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Remember the Dogs?

October 4, 2009

IMGSeems as though the  “overseas fans” plans have back fired and their bizarre claims have caused more trouble and controversy for Rutland Manor.

Beverley’s neighbors have quite rightly complained to the EPA about the constant barking of the dogs. Almost 2 years ago the EPA got involved and conducted acoustic tests and validated the neighbors complaints, yes the dogs bark continually and loudly “for hours” and Beverley was in breach of “16 noise limit restrictions”.

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Click and zoom to enlarge

Beverley who claims to be an “internationally renowned dog trainer” couldn’t figure out why her dogs barked for hours, (dogs bark continually through boredom, stress, fear, loneliness – a proven fact) so Bev simply had them debarked, not the first time she has debarked her dogs either. This is illegal in Victoria without a signed stat dec from the relevant authorities so Beverley had her staff drive the dogs interstate for surgery. As soon as the dogs arrived back in Victoria they were being mated – business as usual.

Beverley “summoned her international fans” and the 2 that did respond and made the trip to Australia stated  “we hide in bushes and take photo’s of people coming out of their homes to prove what maniacs they are”. Really ? how strange that people doing the gardening, going to work and driving to the shops could be interpreted as “maniac’s”. Are the “international fans” able to provide any photographic evidence of this “maniac” behavior ? And did the US Embassy really provide an escort out of the street that they claim is a “war zone” ? Are Beverley’s “international fans” that important ? Think about it. These are people who claim to sit in bushes and take photos of people going about their business.

The “international fans” came to Australia with a plan, deflect the arguments away from the dogs and try and create a story of “nasty neighbors”. Takes the heat of  Beverley and what she has done to these dogs. You wont find any photos of the concrete kennels on their website, they need to market Bev as the “victim”. Here’s what one “fan” stated  when plans were being made,  “We must get the story straight, facts in place, people highlighted etc, we have to market Beverley as a sweet old lady just trying to do good”.

We will not be deflected.

Monash University has never heard of Beverley Manners- there is no research going on at this puppy farm

Beverley used Dr Jane Barber for years to back up her belief that back to back breeding was good for dogs, Dr Barber has distanced herself from Beverley.

We now discover that the famous von Grafenburg Kennels have never had any association with Beverley, and Pixie Paws is unknown as a kennel name.

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Click and zoom to enlarge

Beverley has debarked her dogs for years, bred back to back with no rest in between litters for years,bred underage for years, has bred a stray dog from a pound that she “thought was a Labradoodle” gave the 55 puppies she bred “pedigrees” and made $100,000 out of this one dog, has sent dogs overseas in whelp, with ear infections and matted coats and has allowed puppies to die from dehydration.

We will not forget the dogs no matter how hard Rutland Manor tries to create stories and justifications and lay the blame elsewhere, we will not forget the dogs.

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  1. Lisa Ryan permalink
    October 4, 2009 1:01 pm

    I think it is obvious to the global audience that the very amateur marketing plans have backfired. This is the problem with lies and cover-ups. You tell one lie and it grows to two and then you have to keep covering your tracks with more and more lies.

    As for the headlines “Texan Labradoodle Lover Twyla Pyles” – my goodness, what a contradiction in terms. Twyla and Kate should have put down their cameras, spent less time taking afternoon tea or working on their marketing plans and better invested their time into cleaning kennels and tending to all the badly neglected RM dogs in desperate need of care to ears, nails and coats.

    My assessment of Twyla and Kate – hypocrites, complete phony’s and obviously not overly intelligent either.

    Now that Kate and Twyla have no doubt embarrassed the US Embassy, I trust the visitors have left or have they too been exported ?

    The cruelty and neglect suffered by RM dogs for numerous years is factual and is evidenced. Beverly Manners and anyone else involved will be held to account. This is too big to be covered up, deflected or glossed over and particularly so by the likes of Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dee.

  2. Andrea permalink
    October 4, 2009 11:37 pm

    Is Twyla for real? Does she really think she is that important? The embassy must of had a great time laughing at this one 🙂

  3. Madelaine permalink
    October 5, 2009 2:01 am

    I read the article and wonder why these people came all the way from the USA to ‘assist’ Beverley in her ‘hour of need’. These American Labradoodle lovers who had NO qualms about leaving their precious dogs at home in the USA without their owners. Do their own dogs mean so little to them, or are they after what they can get out of what they see as a money pit.The Pyles should be equally as ashamed of themselves for deserting their own dogs as Beverley should be for the treatment of her animals. My question is Who is looking after their dogs ??

  4. Louise permalink
    October 5, 2009 6:52 am

    For decades our family has included as many rescued abandoned dogs as we are able to care for. Whilst these beautiful animals enrich our lives with happiness, it is tragic to consider there are so many more needing loving homes.
    The Rutland Manor saga has provided an unfortnate insight into the psyche of those who treat dogs as commodities or breeding machines and therefore contribute to the shocking reality where millions are killed worldwide due to overbreeding.
    The trusting, loyal and loving expression of a dog who has been treated with kindness is a canine characteristic irrespective of pedigree or breed. In fact,discrimination towards a specific breed may result in the purchase of a dog for fashionable or trendy reasons rather than for the genuine love of these wonderful creatures.
    The labradoodle generally appears to be a victim of this phenomena and Beverley Manners is a chief perpetrator: as evidenced in the neglection of the dog’s grooming requirements – she has failed their special needs.
    How many labradoodles have ended up abandoned in ‘shelters’/pounds when owners can no longer provide the time required to care of them ?

  5. silva permalink
    October 5, 2009 8:56 am

    Twyla and Kate aren’t LABRADOODLE lovers, they aren’t even DOG lovers, how can ANYONE condone these conditions and illegal breeding. No they NEED Bev to be reputable so they can look good.

    It takes courage for brave and decent breeders to tell the truth about Bev’s dealings and the condition of the RM dogs because that rocks the foundations of the labradoodle world.

  6. Methinks permalink
    October 5, 2009 6:40 pm

    The “overseas fans” plans have backfired and their bizarre claims have caused more trouble and controversy for Rutland Manor is an understatement to say the least.!

    And Rutland Manor Exposed post that said also “Here’s what one “fan” stated when plans were being made, “We must get the story straight, facts in place, people highlighted etc., we have to market Beverley as a sweet old lady just trying to do good” – is hilarious.

    Talking about bizarre claims and getting the story straight…

    Direct quote from TWYLA PYLES – Oct. 4 – RM Exposed evidence
    “ We have called the (US) embassy to help us. They will be escorting us out because it’s not safe here. It is like a war zone.”

    Direct quote from KATE AND YARRA – Oct. 4 – Doodle Zoo forum
    “I just spent three weeks living at Rutland Manor with Beverly Manner and thoughts I’d died and gone to heaven. I never dreamed I would be so lucky to be there…”

    Beverley Manners, Kate and Twyla are all playing to ‘targeted’ audiences and this is not spin – it is manipulation but it is not working. Emails are flying all over regarding these crazy things and it would be highly amusing if it weren’t for the highly serious nature of what this is really all about.

    We all just have to be patient and wait for the investigation to be over. The raid in August carried out piles and piles of papers/RM records and most likely they are being investigated thoroughly. It is not too difficult to track fraudulent things but it does take time.

    But the ‘international fans’ are providing humor in the wake of this very sad situation. And the rest of us should remember “When you see crazy coming, cross the street.”

  7. Madelaine permalink
    October 6, 2009 1:38 am

    I had some friends get in touch with me about the Newspaper article. Their comment was ‘who does this woman think she is’ and ‘how embarrasing that the US Embassy was called’. My friends also wanted to know if there are any tickets being sold for this “event” as it is obviously far more entertaining in that street than on any television set. And while all this garbage continues to be played out, the poor dogs and their puppies continue to be treated with nothing but disdane for their lives. Unsetttled and unloved when they should be sleeping on the couch and being cuddled and trained and treated with respect. Not that any of the Rutland Manor people would know what “respect” means. Especially an old woman who ‘needs an escort to go to the hairdressers’.

  8. Mary permalink
    October 6, 2009 1:47 pm

    Beverely for years has always had a couple select favorite dogs who got to live in her home with her. She referred to them as ‘her bed dogs’ . Lovely pictures of Clemmie and Stella on the Doodle Zoo..the ‘Select Ones” ….Great Marketing !

  9. Beth permalink
    October 9, 2009 7:38 am

    I have been watching this story with great interest and am truly saddened at what is occurring at this horrible place!! I own a crossbreed dog not designer dog just a common old mongrel (I mean this in the nicest possible way). My dog is registered to go trialing in obedience etc her breeding is not recognised she is referred as an Associate Dog!! Labradoodles are not shown in the show ring so I gather that they too would be referred as an Associate !! Associates are De sexed !! this would mean that labradoodles are no better than my mongrel!! I brought my dog off a dairy farm I paid $50 and would rather buy a xbreed dog like this than buy a dog from puppy farm like Rutland Manor. I love my dog deeply and chose to get her de sexed as I didn’t want to add to pound dogs and I couldn’t be sure that her puppies would have the same type of loving that she has!! Some of the pure bred breeders I have spoken will go to great lengths to make that their pups go to the best home and have even been known to buy back pups if conditions are not right. This place has to be shut down as the dogs have no one on one contact they are bred continually and the only great interest shown is the dollar sign at the end of the day!! The dogs deserve better

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