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Call to Action

July 31, 2010

For 12 months we have revealed the truth. For that we were laughed at, ridiculed, abused, and threatened. Whilst most of us were grieving after reading Ellie’s story, the horror of the repetitive back to back breeding, the photo’s, the debarking….. Some chose to fully and completely embrace the lies and continued to legitimise the abhorrent cruelty and consumer fraud. It was at times to much to bear and many people withered away after their attempts to reveal their painful story were met with abuse and ridicule. Some of us stayed strong because we believed the dogs were worth it and needed us to be there for them. To those of you that stayed strong and dodged the abuse, got back up and kept fighting, you laid the foundations for change to occur. You are the people that questioned the ethics of RM, you are the people that spoke out to stop it, hold your head up and be proud.

For others, the evidence we collected wasn’t enough and it took one woman to make the final revelation that will hopefully bring an end to the most horrific, cruel fraudulent chapter in the history of the Labradoodle. One woman whose written words have opened the floodgates and the stories and experiences told only in private are now being told in public. One woman provided the courage for others to speak out, one woman who wept privately in despair alone and afraid has found the courage to speak. One woman will soon be attacked, as the RM history has proven we are all attacked for speaking out. Are you going to allow this ?

The choice is yours… can choose to bury your head in the sand and keep legitimising the RM practice or you can choose to show the courage that one woman did and stop this reprehensible betrayal of the Labradoodle.

It is time for everyone to join as one and fight for what is right – here are a few things everyone of you can do today.

  • Email the Mayor  of Baw Baw Shire and tell him your stories and experiences, tell him how much you paid for a breeding dog that had a false pedigree – ask him to take action and revoke the breeding permit of Rutland Manor.
  • Email the RSPCA if your dog has health issues. Chief Inspector – Greg Boland. Also ask them to inspect the remaining dogs at RM and tell them about the condition of your dogs when they arrived, tell them about Kate’s photo’s and tell them of your concerns for the remaining dogs at RM.
  • Were you a breeder who paid thousands for a dog with a dodgy pedigree? Or did you puchase a dog for thousands that’s Mum came from the pound? Was your deposit not refunded once you no longer wanted that RM puppy? Report it here.
  • What about the 3 remaining ALFA breeders ? Are they going to now resign from ALFA and repudiate RM practices. Email them and ask them. Provide links to all the evidence so they cannot claim ignorance.

Christine Jordan – Maine Light Australian Labradoodles.

Jill Crenshaw – Unkety Brook Australian Labradoodles –

Grace George – Green Gables Australian Labradoodles.

One Woman – Kate Pappas has spoken, it is time, and this is a call to arms. Arm your self with the facts, the evidence that all of you have held in private and speak now as one collective voice. The power is in our hands. Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

For the love of a dog

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  1. Charlotte permalink
    July 31, 2010 6:46 pm

    I hold my head high and know i spoke the truth

    for which i was personally threatened, intimidated, slandered and ridiculed.

    i am still here – and i still speak the truth

    • August 1, 2010 6:04 pm

      I never went to Australia, never been to Rutland Manor but I met Bev and trusted my instincts which told me ‘red flag – watch out’. I am so glad I listened.

      I know some breeders still support Bev and that is their choice. I am one breeder in the U.S. that will not support ANY breeder that is associated with BM through a link. To join her is to believe that her ‘program’ is correct and moral. You need to be deaf, dumb and blind to think this is true. The nightmares BM has caused to both people and Labradoodles is beyond comprehension. To read the factual information and still support her shows me that ‘it is about the money’ not the doodles. There is way, way, WAY too much evidence to show that BM is a puppy mill and in no way would I want to support such a place.

      I am proud to be a breeder of both Australian and American blended Labradoodles and I have spoken against Bev for many, many years. It is so wonderful to finally see the abuse and factual proof coming out onto a public format for all to see and read. BRAVO to Kate for the heartbreaking experience and BRAVO to all those breeders in both the US and abroad who truly do breed with care and conviction – and yes, proof of testing!

  2. Eyes Wide Shut permalink
    July 31, 2010 10:58 pm

    My e-mail to Grace George of Green Gables and her reply below the line.

    It’s difficult to see the truth sometimes; but it’s not slander if it’s true. Maybe someday soon, she will see light like so many other RM supporters.

    Out of courtesy to Ms. George, I have deleted her phone number from the reply.

    Re: ALFA and Rutland Manor
    Green Gables Labradoodle Puppies

    To: Chad Stanton
    I feel you are indulging in slander which is illegal. There are many unfounded lies out there and unless you have personally been to Rutland Manor you better keep your peace. Thank you for the warning but for whatever reason you are sharing this warning, it is not lawful.

    On Sat, Jul 31, 2010 at 5:15 PM, Chad Stanton wrote:
    Ms. George –

    My name is Chad Stanton. Earlier this year, I inherited a dog from Rutland Manor upon the death of my grandmother. While doing research on my dog’s background, I discovered some truly disturbing information regarding RM and its breeding practices.

    Based on your website and information I’ve gleaned from the internet, I believe you are a quality breeder who is not involved in the types of practices for which Rutland Manor is accused. I actually find it difficult to call them accusations, since so many people are now coming forward with similar stories regarding their experience with Rutland Manor and Beverley Manners.

    I want to make sure you are aware of the evidence to prove the allegations against Rutland Manor, and after reviewing them, I hope you will decide to resign your membership to ALFA and repudiate the breeding practices of Beverley Manners.

    Letter from Kate Pappas with pictures describing her experiences while at RM and the condition of the dogs:;article=870389;title=The%20Doodle%20Zoo%21;pagemark=25

    Stop Rutland Manor: Details back-to-back breeding practices, shooting of dogs, fabricated pedigrees, and abuse of dogs:

    Farms of Shame: Proves RM sold its breeding dogs Billie Jo and Bobbi Jo to Colin Hamms of Banksia Puppy Mill where they have been pumping out litter after litter ever since. Beverley told her friends she “rehomed them together to a nice Australian family.”

    Prisoners for Profit: Photographic proof of the shocking conditions at Rutland Manor and the miserable lives RM dogs must lead:

    Your continued affiliation with ALFA and Beverley Manners lends her puppy mill credibility it does not deserve. Please take this opportunity to take a stand for the dogs and for quality breeders such as yourself.

    Thank you. I know you will do the right thing.

    – Chad Stanton,

    Grace George
    Breeder of Authentic Australian Labradoodles

  3. August 1, 2010 1:21 am

    As an owner of 2 wonderful AL doodles and American bred Labradoodles my concerns came yrs ago after my vet and I visited RM 2003 We did not fall victim to the thousands and get one but rather came back to states and developed our own English bred Labs and Standard Poodles

    I remember a breeder of AL Doodles saying my dogs where mutts, I had to carry on as if I did not hear this and keep breeding what I knew was good Knock on wood

    and wondering and thank goodness have no health problems in my girls after careful testing
    but…. what about the 5-6 and 7 generations like you say back when no one knew the truth over the pedigrees and then questions started flying arounf yrs ago

    yrs and yrs have gone by and I have read all the post as much as back in 2005 06 07 over false
    pedigrees and just knew in my heart after breeding exqusive Champion English Labs for yrs that something smelled bad here. More recent and newer breeders do not know about the post on the forums yrs ago and where not aware that these 2 women duped alot of now considered old time breeders badly

    Hats off to the wonderful breeders that have gone forward and tested their dogs and hats off
    to the love of this Darling dog for I believe the truth comes out no matter how long it takes

    American breeders can you unite and rid themselves of bad breedings thru good testing and never to incorp an ify pedigree again, their bad breedings will come to end in US I know
    and good breedings will go forth from here on out

    Words are powerful now and no need to be scared of RM and TP people any longer so many walked
    on egg shells for too long around them

    My thoughts and I admire all ethical breeders in US
    Push forward breeders and let people know that may not know

    Buyers and customers too for they have right to know so that they do not get a doodle from
    Manners or Angelia ever again and buyers do not as I do not think they are now and they only buy from well tested, new lines you girls & guys have as we keep making things right that went
    so wrong

    I think al lthe good breeders out there should post this info in a delicate but tasteful way
    on their sites but then again would that be offensive ? or the truth

    just like people rally together over Puppy mills dogs

    why not have someone write a Good pc and everyone vote on the contents ???

    never putting down AL but supporting good breeding NOW !

  4. August 11, 2011 8:26 pm

    My name is Patty Barnes and I used to belong to Beverley’s ALFA group. I asked to be removed in January 2011 due to my wish to protect the breed and to break my association with Beverley. I am most grateful that I did. My kennel, Log Cabin Labradoodles, was one of Beverley’s earliest backers. Today that is not the case. You have me listed on the above “Call to Action” page, referring to me as “…one of the four remaining breeders.” I would appreciate you removing my name. Some of us grow wiser with age–and I am old!

    Many thanks, Patty

  5. StopRutlandManor permalink*
    August 12, 2011 3:39 am

    Bravo Patty, consider it removed 🙂

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