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Honeymoon Cove

March 4, 2010

Can someone please explain this ?

After a recent quiet period, several of our lovely ladies decided it was time to honeymoon almost at the one time so Honeymoon Cove has been busy of late and puppies are expected during February March and April….Beverley & the Rutlands Team

So all the “lovely ladies” DECIDED to HONEYMOON and all at the same time?

Perhaps Isabella DECIDED she wasn’t going to retire?



Standard Poodle Red Female

Isabella is relatively small for a Standard Poodle and her soft coat is such a vibrant deep Red color that it almost looks unnatural especially in the sunlight.  Izzie  is very loving affectionate  and gentle, but she is shy and reserved with strangers.  We think that it is not so much her nature, but is due to something that may have happened to her before she came to us.  All of her puppies have been confident outgoing and sociable.  We expect to retire Isabella by the end of 2009, after her next litter and she will be looking for her loving forever home.  Isabella will make a wonderful companion and alert dog for an elderly couple.  She can be walked on a silken thread she is so gentle. Rutland Manor website late 2009


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  1. Joyce Tabor permalink
    March 4, 2010 12:13 pm

    Yep! True to her nature Bev has decided that Izzy is needed to produce more income. At the very least, she was neglectful and allowed her to be mated. Of course, it could also be that she did not have a family to go to and needs to ‘earn her keep’ at RM – hence another litter.

    No matter what….Bev has proven once again what she says is NOT what she does! She can NEVER be trusted at any level.

    And you can be sure that these puppies will be called the ‘true, authentic, Australian Labradoodle even though the mom is a full Poodle! Don’t you just love the double standards? Bev was always smart enough to not give ‘generation grades’ like many of the breeders in the U.S. do; namely, because most of her authentic ASD’s are practically pure Poodles! Neither am I in favor of the ‘grading’ as I find it very misleading.

  2. Carole Grundy permalink
    March 4, 2010 12:19 pm

    “DECIDED” to honeymoon is so wide of the mark.

    I am very surprised to see Stuartlea Isabella back with a litter as we were told last year that she was going to be retired Autumn 09. The picture shows an unclipped Isabella looking like a labradoodle and the description is of a shy sweet girl who deserves a good home not endless breeding. Typically RM blames her shy nature on someone else!

    Compare the current unclipped photo with the old picture of her pretty puppy face clipped as poodles usually are. A real sweetheart but looking rather apprehensive.
    I also note that nowhere NOW in Honeymoon Cove does it ADMIT that she is a standard poodle, ummm, yet another very nearly poodle litter to be born at RM in order to sell the puppies as non shedding and hypoallergenic. Problem is: even poodles are not guaranteed for the allergic and labradoodles cannot be quite as reliable as a poodle which have a history of hundreds of years to guarantee their coat properties.
    I am not at all sure about Stuartlea Isabellla’s pedigree as I have two pedigrees for her, one from the breeder (parents Majestic Morriston Redd Zak x Stuartlea Bella Red Robin ) and one from RM (parents Palmares Minarets Oregon Red x Majestic Bella Red Dior)!!!!!! I don’t know why this is but it just adds to the chaos of the Rutland Manor pedigrees. I was told she wasn’t registered by Stuartlea as she was not good enough, what a shame that she has ended up in these kennels instead of as a much loved pet.

    Without bona fide pedigrees all you have is a mongrel (that is a dog of unknown parentage) with no financial value. And for this they lead the lives you can see on this website and poor Stuartlea Isabella described in terms that leads one to believe she is shy and scared, is made to have litter after litter of actual and nearly poodles.

    The other red in Honeymoon Cove, Dancer born 26 OCT 2008 is one of Isabella’s puppies, her litter brother Embers is one of the stud dogs Dancer and Embers look just like their lovely mother but they are said to be “Australian Labradoodles” sired by Rutlands Onyx. Does it really matter whether they are full poodles with a poodle sire or JUST nearly 90% poodle with Rutlands Onyx as their father?

    • Jnusha Holt permalink
      June 16, 2010 5:22 pm

      Carole I missed your post about Isabella’s pedigrees. Yes, plural. How can that be? Is RM crazy to think that someone won’t notice this? I’m curious. Poodle people who I’ve met are not happy about their breed being used to create mutts. So what kind of good breeder would sell their prize Poodles to RM to create mutts? Are the Poodles used substandard? It seems like you have a big lie in writing so how can RM sell puppies with this kind of information that you have? You seem to keep good records and shouldn’t be doubted a bit. Can’t someone contact the people who bought these puppies to see if all the pedigrees match?

  3. Mary permalink
    March 4, 2010 12:54 pm

    Spring and early summer seems to be a time of the year when puppies are in the most demand. Most likely Isabella came into heat and Bev has a demand for red standards.
    Maybe since all the negativity about her breeding too young of bitches..the only adult available to breed was Isabella. Most likely she never found a pet home yet for Isabella and didn’t want to spayed her until she did.
    I don’t think Isabella has been overbred.. don’t know.
    Even though I am a small breeder and only breed one or 2 litters a year..I do know that the customer demand influences who you may breed so I don’t think it’s all that unusual that she changed her mind and bred Isabella.
    Trust me..I am not in support of RM at all so don’t misconstrue what I am saying..I am just speaking in generalities about what breeders may do and why

  4. heike allison permalink
    March 4, 2010 11:47 pm

    True, it boggles the mind that Bev can call out other breeders for not being ASD’s when her own dogs, by admission are really just F1b’s. A multigen bred back to full poodle. Hypocrite I’d say. I do know there is a demand for red standards so not suprising she bred isabella again. But, lets not forget….. she breeds only for the betterment of the breed, NOT to fulfil a puppy market…….Yeah right!!!

  5. Carole Grundy permalink
    March 5, 2010 11:19 pm

    The sad fact is that there are real health issues facing Australian Labradoodles and Poodles; Epilepsy, Addisons, SA, and heart disease etc. The one tool we all have to protect against breeding sick dogs is a genuine pedigree. The Poodle Health Registry is an open resource enabling us all to make better choices, I know that breeders would like a similar resource for labradoodles but the founder pedigrees are so full of chaos and deliberate obfuscation that providing a genuine 5 generation pedigree is impossible for all but a few Australian Labradoodles. Pedigrees are riddled with RM/TP dogs of unknown derivation and poor legacy, Rutlands Chimney Sweep for example.

    I have tried to shed light on some of these pedigrees in the interest of the dogs and their owners and breeders, but all I can do is make educated “guesses” to make sense of complete nonsense. The founders could solve this overnight by turning over their databases to the registries and let them sort it out.

  6. Lisa Ryan permalink
    March 6, 2010 12:30 am

    I have seen this top photo before ??? it will come to me.

    Re “Izzie is very loving affectionate and gentle, but she is shy and reserved with strangers. We think that it is not so much her nature, but is due to something that may have happened to her before she came to us.”

    Where did Izzie come from ??? and how many litters has she pumped out now ???

    Bev is still a puppy farmer !

  7. liam permalink
    April 10, 2010 12:49 pm


    I have only just come accross this breed. I contacted Rutland to enquire and received some info and a quote.

    I was quoted 16,000 us dollars for an adult female.

    Then, due to my knack for spotting insincerity in email, i decided to look deeper. Im disgusted with what ive learned. I do love the look of the breed, but i fear it will not survive this scandal as it goes to the foundation stock. The first email i received from Rutland/ Bev had a confidientiality clause at the bottom………so i will not post that here. But the second one i received did not have this clause and so i am posting it here for you to see recent thoughts.


    Hello Liam,

    Although Brenda Fricker is an Oscar winning actress, Wikepedia describes her as ‘frumpy’ Lol.

    Do you really think I look like this? I had better do something about this! (I am joking)

    Now back to Labradoodles, I was shocked when I checked out the link you sent me. Ireland is BADLY in need of the authentic Australian Labradoodle. The same thing happened firstly in Australia, then the United States, then the UK and now is happening in Europe and other places as well. Once we sent some authentic breeding stock over there, the entire scene changed very dramatically. Once people saw the real Australian Labradoodle they went mad for them and still do, which is why the better breeders are still getting such amazing prices for their puppies.

    The reason the puppies would be more expensive to UK Ireland Scotland or Wales is that ‘someone’ has to pay for their keep and put the time into their training etc for many months so it has to be added onto the normal price.

    Adults have already paid their way having a litter or being a stud dog so they don’t owe the breeder anything financially.

    Any dog worth breeding with in the UK would cost you more than what I have quoted you, and to be honest I don’t know of any breeder there who has stuck to the authentic breed. Most if not all, have used my bloodlines to get themselves a reputation and then added other mixes in. Basically the only breeders I would ever recommend are only ALFA breeder members.

    The Alfa Code of Ethics is on the Alfa website here

    I am puzzled that the prices have surprised you. There are no investments I am aware of that return you 100% in the first twelve months of your investment such as an adult breeding dog.

    You are welcome to call me, but I will be flying out in the next few days and will be in the United States with my puppies and dogs in Texas for three months.

    My private number is ********** preceded by your own country’s dial out code. I will be on the run for the next few days, but perhaps we could arrange a time together which suits both of us and I will make sure I am near the ‘phone.

    Warm wishes,


    From: liam
    Sent: Thursday, 8 April 2010 6:42 AM
    To: Beverley Manners
    Subject: Re: Breeding in Ireland

    Hello Beverley,

    Honestly i got to the bottom of your message…saw your picture and thought…why is Brenda Fricker the actress emailing me. Bet you havnt been compared before!.

    Thanks for the lengthy reply and your welcoming me to the breed if i decide to. I would love to promote them here and link straight back to the ALFA and your site… sending anyone interested to these sites so they can educate themselves. This would put a spanner in the efforts of those who are presently trying to sell dogs as labradoodles . Have a search for labradoodles at this site.

    Im a little confused re the prices you quoted as the puppy looks to be priced more than the adult. Where can I read the code of ethics re breeding ASDs?

    The prices have surprised me and coupled with the travel Im not in a position to get involved, unfortunately. However I really would like to become involved and will try and find the right lines maybe from the uk.

    The problem I would have with this, is ensuring they link back to the ASDs and have not had any incorrect infusions. How can I be sure? What should i ask? That ALFA badge will be excellent when it gets going. Would you mind guiding me to the breeders who have remained true to the origionals? I hope you understand.

    What is your view on the future of this the origional labradoodle? How much damage will the bad breeders cause?

    Can I phone you for a chat sometime?

    thank you………….liam

  8. Lisa Ryan permalink
    April 11, 2010 8:19 am

    Beverly Manner’s take on her beloved dogs :

    “Adults have already paid their way having a litter or being a stud dog so they don’t owe the breeder anything financially”

    “There are no investments I am aware of that return you 100% in the first twelve months of your investment such as an adult breeding dog”

    My god – $, $ and more $ to the tune of US $16,000. Greedy bloody puppy farmer !

    Anyone even considering paying this for a cross bred dog is just plain dumb.

  9. Carole Grundy permalink
    April 11, 2010 12:41 pm

    Has the Code of Ethics disappeared off the ALFA site or is it just me? Their disappearance seemed rather appropriate to me.
    According to Beverley, none of the UK breeders are doing the right thing, I wonder what they think of that? They most certainly would be better off “doing their own thing” than carrying on as the Founders did.

    A return of 100% is promised in the first year, this is a SHAMELESS call to GREED and illegal breeding. However many litters in that year would the poor bitch have to have, to repay $16K and her keep and puppy rearing costs! Only one litter is permitted a year for a commercial breeder in the UK.

    My God, this takes the biscuit!

  10. Maya permalink
    April 19, 2010 7:23 am

    This website is wonderful – thank you for exposing this dreadful money hungry woman.

    If Beverley is such a great Christian why on earth would she think one of ‘gods creatures’ would owe her anything for the privileged of being born?

    So your dogs are born into slavery & servitude hey Mrs. Manners – how appalling!!!

  11. alison permalink
    April 23, 2010 10:05 pm

    oh my god… i thought we were being a tad horrible when we had to put the price up on our stud registered puppies to $800, we have almost $500 of vet fees, immunisations, eye testing, and genetic tests before we even sell the animal…. most stud breeders have older stud girls which they are finding retirement homes for, at half the price of a puppy, because they are to be desexed… shame on Bev. I would pay $200 for one of her puppies with no breed history, and no certifications other then Bev’s own fantasies

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