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A year in review

July 25, 2010

Its been just over 12 months since  a few of us decided to launch this website to provide the consumer with all of the facts about Rutland Manor puppy farm. The lies and the propaganda continue to pour out of the ever changing Rutland Manor website. But the walls are crumbling, people are realising they have been conned and when they look into the eye’s of their beloved RM puppies they are now thinking about the puppies parents that were abused and neglected. Its been 12 months of ups and downs but we have not given up as we know the Rutland Manor dogs are worth it. We thank our many readers who have done their own research and found many more lies that have been published as fact on the Rutland Manor website. Thank you everyone, and keep up the good fight the RM dogs are counting on us.

July 5th 2009 our first post about the constant and cruel back-to-back breeding the RM dogs must endure.

July 11th 2009 –Adam and Adele Lindley visit RM and provide a glowing report which Beverley posts on her website. No where in their report did it mention that the dogs had been de barked  and we asked Adam and Adele to publically state the dogs had not been debarked and if they did so we would apologise to Beverley. Still waiting

July 12th 2009 – Beverley makes false claims on her website and other sites that Debra Tranter caused the death of fellow puppy farmer Colin Hamms (ACA/Banksia Park puppy Farm ), even though Colin was still alive! To date Beverley has failed to publicly apologise or acknowledge that this statement was intended to deflect attention away from her breeding practices. At the time we were aware the the BJ’s were sold to Colin by Beverley but had not published this information as yet.

We recently heard the tragic news that the previous target of Ms Tranter, Colin Ham of ACA Dog Breeders (recommended by Don Burke on his television show and magazine) tragically took his own life two months ago following a series of heart attacks allegedly brought on by Ms Tranter’s merciless hounding of him and his family. We extend our condolences to Colin’s family at this tragic needless loss of human life. Ms Tranter has chosen the wrong target this time. I stand tall in the knowledge that I have nothing to be ashamed of nor to hide. My strength comes from the Lord my God and His strength I will not crumble. Beverley Manners July 2009

July 23rd 2009 we publish photographs that clearly showed Rutland’s Snuggles to be an ungroomed poodle.

July 24th 2009 We publish an open letter to Alex Van Oeveren of Disability Aid Dogs posing some direct questions to Alex after he publicly endorsed and supported Rutland Manor and advised everyone that he would be visiting RM to conduct an audit and dispel the information published on our website.  Alex changed his mind after he visited RM and saw for himself the living conditions of the dogs and audited the breeding practices. On August 27th we published his letter where he called Beverley a fraud and a liar and claimed that his organisation would no longer support RM. Of course Beverley publicly ridiculed Alex on her website after he spoke out against her.

July 26th 2009 – We publish research that confirmed Rutland Manor was breeding over 400 puppies a year by using their breeding dogs every 6-7 months.

July 28th 2009 – We publish a letter written by veterinarian Dr Jane Barber to Beverley Manners asking her to remove the link to her veterinary article from the RM website. Beverley had used Dr Jane Barbers article in an attempt to justify her illegal back-to-back breeding, only thing is Dr Barber was and still is appalled at Beverley’s breeding practices.

August 24th 2009 – We publish a letter from the Environmental Protection Agency ordering RM to cease breeding or comply with their notice to improve the dog’s kennels. Neighbours had been complaining about the constant barking from the RM dogs for a number of months. Beverley thought that by debarking her dogs she wouldn’t have to fix her kennels. By September 19th 2009 Beverley still had not complied with the order to fix the kennels, so with Twyla and Kate’s help, who at the time were visiting from USA, the dogs were loaded up on horse floats and trailers, separated and taken off the property 2 days prior to the EPA’s visit. Rather than comply with the law Beverley publicly blamed, the neighbours, the council, the EPA, animal activists and any one else she could think of. During this time the neighbour’s letterboxes were destroyed, their rubbish bins tipped over, their cars scratched, Beverley and her supporters stalked the neighbours with their video camera and tried to intimidate the neighbours into displaying some sort of aggressive behaviour in order for Beverley to display this on her website. The situation got so out of control in Warragul that the neighbours went to court and took out a restraining order against Beverley.

August 22nd 2009– We reveal that Beverley purchased some of her “breeding stock” from the pound and publish Wanda’s story. 2 days later Bev updates her website with her version of events surrounding Wanda. True to form Beverley blames 3 different people, its never Bev’s fault.

August 25th 2009 – we publish the true story of poor Mrs Bean and her back-to-back breeding, which resulted in 42 puppies.

August 27th 2009 – We reveal that Monash University was never involved in research at Rutland manor as claimed by Beverley and provided evidence by publishing a letter from the Manager of Research at Monash University, Dr Simon Barrett.

August 30th 2009 we publish photos given to us by Debra Tranter that were taken inside RM. Of course we already knew this having witnessed it first hand but these photos proved to many that what we had been saying about the RM dogs living conditions were true.

August 31st 2009– we publish details about Shania and revealed that shortly after she had surgery (mastectomy) she was put back to work and had three litters in a 12 month period. We asked you all to send letters to the Baw Baw Council and you didn’t let us down. It took Council 4 months to investigate and on December 4th 2009 a major victory for Shania was achieved when Baw Baw shire gave RM their final warning as illegal back-to-back breeding was substantiated.  Unfortunately Bev doesn’t care about the law and Shania has recently been artificially inseminated even though she is unable to feed her puppies due to mastectomy surgery. If it has a womb it can earn Bev money.

September 1st 2009 – We published a pedigree of Rutland’s Red Signorita proving that she was simply an ungroomed poodle.

September 25th 2009– Freedom of Information documents obtained by the RM Exposed team reveal Beverley brings in over 1 million dollars annually. Beverley continues to deny she is running a puppy farm.

September 30th 2009 we publish Catherine’s story about her dealings with Beverley. She had purchased an RM puppy with hip dysplasia, Rutland’s Kia’s first 4 puppies had died from dehydration, how she received a puppy from Shania that was severely matted had an ear infection and was malnourished and suffered from separation anxiety. Catherine was later vilified by Beverley and her supporters for speaking the truth.

October 1st 2009 – Inspired by Catherine’s post another breeder Charlotte of Tamaruke decides to speak out publicly and provides us with her impressions of what her and her husband witnessed first hand, again Charlotte was vilified and threatened by Beverley for simply speaking the truth.

October 8th 2009 – Beverley used Michael Tucker a noted author and professional dog trainer to give herself some credibility. We publish a letter from Michael Tucker who publicly distances him self from Beverley and her breeding practices; again Michael Tucker was publicly attacked by Beverley and her supporters for speaking out.

October 14th 2009 – We publish Ellie’s story and the evidence we provided left no doubt in peoples minds of how cruel the RM factory can be. This story brought many people to tears and really was a catalyst for many of the RM “fans”that no longer wanted to support RM. Ellie’s story continues to be spread around the world and Ellie’s life and death is continuing to raise awareness about the horrific treatment of the RM dogs.

October 24th 2009 – Beverley’s supporters claim to have documents to prove everything we ever published are lies. Still waiting…..

November 7th 2009 – We publish the story about Tara purchased from the trading post for a few hundred dollars. Tara’s son Rutland’s Charlemagne was offered for sale for around $30,000, the UK breeder later cancelled the purchase after we revealed Charlemagne’s true “pedigree”

November 9th 2009 – The first DNA results are published and the results prove the RM dogs are basically ungroomed poodles with bits of other breeds, probably because the breeding dogs were purchased from pounds, newspapers and other puppy farms.

November 29th 2009 – The story of Funnie Bunnie was told along with poor hip scores of some of her puppies. Beverley posts a comment about the hip scores but not about the 7 back-to-back litters.

February 14th 2010 – Beverley decides to write about her uneducated and misinformed theory and posts “The Puppy Mill Dilemma” on her website whilst still refusing to acknowledge the cruelty, the back to back breeding, the lack of health testing or her dealings with fellow puppy farmers.

March 4th 2010– After announcing that Isabella will be retired she appeared in Honeymoon Cove and then promptly disappeared from honeymoon cove once we published this. Isabella is still in Australia and living with one of Beverley’s supporters.

March 4th 2010 – We reveal that Beverley has moved her puppy factory offshore to Twyla Pyles Texas property.

March 27th 2010 – We reveal that Kirstie has illegally been bred and has had 3 litters in 12 months. Baw Baw Shire are still “investigating”.

May 21st 2010 – We can finally reveal the link between Rutland Manor and ACA/Banksia Park puppy farm, another website also publishes documents validating this link even further. And also implicating Tegan Park. The massive consumer fraud on a worldwide scale is revealed.

May 24th 2010 – The campaign to save Rutland’s Billie Jo and Bobbi Jo commences. Even long-time Bev supporters are shocked at the revelation that Bev sold these two dogs to another puppy farm. The Farms of Shame website provided even further evidence of the treatment of these RM dogs.

June 8th 2010 – We report that Happy, daughter of Wanda the pound dog, is about to be bred continuing the consumer fraud.

June 10th 2010 Yet another website appears discussing the treatment the author received from Beverley and we read about the terribly sad story of a puppy sold with a heart condition that is treatable. We discover that puppies bred by Knossos over the years have health issues and a vet has reported that Knossos and Ava should be desexed. Knossos and Ava continue to be breeders for RM despite veterinary advice.

June 23rd 2010 Charlotte McGrath and Debra Tranter who have both publicly spoken about the truth at RM have their homes broken into, their computers hacked and their animals are left traumatised.

July 1st 2010 Thinking she was very clever “hiding” the dogs in Texas, the first cracks appear between Rutlands Legacy and Rutland Manor with Beverley blaming RL  that Happy was bred before required surgery which resulted in the death of 5 puppies.

July 2nd 2010 We publish more photographic evidence of the shocking neglect the Rutland Manor dogs must endure.

July 11th 2010 It is clear that the “friendship” between Beverley and Twyla has broken down and it appears as though 20 of the RM dogs are safe and away from Beverley. Time will tell whether RL plans to desex the dogs and end their suffering and the massive world wide consumer fraud.

Beverley is back at Warragul artificially inseminating the remainder of the dogs, desperate for money and attempting to save face with the 15 odd supporters she has left, (one who resides in Perth Australia, just wants a “red” puppy no matter what the cost to the poor breeding bitch) the few remaining dogs in Australia will be exploited, they will be neglected and they will suffer.

The power is in your hands, do not buy a Rutland Manor puppy, its that simple.

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  1. Coco permalink
    July 25, 2010 11:50 am

    Nice summary of the past events and kudos for the great work! There has been achieved a lot in the past year and I am very confident that also the last remaining RM supporters will finally realize the truth. Now is the perfect time to retire Beverley – you are 70 years of age, you don’t have a lot of dogs left, you have made enough money from them – just leave it now! Give the remaining dogs the chance to start a new life in a loving family home and be thankful that dogs are not able to reflect their past. But another instance will judge you on all that evil you have caused I am sure.

    P.S. The Perth supporter has been allocated to a puppy – surprisingly not a red girl but a caramel boy

  2. July 26, 2010 5:26 am

    To her remaining supporters, what will it take for you to see the truth?? Just because she was “kind” to put you ahead of others in the waiting list, REALLY?? I understand loyalty, but blind loyalty?? I know you care for your dogs, but don’t you care where they have come from? Is your desire for that “red puppy” more important than the poor bitches that have suffered in her hands??? For me I just don’t get it, you know I know who your are!

    • anon permalink
      July 26, 2010 3:56 pm

      Think about this, those of you fortunate, chosen people who are lucky enough to be part of Beverley’s new and improved paranoia run chat site JUST THINK ABOUT IT WITH AN OPEN MIND;:

      What fool would pay a $500 NON refundable deposit on a pet when you can’t even see any breeding stock on Beverley’s Puppy Mill web site? Right now the only thing you can look at are VERY old photos of past dogs previously sold to people. So what are you supposed to say…”I would like a dog that resembles the fourth one in your slide show, don’t know the name of the dog because there is no identification but I do like that colour and size. Then again, the dog flashed by so quickly I am not even certain if it really was the fourth one on the screen.” Great way to pick your pup. Of course, if you read the post from the person who knows how the allocations are done, you will probably end up with a Chocolate coat instead of a Red, since Bev will claim that the Chocolate one was the fourth photo on the very quick slide show. Of course by the time that happens the slide show will be long gone and you will have nothing to back your claim when you get the wrong dog. Welcome to the world of Beverley!

      There is no mystery as to why Bev doesn’t have any of her breeding stock on her web site. She doesn’t want anyone to know which dogs are still at Rutland Manor being forced to churn out yet another litter of puppies even though she has lied that the dog was retired and is now living in a fabulous home.

      And remember, last fall, she bragged about Shania’s final litter and congratulated all the lucky people who were getting a puppy from her “last” litter. Now we know different. Shania will or has been bred to Red Baron’s frozen semen. Let’s hope there was no power outage during the hot months.

      So when someone buys a puppy from Shania or other non existing dogs kept in the witness protection system, are they sworn to secrecy like Wyn? She said her new puppy Buddy comes from a breeder with only a few dogs. Maybe SEVEN dogs, Beverley? That’s how many didn’t escape your prison to get to safe ground in America.

      It is also amazing that after all these years people would still buy from Rutland Manor knowing that Rutland Manor’s web site has never listed exactly what type of health testing Bev supposedly does on her dogs or for that matter, given any results of the parents testing in the packets sent home with the new pup. Unlike first class breeders who don’t scam the public and list each individual test on their web pages or will send by email, with the results noted, Bev can’t back any of this up because she does not do any health screening. If she did, she would proudly display the paperwork for all to see and she would not be worried if anyone checked on its verification.

      Oh and by the way, since Bev has taken her promised public Chat Page to an invitation only site, the only way now for any potential buyer to ask questions of individual owners is to pay a $500 key fee to get invited there. Unfortunately that payment will only get them one sided opinions! LOL! It’s a bloody membership fee where you are promised LIES and more LIES!

      It just boggles the imagination that in this day and age people can be so naive with their money. Research, research, research….no one would buy a car or a house or even go to a Dr. without doing this, why would you buy from a place where there is so much controversy.

    • anon permalink
      July 26, 2010 4:45 pm

      We all know it’s Wyn who wanted that red puppy. And at her age, you would think she has more wisdom than she shows and would refuse that puppy.

      Why would hundreds of people (the list is growing Beverley), who never met each other come out with the same stories, documented evidence revealing all this? For what reason? It’s because the truth is so horrible, your mind is not ready to comprehend it and then the wool falls off your eyes and you have to speak out.

      Study the history Wyn and prove to people that you have a heart, soul and conscience and join the efforts to stop Dr. Frankenstein. You will be amazed how good it feels.

      Beverley has usually backed people into corners on a one to one basis, wearing them down with her defensive and obscene behavior, ugly words and threats but now she is up against MORE people, and more people talk to more people and they talk to authorities and the authorities cannot ignore these truths with PROOF, in huge numbers and they start listening, doing their investigating while Beverley sits at her computer, her life support system (next only to the bank) concocting more lies, stories and allegations about the ‘nasty’ people out to get her.

      Nope Beverley, the whole world ISN’T out of step, only you are….but there are a lot of people and authorities out to stop you, and stop you they will.

      So run and hide Beverley while you can because soon you will be in jail and hopefully it will make the jails you confine those poor dogs to, seem like a 5 star hotel. And even that is too good for you.
      Keep smoking your cigarettes and enjoy your freedom Beverley, for now.
      You consider yourself your own, self proclaimed empire, and all empires are eventually brought to their knees. Even your crutch won’t help you now.

  3. Wayne permalink
    July 27, 2010 10:38 pm

    I know the world is waiting to hear what the American’s have to say about WHY – they have taken this turn around and i beleive in time the opportunity will come.

    I ask myself why would people who visit RM and have anything to do with Bev – constantly and consistently change their view of the facilities, dogs and Bev as a person??

    They can’t ALL be out to victimise bev – they can’t ALL be jealous of her – they can’t ALL be out to steal her dogs.

    come on people take the wool from your eyes and REALLY REALLY consider all of the FACTS and EVIDENCE – it is a consistent and unrelated trail of events and consistent revelations of neglect and lies – undeniable to me -what about you????

  4. Jasmine permalink
    July 27, 2010 10:47 pm

    Bev is planning to sack Helen …more coming soon

  5. Elizabeth permalink
    July 28, 2010 1:31 am

    Well written, it is amazing the amount of information in such a short space of time. Beverley, give it away, retire, stop being the God bothering lying cheat that you are and leave the rest of the world in peace. Not having to worry about where their dogs came from, if they are diseased or have genetic faults, if their parents were locked in small yards and de-barked to satisfy your greedy selfish and cruel ways. Why don’t you just go away and leave us all alone.

  6. pip permalink
    July 28, 2010 9:33 am

    We hope Helen has seen the light, B has used her far too long, I hope there is not too many others out there that would allow B to use and abuse them, Any supporters, please grow up, read this site, and accept your dealing with a very deranged person, Jail seems too easy for this B, she needs to suffer, just like her doodles have for her

  7. heike allison permalink
    July 29, 2010 9:03 am

    Well, I have been called mean and vindictive but really……if you support this puppy farmer, I guess that is your choice….I miss you as a friend….however we are on the opposite of the fences here…’s about the dogs and not ur desires…call me mean, I can take it….

  8. anon permalink
    August 18, 2010 10:19 pm

    If you are a believer in RM and Beverley, ask yourself this – if she is the founding breeder of the Labradoodle and is constantly attacked, then defends herself, reinvents herself, how is it that she has only four breeders out of the hundreds of breeders in the world, on her page. That in itself is very strange and telling. Why is that Mrs. Manners? Why are your letters of support years old?

    One by one those breeders like all the others in the past will leave your site and want nothing to do with you. History has a way of repeating itself. I wonder how you stand before God and think He is proud of you. He gave you the ability to know right from wrong and make a good choice. You have allowed Satan to guide you to consistantly make wrong choices.

  9. Mary permalink
    August 21, 2010 4:22 am

    Very good point..she should have an enormous following and many breeders supporting her. Even the most reputable businesses have a few disgruntled customers…but she virtually has no one left ,but a few people still supporting her.
    Your right..the numbers speak for themselves.
    Maybe she can still sell some pet pups to people from unhealth tested parents..but breeders are not that stupid anymore and she has a horrible reputation for not standing behind any health warranty (it’s always the customers fault) and who knows what the dogs really are, that are listed on the pedigrees! You could be breeding mother to grandson or brother to sister and not even know it!
    All she wants is money and will do anything..since she has very few if any morals
    She has NO conscience whatsoever

    She thinks a few good deeds posted on her site will negate her ‘too many to count’ sins against man and animal.
    No she is just very smart and savy and knows how to cover her tracks in an attempt to through people off and look good in the public eye. If she truely was who she says she is when she retires a dog..then ALL of her retired dogs would be in forever homes..not just some of them. Why was Billy Jo and Bobby Jo sold to a puppy mill instead of spayed and rehomed. Who knows how many were put down.
    Like I said..she does a few good deeds to showcase on her site to cover up her sins
    She is very smart person and a master manipulator! But not any more! She is too transparent after all these years. Finally, thank God…it is catching up to her.
    Even if she does occationally tell the truth one would believe her anyways.
    She is her own self-destruction and she has no one to blame but herself.

  10. alison permalink
    August 22, 2010 10:04 pm

    Nothing that beverley says can be believed.

    Beverley says she lives on a pension, and was close bankruptcy…

    yet she was able to take out an extra mortgage of $125000,

    Beverley still breeds quarter horses…, one of her horses is currently listed for sale at $10,000… not a cheap thing

    Beverley still breeds labradoodles in their hundreds and sells them for hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

    She states in the letter to BawBaw council that she has a multi-million dollar business….
    she could afford to immediately employ six staff to take care of her daughter’s dogs when there was a problem.

    Her property is listed for sale with a half million dollar price tag…

    She states on another website that she has 135 acres close to Warragul??

    She states that her troubles began when she purchased an old kennel in 2007 and didnt know there were problems with the neighbours.
    Yet she states elsewhere that all the troubles were caused by people in new subdivisions next to her.
    But these houses were there before she bought the property.

    She says she has a state of the art kennels, yet they did not meet the criteria set out by the EPA, and the council.

    How did she afford the time to breed the horses with all those time consuming trips to america, and those guardian home dogs… How did she find the time to exhibit her horse at the “Talk to the Animals” expo… with all those dogs whelping, and the puppies needing their early cognitive behavioural stimulation (was that what the TV’s are for?… bit like some current mothers who use the TV as a babysitter?)

    Beverley is full of inconsistencies… and thats what makes it so hard for people to hear and understand the truth…

  11. alison permalink
    August 23, 2010 5:35 pm

    i have just read Beverley’s “Paper on the problem of unwanted and neglected animals”
    At the very first page she claims to have been a pure bred dog breeder for over 31 years… that would make her one of the older members of Dogs Victoria… if it was true…
    She also states that (quoting directly from her paper.)
    “Her breeeding experience is not restricted to dogs, having bred and exhibited pure bred longhair(persian) cats, stud angora goats, registered australia quarter horses and Black angus cattle…”

    If she owned 135 acres close to Warragul, well that would quite possibly be worth two million dollars particularly if it was near her robert’s road property…
    i’d love to know what her “angora goat” stud was called…
    I’d love to know what her “angus stud” was called…
    I’d love to know what her “Persian cat” stud was called…

    Anyone can register a stud, if they join the appropriate association, but it doesn’t mean you actually have to breed anything, or even know what you are doing…

    Her abilities grows and grows and grows…

  12. Coco permalink
    April 1, 2011 8:27 am

    Hi there,

    I just looked at the RM website again and did anyone else also realize that she twisted the fact about the dogs which were found by Debra during the night in those filthy kennels?
    Bev always claimed that Debra “dragged” the dogs from their nice and brand new kennels to the old kennels on the property which weren’t renovated yet.
    Now Bev states the following:
    “And Debra Tranter’s night time raid and night time videos with sad music, are intended to make people believe that Rutland Manor dogs LIVED in the inside kennels that Council regulations made us put the dogs in during NIGHT time hours ONLY while we were in a holding pattern caused by EPA restrictions and Council edicts.
    The fact that the dogs and puppies have always spent daylight hours playing in grassy sheltered paddocks around and in my home, and that I have employed a wonderful lady for eight years, to walk and play with every dog every day when I have been too ill to do it myself, is conveniently ignored.”

  13. tara permalink
    April 6, 2011 5:52 pm

    What a joke! What new nice kennels were ever at RM on Roberts Road!?!?! None!!! That place was a dungeon and the dogs were prisoners, sick, unkempt and miserable. Where are the dogs now?

    Since Bev lost her property the neighbors are a happier lot but what about the poor dogs? Bev never had people really taking care of the dogs. They took care of themselves while she glossed up her website to trick unsuspecting people into buying dogs from her puppy farm. Word is spreading far and wide and it’s nice to see her wait list closed but let’s see how fast it opens when she needs cash.

    Cash to buy more “Labradoodle type” dogs from Colac or Colin Hamms?

    Give it up Bev, check into a mental hospital again and do the dogs and the world a favour and disappear for good. You will not be missed and a lot of dogs will be better off.

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