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An open letter from Mary

July 29, 2010

This insightful and heartfelt comment came through last night and we all thought it deserved to have a post of its own. With the authors permission we have re-printed it here in full.

I challenge anyone of you who read this site that still support RM to ask Bev to show you copies and proof of health testing she has done on the parents of your puppy. Any responsible breeder will do at the very LEAST , Hip testing, CERF (eye certification from a canine opthamologist) , Elbows and DNA testing for PRA-prcd. The very best of breeders will go beyond and do patellas (knees), Heart, annual blood testing and Thyroid and they would be more than happy to show you the proof.

Go ahead…ask her for proof. You may get lucky and see a sporadic hip test done occationally.
She told me at one point..and I quote..”You American’s are HD fanatics’ just becuase I refused to purchase an adult breeding girl from her who was to be the foundation girl in my breeding program..but after sending in my $5000 deposit I found out the girls mother had HD so I changed my mind (for Good Reason don’t you think?) since I didn’t want to start out my program with a bitch whose mom has HD, considering I was paying $25,000 for this bitch.

Any descent responsible breeder would understand that..but not her! She got bitchy and reminded me that all deposits are non-refundable if you cancel a contract. What position do you think this leaves me in?

Stupid me begs and cries and convinces her to take my $5000 deposit and put it on a puppy instead, since I could not afford to loose $5K

It only got worse from hindsight..I should have taken the $5K loss because the puppy I ended up getting, had health issues too and to boot..not only did I buy this female puppy for $10k I also bought a stud puppy too.
She knew I didn’t want any part of buying any puppies from the breeding lines where the mom had HD (the sale I cancelled) ..but guess what..He came to me with a falsified pedigree and since then his pedigree has been proven through DNA parent testing that his grandmother IS the female with the HD!! I could hear her …Laughing all the way to the bank..saying to herself…”I pulled one over on that bitch didn’t I”

People wake up..she only cares about making money. She doesn’t really do health testing because in her eyes..what’s the use anyways..she would breed the dog regardless

I have documentend proof of her saying to Dr Jean Dodds and I quote ‘In the over 7000 dogs I have produced, Mary’s dog is the 1st to show autoimmune thyroid disease…we terminate any lines known to carry hereditary diseases of any kind.” Well well Bev, that’s an outright lie…You have never been known to test your dogs for genetic thyroid how in the hell would you even know what health issues your breeding stock is carrying to make a statement like this. You don’t even test hips or CERF for eyes let alone thyroid!
How could I possibly be the 1st of 7000 dogs when thyroid disease is the prevelant and in alot of breeds and is the number 1 undiagnosed disease.

Buy you see…Bev denies that ANY autoimmune disease (thyroid, Addisons, Epilepsy as being genetic because she hides behind the fact that the disease DOES need an environmental trigger therefore she blames the owner that it was something they did… stress diet, she doesn’t need to refund you!
Make sense..sound familiar?
True..all autoimmune disease needs a trigger for it to surface..BUT there MUST also be a genetic predisposition in order for that to happen and Jean Dodds told her that.

Bev must have gotton many complaints from past owners about their dog developing some sort of autoimmune disease (thyroid, Addisons, etc) because she NOW EXCLUDES autoimmune disease from her health warranty. Hmmm Imagine that? She is the ONLY labradoodle breeder that would have an exclusion like that in her health warranty! But remember..she told Jean Dodds I was the 1st ever in 7000 dogs she has produced.

So go ahead..I challenge any of you to ask her for proof of health testing.
And if you are a new customer who does their homework and asks these important question before placing your deposit..her typical response will be..I don’t choose to sell puppies to people who don’t trust me. Now if you are a stupid sucker you will apologize to her for offending her. Now she knows she has your full trust, and you will be intimidated from that point on to ever ask her any more questions because you fear she won’t sell you a puppy and God forbid you MUST have a puppy from RM in order for it to be authentic or it’s not a true ALD carefully and meticulously bred. Yes meticulously bred using pound dogs that look like a labradoodle for around $20 but goodness knows what mixed breed it is. Funny now that I think of it..she used to accuse other Australian Labradoodle breeders in OZ for doing this! Isn’t there an old saying that we accuse others typically to hide what WE are guilty of? Well..that answers alot of other things too , now that I recall, that she accuses other breeders of warning on her chat page long ago that other breeders falsify pedigrees..hmmm.
Sound Familiar?
In God’s Name people..wake up..has she brainwashed you and hundreds of others, to the point, by her glossy web-site, that you can’t trust any other breeder out there because every other ALD breeder is ruining the breed and doesn’t know how to breed! Talk about mind control!

Be leary of any breeder that NEEDS to do negative campaigning against all other breeders in order to sell their puppies.

Here in the USA we have a saying..Buyer Beware. It’s the BUYERS right and responsibiliy, not to mention, the smart thing to do, to ask as many questions upfront as you can. And if they won’t answer your questions directly or provide evidence..then run !! I had to learn the hard way as did many others.

Bev knows she held the image of the God of Labradoodles and the status that people feel that they own an RM dog because she has created that image with her smart marketing.. I must give her credit for her brilliant marketing skills..she is the best at that, which makes her the number 1 most fraudulant breeder in the world.

Thank God..those of us who love this breed and have purchased many of her untested dogs and were stuck holding the bill, many have worked very hard and suffered huge financial loss. Some of these dogs were just spayed and neutered and others were bred very carefully to only fully tested studs in an attempt to dilute the heath issues and improve those lines while maintaining all the good qualities the labradoodle is known for. Sometimes it may have been a step backward just to move forward and many times it may have been to bring in newly developed quality fullly health tested American lines..but we are making great strides on the contintued growth and improvement of this wonderful breed known as the Australian labradoodles.

Thanks for listening


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  1. Maggie permalink
    July 29, 2010 4:45 pm

    That should wake up some people! ASK – everyone – just ASK! Get the proof. Visit the Breeder if possible. See how and where the puppies and dogs are raised.
    Mary – you are so right! Thank you for posting this.

  2. Carole Grundy permalink
    July 30, 2010 8:45 am

    You are so right Mary. If the public demand proof it will put unethical lying fraudulent breeders out of business.

  3. Alysen permalink
    August 1, 2010 8:55 pm

    Here is my story from 1999 to 2001 that I posted to another forum. It bears mentioning here as it shows even back then there was no testing on the RM dogs and Bev admitted it to me:

    I have a RM ALD born in 1999 and delivered to me here in the US in early 2000. He is the light of my life. He arrived healthy and has been since but immediately my vet questioned his breeder. When Zeb arrived he was supposedly 12 weeks old but my vet said he would put his age at 16-20 weeks old. Then Bev ensured me his parents had testing but I was too dumb back to ask for paperwork. When I wised up later and asked for copies, she “confessed” that she hadn’t been testing her stock for many years as they’d had no health issues in the lines.

    My next contact with Bev was when I posted Zeb’s “pedigree/lineage” on a website I made about my dog (I was learning to build websites at the time and it was a learning project for me) and she berated me via email as many people looking at the pedigree noted a lot more poodle then anything else in my doodle and mentioned it on the early discussion forums. When I asked her to leave me alone she then apologized and asked me to send her back the original of Zeb’s pedigree so that she could “send me a new format of one”. Of course I did not respond and basically stopped communicating with her.

    She did contact me one more time to once again attack me for posting pics of Zeb on a dog info site that was giving information on ALD’s. These were my own photos and I told her that Zeb and the photos were my property. Bev then tried to apologize and gave me some kind of strange run down about how it upset her as Angela of TP had written the summary on the dogs and Angela was terrible and a liar and trying to steal her business. Bev admitted the “research” facility that Angela at the time claimed to be was hype and that Angela was ruining the breed.

    It was all very bizarre and I have never talked to her since, nor will I ever again.

    All of this is why, when I decided to enter into the breeding world, I went the route of goldendoodles. I love ALD’s and will always have one in my home but the politics thanks to Bev and Angela is way too much to bear.

    • heike allison permalink
      August 2, 2010 5:52 am

      You were very smart to stay away from this mother, daughter duo of scammers and dog abusers….

  4. Jolanda permalink
    December 13, 2010 2:43 pm

    Yes! This is true Bev. Lady Cruella – describes her completely.

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