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Why would anyone do it ?

February 28, 2011

Put down a NON REFUNDABLE reservation fee of $500 for a puppy from Rutland Manor, that is?

For months now Bev Manners has advertised for all to see that the latest Puppy Booking Reservation date is being closed on February 28, 2011. She shouts from the roof tops that:

We close bookings at intervals throughout the year to prevent the wait list from becoming too long.

The HOME page of her web site tells all that this is your last chance to put a reservation down on a Rutland Manor pup until a reopening date LATER ON IN THE YEAR. Then today she has a disclaimer, that now …

A period of grace is extended for two weeks following the closing date of applications, for families who have commenced dialogue with us prior to the closing off date.

We all know that Ms Manners needs money (isn’t that what happens when you file for Liquidation?) and in the old days this was an easy way to get some quick cash. Not anymore though. In the old days Bev would never give anyone a second chance because she was able to get enough deposits to carry her over for a few months. Now the story is completely different. Think about it. Her home is no longer for sale, instead it is up for AUCTION on March 19. This is a much more desperate action.

What does that mean for Rutland Manor and those Puppy Reservation deposits? Once her property is sold at Auction on March 19, Bev Manners will no longer have a place where she can breed the few dogs she has left. How long will it take her to fulfill those puppy reservations with no legal kennel space or breeding license? Liquidation means you need to pay your creditors. How can one afford to buy a new property under those circumstances? So if you are considering putting a non refundable deposit down on a Rutland Manor puppy from Bev Manners take a long hard look at this site. Read all the stories that have come out over the last decade+ from breeders and owners alike regarding Bev Manners and her business practices.  Hopefully you won’t mind playing Russian Roulette with your currency because that is exactly what you will be doing.

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  1. Another One Burned by Beverley Manners permalink
    February 28, 2011 11:41 am

    I hope Beverley Manners thinks long and hard about all the dogs and people she has abused. I also hope she realizes that the forced sale of her property, the loss of her dogs to people who actually care for and about them, and the public sharing of countless Beverley Manners horror stories is just a little taste of the impending well-deserved wrath Beverley has brought upon herself.

    Good luck with your “waiting list” Beverley, I highly doubt you’re having to close bookings due to demand. That’s absurd.

  2. Joyce permalink
    February 28, 2011 9:46 pm

    Wherever Bev goes, I hope she is followed by the conscientious group of ‘ dog protectors’. She must always be checked on because it appears none of the government powers can seem to stop her illegal breeding practices.

    When will she retire?????

  3. alison permalink
    February 28, 2011 11:33 pm

    hi all,
    well lets face it folks, why do you need a wait list if you are breeding for the betterment of your breed, the logic nots there.
    If you were wanting to breed to improve your animals, then you would make the best choice for your bitch out of what was available to you(not just from your own dogs), wait and watch once the puppies are born, chose the best to keep for future breeding and let the others out to the public.
    But perhaps Bev doesn’t think her animals need improving…. ……………like fun…!
    If you are breeding for the betterment of the breed, then you don’t plan your litters by the numbers of orders you have.
    More often then not you will have poeople who have approached you during the year and you will have contact with them again… if they have waited for your puppies, then they really wanted one of your dogs!

    Its the line you cross, when instead of working to support your breed, you ask your breed to support you


  4. Verneen permalink
    March 1, 2011 5:06 pm

    BEV, the walls are starting to close in on you. Finally. Interesting that last year when you tried to sell your dump of a place, it was advertised as a kennel and boarding facility. It’s a well known fact you boarded dogs without a permit but the general public didn’t know that. They thought they were leaving their precious animals in good hands where they would be cared for. They weren’t allowed to see where their dogs would be stashed. Their poor dogs were ignored, left with feces decorating their kennels, a handful of crunchies per day and sometimes the water got changed.

    Now that you’re forced to liquidate your property because things are finally catching up with you, there is no mention of a working kennel. Why is that. Because it never was a working kennel. It was no better than the Melbourne Gaol and with no permits. Did you pay the shire to look the other way? It’s well known that you either pay people off for their silence or threaten them and send thugs after them. You will never be a silk purse BEV. You’ll always be a low class, false Christian and use your bible quotes to suit you and whatever situation you’re trying to get out of.

    ‘And look how much lower the price is since last year. Desperation time BEV. But maybe Angela will take you in or you can live in your horse float. One thing for sure, it that your poor neighbors will celebrate.

    The followers on your secret chat site is becoming more and more aware of who they have been defending. Much of it is for amusement. You have no real friends at all. Not even family.

    Why don’t you sit down and make a list of all the people throughout your life who have befriended you, stood by your side, given you money and things until they found out the truth. Now check those names off who have disappeared and you’ll find only a couple.

    Maybe now you’ll lose Helen if you have no money to pay her to hold all your secrets and she does hold all your secrets.
    And if you don’t think your computer has been copied, think again. Your finished, old woman and when you leave this earth, it won’t be heaven where you’ll be spending eternity.

  5. Lisa J Ryan permalink
    March 3, 2011 8:49 am

    Alison you are absolutely right. A breeder who is breeding for the right reasons only thinks about themself and what they are trying to preserve. You have no idea what will be produced and your focus is on your dogs and any puppies. Then you select what you wish to run on, to show, to retain which may be one, two or an entire litter. Only then do you know what may be available to the public where the homes are appropriate. “Wait lists” are for those who are breeding and trying to play catch-up with the costs. If you know your dogs and blood lines and their cycles and you plan, often years ahead for the right mating and you ensure you are ready, including for any emergencies. Then there should not be any need for desperation or wait lists which should be the furtherest thing from a good breeders mind.

  6. Arla McShae permalink
    March 3, 2011 4:00 pm

    This from Beverley’s website. It changes by the hour and always has. That is why she has no time for the dogs.
    Public Notice. Rumors rumors! Someone found the advertisement online for the sale of my property (not Rutland Manor) and now the internet is abuzz with claims that Rutland Manor is closing down. Let’s put this one to rest before like other rumors before it, things get completely out of hand. Rutland Manor is alive and well. The dogs are healthy and happy as they have always been, and the only abnormality is the sick propensity of some individuals to invent any rumor possible to bring us down. You know the old saying…never let the truth get in the way of a good story! It is Sunset Hills Labradoodles and CloudCatcher Labradoodles who have sold out to the big Japanese Corporation, not Rutland Manor. My dream is not for sale!

    Property sales are public records. And yes you are being watched around the clock. While you pay people off for their silence, it works the other way. Every thing you do is being monitored.

    Your dream is the nightmare of hundreds of Labradoodles, owners and breeders. Your just jealous because the Japanese didn’t buy you out so you could take the money and run. Lots of money.
    Maybe Colin Hamms will sell you back Billie Jo and Bobbie Jo and lots of other so called Labradoodles and you can start over.
    Fortunately there are many good breeders in Australia and the United States that no one needs you.

  7. TJ O'Donnell permalink
    March 26, 2011 9:54 pm

    Funny to come across this site. A while back I emailed Rutland Manor to ask for an invitation to the chat site. My wife and I wanted to cyber meet other RM Labradoodle owners and see if there were any near us. In general, we just wanted to be part of the community and learn about the breed.
    To my surprise, I received a polite but typical general reply saying if I placed a non refundable $500.00 deposit on a puppy, I would be welcomed with open arms.
    I wasn’t born yesterday and if it walks like a duck, looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, IT’S A DUCK. I could smell a scam for miles.
    We have our Labradoodle now and it’s from Australia and we love him. Thank God we didn’t fall for a scam.

  8. alison permalink
    April 8, 2011 10:43 am

    hi folks…
    am just wondering …. one month or three months…. settlement for bevs property could be about now….does anyone know??? Does anyone know who purchased it??
    I am thinking of driving past in a week or so to see if the property has been vacated!!
    or perhaps i will talk to a few families i know in the area, and see what gossip is!
    best wishes

    • Natalie permalink
      April 10, 2011 7:32 pm

      Go to the feed store in Warragul. That’s a good place for gossip. Gossip isn’t always lies either. The town of Warragul wants her to be gone period.
      Ask the Visenga family on Roberts Road. They are former coppers and have a lot of information. They were on TV telling people how Beverley Manners ruined their neighborhood with vandalism among other things. She caused a family to sell their property and move away out of fear for their safety!
      Hopefully whoever bought her puppy mill is going to tear it down or have it exorcised to get rid of the bad aura there. Maybe they will get the spell she cast on that home to disapppear.

      Please post what you find out. Go to the West Gippsland Veterinary Clinic and ask around. Some of the gals there know a lot and have seen a lot. She has a private vet too and he keeps her secrets but not all of them.
      People know things and you just have to ask and suss it all up.

  9. alison permalink
    April 11, 2011 8:30 am

    natalie, which grainfood store… YGP?? (abbreviated) Yes i know a few of the other neighbours, you don’t live and grow up in warragul without getting to know a few people in surrounding areas… I know some of the neighbours, for example her road is namedd after one of the families… I laugh when i have read on doodle zoo that the council were trying to force her out to enable high density subdivision… she was on five acres, 2 minutes out of town, what high density did she think they would do????

    its funny Bev has used so many vets… she has used the Warragul vet clinic too… i know the amotts who used to run it …. in another group of old posts on one of the doodle sites she blamed that clinic too for problems she was having with records and health. There at least four clinics within Warragul, let alone individual vets… theres enough for her to chose from.
    by the by, why does rutlands kelby have two microchips??? one for each different vet he goes to??
    best wishes

  10. Marea permalink
    April 16, 2011 2:06 am

    Bev Manner’s website is amusing. How is she breeding the poor bitches when she has no sires listed.
    She has no test results listed.
    She has no pedigrees listed.
    She never mentions where the retired dogs go. Not really.
    She never mentions her pet dogs Clementine and Stella.
    Where are they?
    Where is Rutland Manor located?

    Supposedly anyone can come visit at any time. Where do they visit?
    Where is Bev hiding now?
    Why is she hiding?
    Perhaps all her creditors are after her hoping they’ll get the money she owes them now that her house was sold out from under her.
    Stand in line fellas.
    Can someone get Bev a thesaurus so she can use a different adjective instead of ‘intuitive’ in describing the dogs.
    How would she know? She never spends time with the dogs.
    Poor dogs. Poor dogs. Poor dogs.
    And then there are all the lucky dogs who got away. That is a good thing.

  11. Linda Kubitz permalink
    April 16, 2011 7:02 pm

    I just came across this post on Farms of Shame! It seems the big liar herself stupidly admits to what people know she does. She buys any dog from any farm if it somewhat resembles a Labradoodle. She didn’t do that to save the dogs. She did it to line her nest with gold.
    She is without a doubt the most despicable sub human being on earth.
    No one should buy a puppy from the Mistress of Puppy Farms, the Devil of Dogs, the world’s greatest Liar! No one! Wake up world, the truth is out there.

    Her last line is very funny. Read her site and see all the people she slanders. She must be in a constant fugue state, overly or under-medicated. She should be in a straight jacket.

    Straight from the mouth of the evil Bev Manners

    From: Beverley Manners [mailto:
    Sent: Wednesday, 12 December 2007 6:47 PM

    Some of the Valley View puppies came from pedigreed parents had pedigrees but most didn’t. The best I got in those days when I took the rescue puppies was a hand written scribbled pedigree of the sire which was usually Von Silverbertal Plutarch (Standard silver Poodle) and the lab mother, and I’d have to write up the pedigree for any puppies by combining the two. But mostly there was no pedigree. Incidentally I forgot to mention that when I rescued all those puppies Fred and Helen made me pay five hundred dollars each for them. Amazing.

    You know what? I think that the people who most slander others are usually the ones who are the least reputable themselves.

    Cheers, Bev

  12. Susan permalink
    April 23, 2011 1:33 am

    Another unsuspecting person has fallen into the hype of Rutland Manor and is on the wait list. Hopefully poor Ryan and his family will be fortunate and get a healthy puppy without drama. But a word of advice to Ryan and all others, make sure you worship Beverley Manners all the while or you’ll fall out of her good graces.

    And little Brolly’s puppies are going to their forever homes.With Knosses as their Daddy let’s all pray they too are healthy little bubs and stay that way.

    More people need to read this site so they will be informed as to what Rutland Manor really is. Then they can run as fast as they can and find another breeder. If it was me and I found out I wouldn’t care about the deposit and call it an expensive lesson.
    Yes, why would anyone do it?

  13. February 10, 2013 1:07 am

    hey, i am so glad to come across your blog i am not sure of u still write or look on here but i was interested in purchasing an australian labradoodle and a breeder i researched told me rutland manor isnt that great the dogs have been found to be highly agressive which is not the trait im looking for , any more behavior you experienced with RM dog i deff would love to know, and i cant believe her sight is up and running – romi in ny.

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