concept you never followed. For me, it won’t change what you have done over such a long time to your dogs and the fact you bred a pound puppy and passed her off as a “pure” ASD and now are doing the same with her offspring. Selling over 400 puppies in one year is not what a breeder does for the betterment of a breed, it is what a puppy farmer does. No you can’t change the facts and it is sad that so many like you are making a living off the backs of innocent dogs. For every dog you sell there are probably more than 10 euthanized at each and every shelter and that is why Debra does what she does!!!! She has risked life and limb saving these dogs from their hell holes, that is what a TRUE dog lover does.

  15. Lisa Ryan permalink
    September 15, 2009 9:03 am

    Yes dear of Bev is just so predictable like most puppy farmers – deny, lie and deny and then when really desperate – threaten everyone and call in a spin doctor to gloss everything up. Not that Bev needed any more glossing, but I would think her spin man/woman has probably said “rid yourself of all the controversial issues and focus on what you do best”. Trouble with that is that Bev can’t rid herself of the controversial issues, she is drowning in them, and as for doing what she does best, this is what most of the world has a real problem with – cruel, commerical puppy farming driven purely by profit.

    Bev hasn’t however removed the following which speaks volumes about her ‘ego’ and need to be recognised by someone, anyone !

    “Accurate information from the ASD Australian Labradoodle Founder to help you in the minefield of conflicting information on the internet when looking for your Labradoodle puppy”.

    Bev your spin doctor might have a bit of an issue with the above statement . While I am certainly no expert with ‘doodle’ type dogs, I think to have a Labradoodle, you need to have accurate pedigrees that consist one part Labrador and one part Poodle or are the RM Labradoodles special ?.

  16. September 15, 2009 10:13 am

    I am from Holland, I just canceled a deal two weeks ago, buying a puppy from Shania and Knossos. I didnt trust Beverly anymore. Her letters were very offensive.

    When I saw this site yesterday for the first time, I have been crying about it and I did not sleep very well tonight. Poor Shania, poor dogs.

    About the fact that she is breeding underage female dogs, I can present prove to anyone who needs this in your country.

    She offererd me (through mail) an 8 months old (puppy I might say) in her opinion ready for breeding. I turned down her offer and my questions about that she never answered.

    It is for sure that she has to be stopped. What is happening today for the dogs and peaces sake? Is she still breeding?

    Please stop her! Anyone!! you are in the same country!!! Go to the police get a court order, do something!!!

    Pauline Hendriks

  17. Louise permalink
    September 16, 2009 8:06 am

    Agree Heike the dogs have true advocates in Debra and her team ; in contrast people like Beverley Manners who worship the $$ ignoring the shocking fact that every dog bred takes up a home for one abandoned in a pound/ ‘shelter’ on death row.

    Beverley Manners is not the first dog breeder who has attempted to cover up their cruel practice with lies and sadly nor will she be the last . Until the law protects vulnerable animals, individuals such as Manners / Hams etc will treat dogs ,who ironically possess more sophisticated emotions than they do, as mere commodities.

  18. Jeremy permalink
    September 16, 2009 12:42 pm

    I worked at RM many years ago for a very short time. I could not stand it. A breeding male dog was tied to a kennel on a short lead 24 hours a day because he used to jump out of the normal yards. There were puppies in her horse stable because she couldn’t get a permit to breed kennels. It stunk of dog pee and was hot. She used to get out of bed in the afternoon and go to the kennels in her dressing gown yelling and screaming at workers because she would not train them and they did not no what to do. They hated her but loved the dogs and would not leave. The girl in the office were nice, but scared of her. She had lots of money but spent it on herself. Why do people think she is nice. They should try working for her.
    She used to talk about god all the time but never did anything that god would like.

  19. Lisa Ryan permalink
    September 16, 2009 6:38 pm

    Pauline thank you for the dogs because the only thing Beverly Manners responds to is the $ and cancelled puppy sales will have an impact. Interesting that Beverly offered you an ‘entire’ 8 month old puppy given her statements about her pioneering of juvenile desexing. I’m not surprised that your questions were not answered. Beverly avoids all the hard questions and responds with lies and when that doesn’t work, threats and attempts of intimidation.

    Jeremy very brave of you to come forward with your first hand eye witness experience. Your statements again confirm more breaches of the Code of Practice relating to the cruelty of a dog tied to a kennel 24 hours a day and untrained animal attendant staff. What happened to this poor dog ? Yes I’m sure Beverly has lots of money squirreled away given the 24/7 factory she runs. Yes I guess some people, including her own staff would be and could be intimidated by Beverly Manners but she is just a big hot balloon of deluded ego and dishonesty, and there is a lot of strength in people power and numbers and speaking out as you have done. And yes I’m sure God (hopefully in the image of a dog) will have a big black book on Beverly Manners that dates back many many years.

    Beverly – all your shocking cruelty is going to catch up with you and I’m sure we haven’t heard the worst of exactly what you are capable of.

  20. heike allison permalink
    September 17, 2009 5:00 am

    Nope Lisa I am sure we haven’t heard the worst of it yet!! My only hope is more people like Jeremy and Pauline would come forward and tell their stories. The people that have dared to cross Beverley and tell what she has done to them, the threats, the intimidation, the outright cruelty she is capable of. It is not just the dogs she has abused but many people as well. All her talk of God and Religion is just a ruse to hid the fact she is nothing more than a cruel puppy farmer with no regard of whom she hurts. Her “spin” doctor may have cleaned up her website but cannot clean up what she has done and from the looks of it is still doing!!!! Please continue to get the word out, the more people that speak out the harder it will become for Bev to sell her pimped out dogs. Debra and her team have one aim and that is to get rid of puppy farmers and animal cruelty, which as a member of the ASPCA here in America am 100% behind her. What the world needs is more Debra’s and less Bev’s.

  21. Jade permalink
    September 18, 2009 5:12 am

    oh and its so funny looking her website. Why doesn’t she add a comment page? Or a contact email? I would love to have my say… oh wait she wouldn’t want her reputation if she even has one being taken away from her. Complete low life Beverly you really are I’ve showed everyone in my family & workplace your website and you are hilarious!!

  22. heike allison permalink
    September 18, 2009 7:42 am

    Jade her contact email is under the puppy booking header.

  23. Curtis permalink
    September 22, 2009 1:39 am

    On Bev’s Shutterfly site, there are photos of a Deb Tranter tour, from Sept. 20th. I haven’t seen anything on this site about the visit….could you please post some details? Thanks.

    • StopRutlandManor permalink
      September 22, 2009 1:43 am

      We are working on it Curtis and will be posting something from Debra shortly.

  24. Mary permalink
    September 22, 2009 2:42 pm

    I just looked at all the pictures on the Why we support Rutland Manor site. I must admit..I have never seem or been to any kennel operation so I don’t have anything to compare to.

    What is the difference between a well run kennel as opposed to one that is not. I realize that kennel dogs life will never compare to the life where breeders programs only consist of a small number of dogs living as their family pets or their dogs are in guardian homes and only come back to the breeder to whelp and raise their puppies.

    Viewing the Why We Support RM website and viewing the pictures have raised more questions in my mind now that I got a glimpse into ‘a day in the life at RM’

    I am assuming when the dogs are brought from the nightime kennels (it would have been nice to see the inside of nighttime kennels) to the outdoor kennels which seem to be a large areas with a tin shed, that this is where dogs that do not currently have a litter spend their day. What do they do all day? Do they get daily interaction where someone plays with all of them. I did see one picture where a worker is in one of the yards sitting aganst the fence. I see no toys anywhere in any of the pictures.

    What if it really cold or extremely hot or raining or snowing. I wouldn’t imagine these tin type sheds are temperature controlled..are they?.

    Are these dogs then moved indoors somehwere else?

    Seems the I mud would be difficult to control when it’s raining. Are these dogs left muddy then? even if they were bathed every day, which would be not be they just go back into their wet muddy yard? Perhaps gravel or mulch would help correct that.

    I would think this type of setup may not be bad providing the weather is OK.

    I have seem horrible pictures of puppy mills where dogs have never stepped foot out of a small wire cage and I never thought for a moment that RM operated like that..but these pictures have generated more questions in my mind than provided answers.

    Like I mentioned..I am not familiar with what would be the fine line between what is humane or abusive, but personally myself..kennel facilties no matter how elaborate is just a life I hate to see for any dog
    unless they are going the extra mile to somehow provide lots of lots of social interaction , toys, playtime, daily walks, etc, with each and every dog on a daily basis.
    Is that even realistic for commercial breeding operation?

    Not sure if posting here will provide the answers I am curious about, but didn’t really know where to post. None of the doodle forums seem to care to openly discuss these matters without it turning into a flaming verbal fistfight.

    Thank You

  25. Silva permalink
    September 23, 2009 2:52 pm

    Excellent and very thoughtfiul post.
    I wonder too “What do they do all day? ” I guess they wait for their lives to start. Some lucky dogs get real homes when they finish breeding. Some poor dogs sold on to even worse places are just waiting for their lives to finish.

    There is one picture of the night time kennels.

    You can see the kennels occupied at night by Mask and others on Debra Tranter’s website Prisoners For Profit.
    There is no climate control in the kennels, baking in the heat, freezing in the cold, wet muddy dogs do not have the care you would give your pet. It is not a good place for the dogs to live.

    Some doodle forums can’t discuss the difficult issues, there too many vested interests running them. The only forum that has openly discussed the problem of puppy farming and Rutland Manor is in the UK It does get heated but real opinions are voiced and most of the posters are pet owners.

  26. heike allison permalink
    September 24, 2009 7:10 am

    Yes Silva it sure does, I regularly post on that site and still have an ongoing battle with one person who supports Bev and won’t believe or doesn’t care to see the real issues. I am afraid it won’t matter how much evidence is brought to light he will support her no matter what.

  27. heike allison permalink
    September 24, 2009 8:16 pm

    As seen on the new spin Why we support RM, she gladly posts the worst of the worst puppy mills. However, this will never exhonerate her and what she has done, it’s just a diversion to say see there are worse people than me out there. Breeding back to back, underage breeding, debarking and breeding a rescue dog, fake pedigrees, filthy and cold kennels. Bev and her supporters, just because there are worse puppy farmers doesn’t mean Bev shouldn’t be stopped, they ALL need to be stopped.

  28. Silva permalink
    September 25, 2009 7:40 am

    Beverley Manners seems to have a good knowledge of the puppy farms in the area, how would that be?

  29. heike allison permalink
    September 28, 2009 7:14 am

    Has anyone noticed the original pedigree for Wanda the pound puppy is gone from her website as is the so called “altered” one. Hmmmm facinating how evidence of her lies are being removed one by one.

  30. Lisa Ryan permalink
    September 28, 2009 1:16 pm

    That’s OK Heike. Because I have a fascination with pedigrees and canine heritage I printed copies of both the old and new Wanda pedigrees. The RM pedigrees in particular are so very interesting. I think most of the RM evidence is being collected so it really doesn’t matter what disappears or is altered from the RM website or the the RM support website – it’s a bit like all the extra photos suddenly being removed. But the truth always has a way of surfacing and facts can’t be altered once made public.

  31. ellie permalink
    September 28, 2009 3:30 pm

    Beverley can alter and remove all she wants from her website, it’s all still in the archives. Once it’s been published on the net it stays on the net.

  32. Silva permalink
    September 29, 2009 7:44 am

    Quite right, and the early breeding history is in the internet archive. 22 years of labradoodle breeding? There is no proof anywhere of RM or TP breeding Labradoodles before the late 1990s when Don Burke popularised them. Puppy farms bought in a few more dogs and mated them to what was already in their kennels.It was just a change in marketing.

  33. Cheryl permalink
    October 12, 2009 10:08 pm

    How very sad for these poor dogs, the owners should be ashamed of themselves, this is puppy farming at it’s very worst! Disgusting!!!

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