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The Power of Two

October 1, 2009

Again we have received another comment from someone who was closely associated with Rutland Manor and has found the courage to speak out. We have viewed the threatening and intimidating emails Charlotte and her husband have received from Beverley over the last few months and can only say that they are both truly remarkable people to withstand what they have endured. It would of been easier for Charlotte and her husband to remain silent, however they have made the decision to speak out on behalf of the dogs at RM.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.



I have mostly sat and watched while many allegations have unfolded – at times I have made a comment – but knowing the truth the entire time.

Until a few months ago both my husband and myself held Beverley in very high regard. We assisted her whenever possible out of respect.
I was involved with Beverley in some business agreements but discovered that the agreements were more one sided than they were fair.
Beverley has this art of being able to always appear the victim at anyone’s expense.
I can tell you that my husband and myself visited RM last year when Beverley told us she was in an emotional crisis.
My husband had just been diagnosed with Cancer and had only recently come out of hospital (he continues to battle to this day and has not been able to work in this time).

When we arrived at RM our shock at what we witnessed was difficult to describe. My husband was so disgusted at what he saw he vowed to NEVER return.
We did, however, naively continue to try and assist Beverley, in good faith and out of respect.
At this time, like so many,  I trusted Beverley and believed what she told me. We held Beverley in such high regard that we invited her to move here with her dogs so that we could take the pressure from her and assist her. She will now accuse me of attempting to take advantage of her but I can guarantee you this was all offered in good faith and out of respect.

As time went on it became more and more difficult to work WITH Beverley as the situations were constantly changing, it was obvious she had NO respect for us and the demands on us became too emotionally debilitating.
Conflicts soon began when I stood my ground and challenged Beverley on her unkempt dogs and other issues – for which she constantly blamed her staff (once again – always the victim).

We received a phone call from Beverley late one evening to say Helen was already on her way to our property (some ten hours drive) with 11 dogs in a horse float as RM were being inspected the next day by a court appointed liquidator (a whole new story there) and she needed to hide them. As sick as my husband was at that time we went out into the rain and made accommodation arrangements for the RM dogs to arrive – again out of respect for Beverley.

Soon there after Beverley convinced me (naively) that she needed to de-bark her dogs or risk losing them.
At the time of the de-barking Helen made the appointments for the dogs and I assisted Beverley (at that time).
Beverley led us and the vet into believing that there was no other option to appease the EPA requirements than to de-bark her dogs and euthanasia could be possible if this was not carried out (again not the truth).

We (myself and our vet) were NOT told the entire truth at that time (as is habitual from Beverley).
We were told the EPA supported her de-barking her dogs – which has now been discovered to be untrue.
When Beverley’s dogs arrived at our property they were in a very neglected and unkempt state so much so that the vet actually wanted to impound them as the condition of the coats were so matted and neglected.

As time went on reality started to set in and we made the decision to disassociate ourselves from Beverley. The straw that broke the camel’s back was the neglected dogs which we had witnessed on numerous occasions.
Although I had offered to assist with bathing and shaving the dogs to make them more comfortable (even when my husband was undergoing Chemotherapy) Beverley refused to allow me to help and told me to leave the coats as they were.

At this time Beverley was still indebted to me for a stud male puppy from the last Flo/Charlemagne litter which was a replacement for a RM male which was diagnosed as infertile.
I also lent Beverley my stud Male Tamaruke Remington for ONE mating – free of charge. (Fool Me – I was sucked in to her web also). I allowed him to go to RM on loan as I did not want him to be at RM permanently.
Beverley mated him to her female “Sunnie” and without my knowledge I am told that she has retained TWO male puppies (one named Remington Steel).
She NEVER forwarded me the Male puppy she owed to me and refused to reply to all communications requesting when the puppy she owed me would be arriving.

Beverley has chosen to email me on numerous occasions to intimidate and threaten me if I dared to speak out even when she is fully aware of my husband’s ill health.
I can not sit idle while Beverley attempts to allude to the fact that I support her poor husbandry and the manner of care of her dogs.

I DO NOT condone her breeding practices or the manner in which she cares (or rather DOES NOT CARE) for her dogs nor do I wish to ever be associated with Beverley now or in the future.
I am tired of the emails which attempt to intimidate and threaten me personally and my reputation. My husband is still undergoing arduous treatments so I have more important issues to deal with. It is not my fault if allegations towards RM and Beverley are flooding onto forums worldwide – this was brought on by Beverley herself. I should not have to pay by being slandered by Beverley. The hate, intimidation and the lies do not come from us they come from Beverley herself – behind the backs of her ardent supporters.
The dogs may well be now shaved and the kennels may well be cleaned BUT that does not take away from the fact that the dogs have been neglected and unkempt for a very long time.

Dancer & Isabella

Dancer & Isabella

I wonder what Beverley would tell her puppy families if they told her they wanted to keep their new puppy in the same conditions that Beverley has kept her dogs/puppies?

Why not just answer the questions?

Why are you breeding back to back for so many litters?
Why did you breed dogs purchased from an animal shelter?
Why do you breed with females at such a young age?
Why do you allow the coats and ears of your dogs to become so neglected and unkempt?
Why are your dogs housed in such awful conditions?
Why have you lied about pedigrees?
Why do you portray that you have many dogs in a guardian program when you do not?

There is so much more at stake here – the dogs deserve so much more.

We have worked extremely hard to create a state of the art Breeding facility and also manage an on site Veterinary Hospital – which I am sure would not be licensed should our facilities be anything but excellent.
We facilitate a large Guardian program (Not a make believe guardian program) and do NOT hide behind glossy website photos.
I fully expect Beverley will find a way to retaliate to my outspoken writings here as she normally does but when all is said and done – I can sleep at night and I know in my heart that I am honest and upfront.

I have never felt so used, hurt and disappointed in someone I held in such high regard in all my life.

I hold email evidence of ALL these matters should this need to progress any further.

With Integrity
Charlotte McGrath

Please know that the evidence on this website is supported by myself and my husband and is in line with what we have personally witnessed at RM.

NOTE: Although Beverley has publicly told people that our dogs are de-barked – THEY ARE NOT.
We OWN ONE de-Barked dog.

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  1. Hazel McNamara permalink
    October 1, 2009 2:17 pm

    This is truly horrible ! Animals are not a commodity and Rutland Manor puppy farm needs to be closed down and the animals saved.
    It is great that people are all sticking together on this issue and speaking out. Rutland Manor have been doing this for years but no one has bought all the information together like this, and anyone that has spoken out in the past has been quickly attacked by Beverley, evidence of this is all over internet forums.
    Keep up the good work and bravo to the people who are speaking out.

  2. Lisa Ryan permalink
    October 1, 2009 8:33 pm

    Most dog lovers – owners and/or breeders take great pride in the care and condition of their dogs and love them and only want them to be clean, comfortable, and physically and emotionally healthy.

    I simply can’t fathom anyone allowing a dog or any animal to become so unkept – to the point where a Vet would want to wish to impound an animal because of matted and neglected coats.

    No doubt these same dogs also suffered from ear infections and other health issues as well.

    Yes Beverly who claims to be the expert, the experienced one, the gifted one, the incredible one, the pioneer, and the victim – all hyped up and promoted by self interested and non questioning supporters is nothing more than a highly manipulative commercial puppy farmer.

    If the RM supporters and others don’t seriously question these repeated eye witness accounts of shocking cruelty and continue to stand by silently, they are indeed sharers in the guilt and are indeed contributing and conspiring to contribute to extreme suffering, neglect and continued abuse of the very same dogs they all claim to love. What utter hypocrisy.

  3. Cheryl permalink
    October 1, 2009 11:54 pm

    Well done Charlotte and thankyou for speaking out
    Take care

  4. Amanda permalink
    October 1, 2009 11:55 pm

    Congrats Charlotte you have made the right decision and your right you can sleep at night knowing you have done the right thing, unlike others.
    Those poor dogs 😦

  5. October 2, 2009 4:15 am

    I know how hard this was for you — IS for you (especially considering the health of your loved one). I believe we’ve focused the spot lights on the gates already opened by others; hopefully they are bright enough for still others to be willing to step out of the darkness and into the light with us — where there is only truth; where strength can be gathered to overcome any form of intimidation. Now there is only one thing to concentrate on — whatever needs to be done for the wellbeing of the dogs (however it needs to be accomplished).
    Thank you for this.

  6. Esther B. permalink
    October 2, 2009 4:43 am

    Charlotte and Catherine

  7. October 2, 2009 9:39 am

    Thank you Charlotte….. Let’s hope others follow your lead.
    Anyone who truly cares about dogs will add their voice.

  8. October 6, 2009 3:31 am

    I’d like to note that I have been in touch with Charlotte frequently over the last couple of years, and just about everything she details here has been something that she mentioned as it was happening. That these various allegations are true, I have no doubt whatsoever; nothing that Charlotte has written has been tailored to fit the occasion. And that she has wrestled mightily with her conscience over what course of action to take as a result, is self evident, and to her great credit. (I mean, jeesh, the woman tried to start not one but two breed clubs with Bev during this same timeframe, to further the breed!)

    Charlotte, to me, sets the gold standard for a breeder’s integrity, and for integrity in general — after all, how could you be in a position that allows you to come to know first-hand the awful reality of what another breeder is doing, even one who is the purported co-founder of the breed you love, and remain silent? Ultimately, though, the dogs themselves are more important than any one breeder, particularly when that breeder has revealed herself again and again and again as a neglectful, vain, cruel and arrogant hooligan, as Beverley has in so many, many ways.

    I myself give Charlotte a standing ovation for what she’s revealed about what she knows. It has nothing to do with personal entanglements or animosity towards Beverley; but it has everything to do with a love for the dogs. I am sure it has been a difficult journey (as any journey involving Beverley surely must be, times 10!), but the breed will be the better for it.

    Thank you, Charlotte — from me, and all of the wonderful RM dogs in my pedigrees, in particular, Baby Joey. You’ve got some of the nicest dogs on Earth, and I wish you all the best in your future with Mark.


  9. October 6, 2009 3:53 am

    I want to add one other thing: I personally believe (and I think this is shared by many), that Bev has a supremely great talent, and great taste, in breeding dogs — it is her one, God-given, virtue. The rest of us are left to sort through her rubble.

  10. Madelaine permalink
    October 6, 2009 9:40 pm

    What a pity the ‘POWER OF TWO’ can’t become the voice of many. All the people who have been hurt in some way by Beverley and her treatment of dogs and humans should band together and stand up and fight.
    The Orgills
    Mathrick family
    Goodren & Bob
    there are others.
    all the people that at some stage were shining lights on the RM website and suddenly became the nasty ones. Stand up and be counted for the sake of the dogs and puppies.

  11. October 7, 2009 2:11 am

    I would agree with this! For breeders dealing with RM from afar, it is a very difficult affair — after all, how do you speak out against RM, when you’ve just paid a fortune for a breeding dog, and will suffer MIGHTILY if you raise an objection, to anything?

    For those in Australia, and Australian breeders in particular, it is a far different matter, however. Charlotte is hanging out here in the wind with her observations, and her very credible understanding of what is going on and has gone on at RM. It is time for those who have first-hand confirmation of this outrageous charade of a “research centre” to speak it out loud. The breed — and the RM dogs and puppies — will be better for it.

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