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July 11, 2010

She does then she doesn’t ?

Rutlands Legacy in Texas: Mike and Twyla live on an eighty acre ranch in Texas, where the RM Australian Labradoodles spend their days as much loved family members. During the several months I spent with them there in 2010 the devotion of this couple to each and every dogs and puppy was inspiring and bought such joy to my heart! At times it was difficult to find a chair to sit in when every available piece of furniture was draped with Doodles languishing in the air conditioning of the hot Texan Spring/Summer. At other times the sight of them running with free abandon through the manicured fields had me running for my camera to catch the beauty of the moment.

Beverley Manners


In June 2010 the Rutland Manor chat page was taken over by Twyla Pyles calling it “Rutlands Legacy” and I was suspended from the chat page membership along with other families who dared to voice their support of Rutland Manor on that site. A genuine Rutland Manor chat page will be provided shortly where Rutland Manor families can gather again with transparency for fun times in a place where people are not ex communicated for posting a negative comment.

Disclaimer: Rutland Manor has no connection with the so-called “Rutlands Legacy” and I will not be held liable for any advice or other content displayed on Twyla Pyles chat page. I will also not be held liable for any advice or other content displayed on Twyla Pyles chat page. I will also not be held liable for any health warranty claims or other claims or disputes arising between Twyla and Mike Pyles and anyone who purchases puppies bred from my dogs deceitfully obtained. Puppies bred by Twyla and Mike Pyles are not entitled  to have the name “Rutlands” on their pedigrees and I will not be held responsible for the accuracy or otherwise of pedigrees supplied with those puppies. Beverley Manners

Sound familiar to any of you ? How many times has this happened over the years. We can hear Doodle breeders all around the world saying “here we go again”. To the consumer, if you want to share your life with a Labradoodle support the ethical breeders, don’t support Rutland Manor. Your money will go directly to the pockets of the puppy farmers and will enable them to keep the cycle of cruelty going. Many  breeders around the world have fallen victim to the consumer fraud over the years, they may have Rutland Manor dogs in their lines, but that doesn’t mean they condone or support what Rutland Manor have done. Do your research, ask questions, and if a breeder supports Rutland Manor stay away. Here’s a few to avoid.

Look at the pictures, if you were a dog where would you rather be?

Flo and Willow at Rutland Manor Australia

Flo at Rutland Manor Australia

Embers at Rutland Manor Australia

Mask at Rutland Manor Australia

Lockie at Rutland Manor Australia

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  1. July 11, 2010 2:37 pm

    Oh those photos tell a huge story! Isn’t it great that you can now visit these dogs in their heavenly place in Texas to ‘see for yourself’ the difference in their lives? How sad that the ones not sent missed this opportunity to live ‘the good life’. Shania, Ava, Sunnie, etc. , it breaks my heart that you could not have been rescued as well. :+(

    • anon permalink
      July 24, 2010 5:43 pm

      HOW GROOMING AND ALLOCATION AT RUTLAND MANOR IS DONE: Puppies are crammed in crates. One person stands by with the scanner; Helen pulls a puppy out of the crate to check gender and color; puppy is scanned to match papers and VIOLA…the allocation process begins.
      Prior to that, the puppies are groomed with a slicker brush, baby powder and then sprayed with Brut Mens Deoderent. So if your puppy smelled yucky, you know why. Beverley will blame it on the puppies being in the cargo with other dogs on the flight and picking up smells there….as well as kennel cough that she doesn’t treat for. What? You don’t treat dogs for kennel cough when you have a kennel and take in boarded dogs? Who allows this crap to go on? Who oversees this but isn’t doing their job? Oh yes, kennel cough, parasites, worms are among the gifts sent with the puppies from Rutland Manor.

  2. Mary permalink
    July 11, 2010 3:34 pm

    It’s totally maddening how many times this has happened and unless you have been around for many years, many may find it hard to believe, especially RM supporters who have only known her for a short period of time and have not seen or experienced her deceptive insanity. She can have the same power and influence over her followers like Jim Jones (the Jonestown Massacre) where 900 people believed in him so much that they lost site of reality, drank the poisened cool-aid and laid their life down for his cause.
    Wake up people!!!! There is enough evidence and the evidence will continue to come, if you will just be open to the possibility that psychopaths do live amoung us. Beverely is a master of deception and lies.

    Do not believe her stories about Mike and Twyla. Tywla rushed to her aid in Australia when the threat of the RM dogs were to be removed from her property. Twyla and Mike BELIEVED in Beverely and wanted to help her save the dogs by accepting Bev’s offer to bring them to the USA. Little did Mike and Twyla know what plans Bev really had in mind of the deceptive hell they would be entering into to.

    My heart goes out to Twyla and Mike. It’s heartbreaking beyond belief when a persons belief in someone and a heart to help them can turn into such vile venom with such twisted stories of the truth

    Beverely’s path of destruction of people and dogs lives needs to stop!
    Mike and Twyla..please know that there are hundreds of people who stand behind you

    • ANON permalink
      July 12, 2010 5:38 am

      MIke and Twyla probably had a lovely, normal life and wanted to reach out to help an old lady and the very hint of that was all that leech needed. Give her an inch and she will suck the life out of you. The more caring a person is toward Beverley, the more she thinks she has you and will work you like a puppet. Does she hypnotize people? You have to wonder how one after another, people buy into her poor me speech and are compelled to help her, give her things, help and money. Now add the Labradoodles to the equation and it’s even better. Thank God for Mike and Twyla. Those dogs have the only chance at happiness they’ve ever had.
      You’re right too, the number of people who have caught on to Beverley’s life of deception and lies grows by the day. Whoever she suckered into hosting her, if she isn’t still in a hotel will find out soon that they have been taken for a ride. Everyone finds out eventually and the once open doors are being slammed in her face one after another and she is squirming and looking for her next victim. Good luck if you are out there. Maybe you’ll still have some money left when you find out that what is written on this chat site is the truth.

  3. July 12, 2010 4:32 am

    Totally agree!! The huge difference here is Bev spouts all her Christian this and that….but it’s all talk…Twyla walks the walk, something Bev can’t even fathom to do. Bev used and preyed on their common beliefs to keep them supporting her, but in the end like Bev said on her page, will the REAL Beverley please stand up and guess what she did…….threw away her closest supporters out like yesterdays garbage. This has all become a common theme in her life, throw away anything, human or animal that doesn’t support her 100 percent, no questions asked…..Well, we asked and we saw through the BS, we know your cold, dark heart….and through it all both human and animal have suffered. Get a clue Bev, animals were not put on this world for you to use and abuse, they are a true gift, and friends are to be treasured…..have you ever thought for one moment what you have lost….I guess not, this would take a real conscious….and you have none.

  4. Charlotte Mcgrath permalink
    July 12, 2010 4:50 am

    This is all too familiar to me.

    I was also well intentioned and ran to Bereley’s assistance. I trusted her without question and could not do enough to help in any way possible.

    History just continues to repeat itself.

    I wish Mike and Twyla all the best – this is a road well travelled by many.

    Thank God most of the dogs are happy and safe.

    Be prepared for the threats and intimidation Mike and Twyla – they will be coming your way any time.

    Take care of eachother and love those Doodles.

  5. Liar Liar Pants on Fire permalink
    July 12, 2010 10:14 am

    You don’t have her original chat page letter up there. Here is it:

    Rutland Manor has provided a Chat Page for many years: a place where members of the big world wide Rutland Manor family could gather to share their pictures and stories and to ask for guidance on many issues related to the keeping of their Rutland Manor Australian Labradoodles.

    In June 2010 the Rutland Manor Chat Page was hijacked by Twyla Pyles, calling herself “Rutlands Legacy” and I was suspended from the chat page membership along with other families who dared to voice their support of Rutland Manor on that site.

    A genuine Rutland Manor Chat Page will be provided shortly where Rutland Manor families can gather again with transparency in a place where people are not ex communicated for posting a negative comment.

    Disclaimer: I have no connection with the so-called “Rutlands Legacy” and I will not be held liable for any advice or other content displayed on Twyla Pyles’ chat page. I will also not be held liable for any health warranty claims or other claims or disputes arising between Twyla and Mike Pyles and anyone who purchases puppies bred from my dogs deceitfully obtained. Puppies bred by Twyla and Mike Pyles are not entitled to have the name “Rutlands” on their pedigrees and I will not be held responsible for the accuracy or otherwise of pedigrees supplied with those puppies.


    • Coco permalink
      July 12, 2010 10:43 am

      What is the difference then except for the word “hijacked”? No offense, but I just don’t seem to see any difference

    • anon permalink
      July 12, 2010 5:45 pm

      This site is very educating and as you can see, full of RMs ugly history. Why would Mike and Twyla want the name Rutland associated with them in any way, shape or form? That name is degrading, commands no respect and carries an evil connotation with it.

      I now know a couple people with RM Labradoodles who will no longer mention where their from. They say from a breeder who is no longer in business. If only that were true and hopefully when she gets back to Australia and the big surprises waiting for her, she will no longer be breeding even an earthworm. I hear that her property has sold and she will be moving. Hopefully she will move to the hottest desert in the outback. How fitting for her to be in the hell she created for those innocent dogs.

    • anon permalink
      July 12, 2010 5:48 pm

      again, WHAT pedigrees? LOL, those can be used to line bird cages. Just love your dogs, forget the pedigrees. all lies anyway.

      • July 16, 2010 6:25 am

        Yup, what BS, she doesn’t and can’t stand behind her own pedigrees as we have seen on her website, she knows nothing about keeping track of all of that stuff as her trusty staff did it for her. Well, yeah right…it’s just an excuse so you can blame them when u are found out to be a scammer.

  6. Clara Marianne permalink
    July 12, 2010 11:00 am

    I have been following the comments and I just read about Shania, my question is what happened to those doodles.

    • July 12, 2010 11:45 pm

      As far as I know, Shania is still in Australia being bred yet again, along with Sunnie, Ava, Anya, etc. Last I knew, there were about 7 dogs left in Australia. Perhaps someone else can provide better info.

      • anon permalink
        July 15, 2010 3:33 am

        Shania has probably already had a litter. Beverley has been gone several months so we’ve heard. Plenty of time to mate poor Shania, have her puppies and sell them to pet shops or wherever. Funny that there is nothing on the RM site about any dogs. Very odd.

  7. Janelle permalink
    July 22, 2010 8:42 pm

    There are new puppies at RM with one Chat Page member sprooking (sp) about her NEW PUPPY !!!!! Just born at RM

  8. anon permalink
    July 23, 2010 2:03 am

    This is from RM’s website. It’s pathetic.

    Conducted bi annual grooming, training and breeding seminars and workshops across the United States 2001 to 2007.

    Judged the Inaugural Labradoodle Breed Conformation Show in Malibu 2006 and the subsequent year

    Would ANYONE who actually attended one of those seminars please speak up and tell what you learned. What I heard is that everything Beverley attended was about Beverley. Training? Training what?
    The 2006 Breed Conformation Show was a joke! Why were the judges Beverley and Angela? Judging their own dogs? LOL! People had to be begged to enter it. Everyone thought it was a big joke and many came to have a good laugh.
    Stop it with all the titles and accolades Beverley, you are simply a manipulative con woman and an abuser of dogs.

    • July 24, 2010 3:57 am

      I am sure she stays awake nights just thinking of more crap to post…

    • July 24, 2010 10:12 pm

      I recently went to RM’s site to read up on who she is breeding and when they would be expecting puppies as I am curious about who she has there for stock. There is no mention or pics of ‘BREEDING DOGS’ on her site. There IS a ‘flash pictorial’ of PAST dogs, but that has very little relevancy to what she is or can produce now. I do know that some studs are ‘on ice’, so girls could be artificially inseminated, but which girls? Will they be the crop of ‘assorted oodles’ from her daughter Angela now that they may liason again? Remember Angela auctioned off her stock and also placed a pile of them in a kill shelter in Florida. Actions of puppy farmers. Why would anyone want to purchase a dog from breeders like this? Would you not want to see and KNOW who the parents are prior to sending an unrefundable $500? Wouldn’t you want to see health test scores so that you can check with the official organizations that the scores are correct? As a buyer, don’t you want to see puppies from previous matings? How about talking to their vets to verify that there parent dogs are clean, well fed and cared for? From where I sit, this is the workings of a PUPPY FARM!

      One her website she writes about Puppy Farms and lists all the things she does that DOES NOT reflect she is a puppy farm. Please go to her site and read it before reading the rest of my post. I would like to address each of her points individually and list why I believe she fits the PUPPY MILL describtors to a ‘T’.

      1. Specialises in the Australian Labradoodle only for twenty six years as of 2010

      So, this means that the dogs you bought out of the newspapers and dog pounds, like Wanda, were part of your ‘specialty’? You ‘specialize’ in spotting a potential breeding candidate and that is a far cry from a ‘research center’ or ‘specialist’. You are an excellent con artist, however and all puppy farms need a good one.

      2. Health screens all breeding dogs, and DNA profiles all breeding dogs to verify identity and pedigree

      Why in the world would you have an issue about health then when asked? Why would you NOT cover Addison’s Disease in your warranty if you can provide OFFICIAL documentation of all this health screening? What OFFICIAL company did your DNA? And why were you not willing to share Heart Throbs DNA when asked? You ‘sent him away instead’. And we all know many of your pedigrees are ‘contrived.

      3.Sells only to screened families with personal contact and maintains contact often for many years. Always available to support and help with any problems or help rehome if necessary

      Your personal contact? You mean all those posts that you place on your private, ‘good news only’ website? That is not communication that is fluff to stroke you with. Just like you ‘claim’ to have guardian homes and you ‘claim’ to do rehomes. I know where some of your rehomes landed – at a DIFFERENT PUPPY FARM!

      4. Has a wait list which is closed several times a year rather than breed too many puppies

      Then would you please explain why the need for some of your females to have constant back to back matings? Why the necessity for some of your girls to have over 7 plus litters? Didn’t you mention somewhere that you ‘retire’ your girls after three litters yet, some have bought your retired girls after more than 6 litters? Why do you breed from a girl that has had mastectomy surgery? You do so, to FILL your requests. The facts show that you simply keep producing puppies TO FILL A MARKET, just like puppy farmers do.

      5. Honors a two year health guarantee for hereditary disease in addition to the code of practice seven days health guarantee. DOES DNA profiling to prove identy

      Really? Then explain the need for the EXCLUSION of Addison’s Disease. Is it because a number of your breeders progeny have expressed this disease numerous times? I would love to see your proof of annual testing of anything other than hips and eyes. And of those hips and eyes, I would love to see the results on official paper that can be verified. You play the ‘craps’ game. Most Addisonian affected dogs do not express this disease until AFTER two years old when your guarantee is over. Some express it earlier, but that is unusual and we already know of one person you blamed on the pup’s diet. There is a genetic propensity with this disease but you choose to blame it on anything other than your lack of proper health testing. As far as DNA to prove identity, that only comes forth if it is in your favor and one wonders where that proof is from.

      6. Keeps puppies to ten weeks plus and Desexes (spays/neuters) them prior to leaving

      Dog Pounds do as much. What makes RM special here? Spaying and neutering keeps your pups from making someone else money. The ‘plus’ you mention must be for those in other countries getting your dogs and that is an export mandate. Let’s not confuse what is the law and what is ‘doing extra’ for the good of the doodles.

      7.Microchips all dogs and puppies and did so long before it became law in Australia

      Possibly the ONLY thing mentioned in your sad comparison that could possibly separate you from a puppy farm, but then many pups are tatooed/ID for puppy farm sales.

      Most of the RM labeled stock was sent to Texas, but there were a few left in Australia that ‘missed the original exodus’. Why such a ‘rush, rush’ to Texas? Was Bev was trying to prevent any government procurring of her stock? It would make sense for her to do this to prevent that from happening. Her extensions for fixing up her place as well as her refusal to comply with acceptable breeding practices may have also been another reason for her quick ‘two step’ to the U.S. I am sure there are more reasons that will be uncovered. All I can say is that the doodles that managed to find themselves in Texas went to the Holy Land filled with milk and honey. The ones left behind sadly live on a puppy farm.

  9. Annabelle permalink
    July 25, 2010 2:47 am

    Everything on her website is a lie designed to con the consumer. When she is caught lying, she changes her website and another lie appears.
    She has not bred the Labradoodle for 26 years, that is a lie easily proved. Wally Conron bred the first labradoodle in 1988 (and he regrets it due to people like Beverley exploiting the dog for financial gain)

    Beverley is a puppy farmer of the worst kind, she exploits animals and cons people ripping them off for thousands.

  10. July 25, 2010 4:11 am

    Yup and most of what she has on her site as her background, her accolades, her family history has been much proven to be all fabrications….the unsuspecting public won’t get it until they do the research or come here and read up…We just need to keep getting the word out to everyone we can all over the world…it’s happening, will just be a matter of time.

  11. Teegan permalink
    July 27, 2010 12:50 pm

    I have been reading this forum for a while and have to comment on the comments above about microchipping. I know for a fact that Rutland Manor did not microchip until a few years ago. I know someone who worked there about 5 years ago and told me how they had to hold the little puppies down while the staff tattooed their ears with a number for identification. My friend said it was awful with the puppies yelping because it hurt so much. Just before my friend left there, Rutland Manor started getting the puppies microchipped at the same time they were desexed because the tattooed numbers were too hard to read. Microchipping was well in before Rutland Manor started doing it.

  12. anon permalink
    September 3, 2010 3:35 am

    Beverley has her secret society of supporters chat page but little does she realise that the natives are restless and that not all of them are solidly in belief of her and many are growing more deluded by the day. There are daily reports of the goings on and posts on her secret chat site going out for lots of people to see.

    • anon permalink
      September 5, 2010 4:21 am

      There is nothing like a daily update from the RM chatsite and it’s diminishing members.

  13. September 6, 2010 7:51 pm

    It seems to me the Baw Baw Shire Council is not acting in the best regard to the health and welfare of these new pups now on the ground at RM. If in fact they have evidence presented to them of the continued back to back breeding (one of the original citation points), and if they have valid information on ill or sick dogs being bred (I believe also a question with the dog who had had the mastectomy and then bred-again, or heart issues related to the father of these pups), plus, if, indeed what is stated to a potential purchaser of these pups either in AU or abroad via the internet, is also not at all accurate with regard to truth in advertising, and/or, if there are entangling political alliances in Warrugul which also involve the RM Breeder and Veterinarian/s of these pups (including as well the 20 or so dogs in the US who were debarked (sometimes called surgical mutilation) virtually all at the same time by them , something may be very wrong with the ability of local enforcement to stop both the AU purchasers and world wide export of these Labradoodles.

    For those of us in the United States who are observing this story, we must begin to understand there is truly no such thing as free trade. There will be a cost associated with this recent birthing and some number of these pups who may yet be sent to America (or elsewhere). I feel certain I will see these pups at two or three years who are in rescue or rehome situations in the US because the medical expense may be overwhelming for the owners, or, too heavy an emotional burden. Puppy breath can rapidly be replaced with anesthesia for heart and crippling muscular and skeletal problems.

    It is a very sad state of affairs that brings so many diverse people to this site with the accumulated information of years of evidence, yet watching continued inaction on the part of the local shire council and the Breeder in question. There is a terrible cost to doing nothing. The entire question rests not in the hands of those called “activists” or “hate sites as termed by this Breeder, but in the more accurate and credible term, animal welfare advocates. That the newly accredited University of Melbourne School of Veterinary Medicine has not weighted in on this subject is also a statement if enormous silence.

    If 10,000 labradoodles have been sent into the world with the potential for illness from this Breeder, and the artificial insemination tanks remain fully stocked with these genetic issues, it appears the inaction of the AU government at the local level, its University system to train Veterinarians, and its shire councils will unquestionably see 10,000 more. I sincerely hope it is not one of theirs , or mine.

  14. Linda Kubitz permalink
    October 15, 2010 4:51 pm

    I have to laugh over poor Kate Pappas going bankrupt. She and her DH are happily remodeling their personal home and buying a new car and will be traveling this fall. Monster Manners will say anything to try and embarrass people, but all she does is make a fool of herself. I am a friend of Kates and she is doing ever so well in every way possible. I met Kate through our rescue RM Labradoodles, as many people are now calling them, have been to her home and went car shopping with her just yesterday.

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