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Trading Post Tara

November 7, 2009

There is no doubt that the cruelty inflicted on the Rutland Manor dogs is unacceptable and intolerable, but equally so the fraud committed by selling dogs and puppies of questionable pedigree for hundreds of thousands of dollars is equally intolerable. Ethical breeders of these amazing dogs and consumers have been duped; there is no doubt about it.  The Rutland Manor dogs have for years been treated as commodities, primary producers, a way to make a living. We are pleased to see many ethical Labradoodle breeders speaking out and planning the future of these dogs who none of us can live without. They are leading the way and ensuring the Labradoodle will continue despite what Rutland Manor has done to this breed.

These comments were left on our website by one of our readers and led us to delve into our records and find out about Rutlands Charlemagne true beginnings.

Many breeders are now reporting their poor experience of Rutland Manor, good for them!
I have one other example though, Rutlands Flower Power, started off as Tegan Park Gypsy and had her first two litters on the same day to the same stud dogs as her alias. Rutlands Flower Power’s pet name was Gypsy but she was no pet, having at least 7 litters (I keep finding them!)
17-Oct-00 Rutlands Flower Power x Rutlands Heritage
27-Apr-01 Rutlands Flower Power x Rutlands Chocolate Captain
20-Nov-01 Rutlands Flower Power x “Ima Collector’s Itm”
23-May-02 Rutlands Flower Power x Rutlands Cadet
12-Nov-02 Rutlands Flower Power x Rutlands Cadet
23-May-03 Rutlands Flower Power x Tegan Park Cool Dude
30-Jun-04 Rutlands Flower Power x Harvey


Rutlands Flower Power (Gypsy) AKA Tegan Park Gypsy
Either her sire and dam were
1 Tallas Ole Faithful x R Chelsea
2 Mirrindini x Truffle
Or maybe
3 TP Fortune Teller x TP Fraggle

So which was it? I think Gypsy was a bitch in need of a pedigree and maybe none of these are true. It does also leave a doubt in any reasonable person’s mind as to what breed she was (if known), her derivation and indeed any health tests she was said to have. I do hope she finally had a good home.
It certainly is a convoluted mess.

And then this:

When Rutlands Charlemagne was supposed to go to England as a premium Australian Labradoodle, I found his pedigree and discovered that there were some oddities. The dam is said to be Taranella (or Tarenella) Tara who has had a lot of puppies for Rutland Manor.
Problem… it’s a completely unknown kennel name. The pedigree looks extremely “insubstantial” with unknown Taranella “this and that” given as ancestors.

I think the UK kennel would not have got an “Australian Labradoodle” if they had bought Taranella Tara’s puppy, apart from anything else the bitch doesn’t look like one.

Would the Genuine Researchers on this site like to look into this one?

Thanks Carol for your amazing research. We have looked through our copious amount of evidence and have found Tara’s origins.

About 12 months ago we received a phone call from a lady who told us that she sold a dog to Beverley Manners who did promise her the dog would have good home. She was devastated to find out that her dog ended up at Rutland Manor puppy farm. The lady advertised her dog through the trading post newspaper around 2005. Bev phoned her, and drove to her house to pick up the dog.

That dog we now know is Taranella Tara and that wasn’t her name when she was a loved pet. Taranella Tara was named by Bev who also miraculously produced a pedigree for her, just like she did for Happy Wanderer of Rutlands who was purchased from the pound. No doubt Bev will tell us she “rescued” Tara just like she “rescued” Wanderer.

Taranella Tara was put to work immediately and like all other RM breeding machines was bred illegally back to back. We haven’t found all of her litters as yet but here is what we have found so far.

1st litter 12th August 2005 to Tarrens Simba said to be a Labradoodle from Rutlands Silver Smoke and Rutlands Shadow Brown (a shadowy smoke screen perhaps?)

7 puppies.

Rutlands Edward

Rutlands Jacqueline

Rutlands Krystle

Rutlands Layce

Rutlands Lindsi

Rutlands Monisha

Rutlands Shantora

8 months later

2nd litter 5th April 2006 to Rutlands Yogi Bear

11 puppies

Rutlands Taras Juliette

Rutlands Taras Milo

Rutlands Taras Taja

Rutlands Taras Tennessee

Rutlands Taras Tiago

Rutlands Taras Tijuana

Rutlands Taras Tommy

Rutlands Taras Tonto

Rutlands Taras Toppa

Rutlands Taras Winston

Rutlands Taras Romeo

7 months later

3rd litter 25th November 2006 to Rutlands Valentino Bear

9 puppies

Rutlands Taras Artemus

Rutlands Taras Athena

Rutlands Taras Branson

Rutlands Taras Coco

Rutlands Taras Karma

Rutlands Taras Kiah

Rutlands Taras Liana

Rutlands Taras Prins

Rutlands Taras Seldon

7 months later

4th litter 26th June 2007 to Tegan Park Mr Iron Chef

7 puppies

Rutlands Cachet

Rutlands Cameleon

Rutlands Camry

Rutlands Charlemagne (Charlie – still an RM breeder) who would have been sold to UK

Rutlands Cheeky Nugget

Rutlands Coleby

Rutlands Cookie

Charlie & Sunnie

Rutlands Charlemagne and Rutlands Lil Sunset Jewel

Hundreds of thousands of dollars in puppies. Not bad for a dog purchased through a newspaper for a couple of hundred dollars with no pedigree!

I bet the prospective UK owners of Rutlands Charlemagne are breathing a sigh of relief that they cancelled their purchase, they saved themselves about $30,000.

The cages are being rattled, the foundations are collapsing, the truth is being exposed, the famous Rutland Manor diversion tactics are being created, and threats of defamation are yet again being shouted into cyberspace where they remain forever to be seen by the future consumer.

Is any Rutland Manor pedigree true? Save yourselves some dollars, make an ethical decision and don’t buy a dog or puppy from Rutland Manor.

“All knowledge, the totality of all questions and answers is contained in the dog” Franz Kafka

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  1. silva permalink
    November 7, 2009 12:09 pm

    I know of another Gypsy litter.
    26/02/2000 Gypsy had a litter to Tegan Park Quicksilver, after that litter, she was sent to Rutland Manor

    One of the puppies, Tegan Park Silver Illusion was kept for breeding by Tegan Park.

    Poor Gypsy had 8 litters at least. Does anyone know what happened to her?

  2. Lisa Ryan permalink
    November 8, 2009 1:35 am

    This is all so difficult to take in at once but this is what happens when lies start to unravel. It has an avalanche effect and all the lies start coming apart at the same time as is the case with the false RM pedigrees.

    The time, effort and research work which has been undertaken by Carol is so very detailed and can’t be faulted. Sadly it shows the clear links between RM, TP and Valley View Bloodlines. It also highlights the serious health issues now presenting in dogs including Epilepsy and Atopy and Beverly’s response when being confronted with these matters and her ‘health guarantee’ !

    Where are all these dogs now – what happened to them all. Someone out there must know.

  3. lynda permalink
    November 8, 2009 10:09 pm

    I am not a Labradoodle owner but have been following this sick, evil persons lies all over the Net. What really upsets me is the people who are defending and supporting her. Welcoming her onto their forums etc… IMO These people are as evil as Beverely

  4. Lisa Ryan permalink
    November 9, 2009 5:13 am

    Is anyone as angry as I am that while Australian pensioners continue to do it really tough, Beverly Manners sprouts to Baw Baw council about her huge earnings on the back of extreme and countless instances of cruelty to the RM dogs. I am also angry that Beverly Manners appears to be able to walk away from a bankrupt company and start up another to ‘protect’ her assets, again on the back of extreme and countless instances of cruelty to the RM dogs. I am also angry that Beverly Manners can produce obviously deceptive and fraudulent pedigrees, extract wicked amounts of money from people around the world and get away with this as well. I am also angry that Beverly Manners in spite of her sprouting to Baw Baw council about her huge earnings, has probably not been declaring or paying the required amount of tax to the Australian Government.

    We can all exercise our rights by lodging complaints (very easy to do) with :


    Department of Consumer Affairs (Victoria)

    The Australian Taxation Office

    Centrelink Office

    • scared permalink
      December 28, 2009 5:03 pm

      hi all, i am a bit confused.. if she is not a member of any canine breeed association such a the VCA or the KCC, then what pedigrees’ are she producing…she cant register her offspring with such association otherwise… so it strikes me that the pedigrees are of her own making anyway, and as such mean nothing, as there is no outside confirmation or control of anything. Am i wrong in this assumption?
      best wishes

  5. heike allison permalink
    November 9, 2009 11:38 am

    Don’t forget the dealings Angela had with Colin Hamm, as stated by Bev herself. Didn’t Bev and Angela share breeding dogs??

  6. Francis permalink
    November 9, 2009 12:38 pm

    At the end of the day there must be Justice for the dogs.

  7. stephanie permalink
    January 2, 2010 3:52 am

    I purchased my labradoodle (a real labradoodle, poodle x labrador) from a breeder in South Australia. Prior to purchasing my dog I searched the internet for labradoodle breeders in Victoria. I looked at Tegan Park and Rutland Manor. Apart from the exorbitant prices, I questioned at the time Bev Manners self proclaimed expertise.
    When I went to pick up my dog from SA the breeder told me he had had a man from Tegan Park there wanting to buy my dog as a breeding dog. As I had already paid the deposit his request was denied.
    I suspected that if he had purchased my dog he would have been given some ridiculous name like the rest of the dogs there. Just an ordinary lab poodle cross.
    I realise now how incredibly naive I was when I bought my dog. The breeder was later exposed as a puppy farmer, something I had never heard of. Freedom Kennels. I never imagined anyone could contemplate such abuse and greed.
    Despite this, my wonderful Teddy is the love of my life, beautiful, smart, and my best friend.

  8. silva permalink
    January 27, 2010 8:57 am

    I love mine too but she is not a labradoodle but a mongrel with a fake pedigree bought for the price of a holiday in Europe. I could buy a genuine mongrel from an accidental breeding for the price of a good family meal A N D I would see the home she was raised in.
    Ive read all the evidence.
    The Australian Labradoodles sold by Rutland Manor and Tegan Park are a F R A U D

  9. J. Beckman permalink
    April 26, 2010 1:56 am

    I am the owner of Rutlands Monisha (now called Molly), living outside of Chicago. While I was waiting for her, I asked to see a photo of the stud, but was told, he was a poodle, and that poodle owners did not like to have their pictures shown as being studs for non-poodles. When the pedigree arrived, it was consistent with what you’ve described in your blog (probable scam). I have had no contact with Rutland since my dog arrived, and I never intend to do so. I will never buy a dog again without visiting the breeder, as well as both the parents. My dog was supposed to be a therapy dog to work with me in my office, but her temperament, from the beginning, is unsuitable…

  10. Carole Grundy permalink
    April 30, 2010 7:59 am

    I would like to see this pedigree, if you allow this site to forward it to me I will see if it looks the same or different from others from Tara.
    I would be particularly interested in the breed of “Tarrens Simba” as I suspect he was a poodle and the puppies are wool coated F1bs but he is on pedigrees as a miniature labradoodle. Of course he could have been anything as there is no real pedigree for him, just “Shadow” this and “Smoke” that.

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