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Reinventing the wheel, over and over again

March 22, 2011

Just as a cake is not complete without all of its ingredients, the Australian Labradoodle is not complete without the Irish Soft Coated Wheaten infusion.” Beverley Manners 2011

It seems that those who originally purchased their very expensive, supposed “authentic” Australian Labradoodles from Rutland Manor didn’t realize that they were being duped right from the very beginning. Suddenly Bev Manners want us all to believe that unless you have the Irish Soft Coated Wheaten in your dog you just don’t have an official Australian Labradoodle.

We all know that this is just another ploy to try and make money out of the unsuspecting public. When will Bev come to the realization that she need’s to remarket herself for the umpteenth time because she can no longer sell dogs. It didn’t work the first time Bev tried this in 2004 and it certainly won’t work now. Bev had a very difficult time selling the first infusion back in 2004 and all mention of it soon disappeared from the Rutland Manor web site.

When the owners, breeders and the Associations years ago began to see through all the lies Bev then tried to say that the true Australian Labradoodle needed to be saved because everyone else was trying to destroy it. Bev formed another association and this also fell apart. Bev even tried to change the name to the Australian Service Dog (ASD) but it too went by the way side. Then Bev formed yet another association, ALFA in 2009 saying the following:

The Australian Labradoodle Founders Alliance
(ALFA) was formed in 2009 and is a small and elite global body comprised of a handful of breeders who are truly dedicated to preserving the integrity of the Australian Labradoodle as developed by the founders. You can help to protect the future of the breed  by supporting breeder members of ALFA

I wonder if this breeder knows her puppies were sold to a puppy factory ?

Looks like you have duped those breeders too Bev. When is this going to stop? Face it, the world is on to you and there is nowhere to hide, especially behind an Irish Soft Coated Wheaton.

Rutland Manor sold prior to Saturday’s Auction for $500,000.

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  1. Joyce permalink
    March 22, 2011 1:30 pm

    Rutland Manner’s ‘new invention’ is SUCH A SLAP IN THE FACE to all of her previous buyers of Rutland Manor ‘Authentic’ Australian Labradoodles over the years. Can you imagine how all those breeders AND clients feel now that she has publically claimed on her NEW site that those dogs are not the TRUE Australian Labradoodle that she advertised then? What are people to think? The only thing Rutland Manner is producing is another spider web to trap innocent clients in.

    It is truly laughable about the health testing she claims to do. When I personally checked the supposed IRISH Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier breeder she used for stud service, there was not one iota of health testing done on those dogs listed on her site. Did she have papers proving testing? Maybe, but would you not think that Bev would be posting those ‘wonderful’ results on her website? Nope, nothing there for proof. Of course, Bev would claim that the ISCW breeder did not want to be ‘exposed’ due to ramifications from her Breeder Club……but wait….what breeder club does she belong to? Anyone know?

    It is the same lies with a new twist.

    A Terrier is a Terrier. The Terrier Group were bred for a purpose and although their personalities can be charming, they are a willful, independent and quite a stubborn breed as a rule. No way would I want to include those traits in the Labradoodle.


  2. Bella Raab permalink
    March 24, 2011 8:29 pm

    So Wyn’s red dog made the headlines. A real Rutland Manor Puppy Mill Australian Labradoodle. A recipe for failure.
    Maybe a class action lawsuit for bilking thousands of people who thought they did purchase THE authentic Australian Labradoodle from RM is in order.

  3. Laila permalink
    March 24, 2011 10:02 pm

    Direct from RM’s website

    If you desire a ‘Labradoodle’ because it is the fashionable breed, or to complement the decor of your home please choose another breeder. But if you are searching for the authentic ASD Australian Labradoodle because you have heard what wonderful dogs they are, please feel welcome to contact us for an information pack. Please remember to tell us what country you live in so that we send you the appropriate information. Rutland Manor has exported Australian Labradoodle to 23 countries since 1998.

    With Love, Beverley

    Beverley needs to update her website again, and again and again and again and again and remind us that the new and improved AUTHENTIC AUSTRALIAN LABRADOODLE AUSTRALIAN SERVICE DOG IRISH SOFT COATED WHEATON TERRIER is the real thing.
    Make up your mind you stupid woman.
    Get out your pedigrees people, unless like many people, you’ve lined a bird cage with it and see if you’re one of the chosen to have the AUTHENTIC as of March 2011 Labradoodles from Rutland Manor. If not, I guess we’re all screwed. This is so disgusting.

  4. silva permalink
    March 25, 2011 8:56 am

    My Australian Labradoodle from pure Rutland Manor and Tegan Park stock is not AUTHENTIC?
    How can that be when I have already shared the DNA test from my AUTHENTIC AUSTRALIAN LABRADOODLE PET?
    She is a mix of Poodle, German Short Haired Pointer, Shih Tzu and Chow Chow.
    Isn’t that an authentic enough MUTT for you Bev? Did she need SWCT as well?

    • Laila permalink
      March 25, 2011 11:03 pm

      Mr. Silva…ARE YOU JOKING? Of course you’re not. What a stupid stupid and evil person Beverley Manner is.

      And so stupid she exports these poor or rather fortunate to be out of her hands animals….to MANY COUNTRIES…..INCLUDING HAWAII. LOL!!! Guess I better pull my daughter out of school because they’re currently learning the states and capitols in the US and she was taught that HAWAII IS PART OF THE UNITED STATES. I wonder if President Obama knows this.

      Shows what an ignorant piece of uneducated trash Beverley Manners is.

  5. Timothy McMann permalink
    March 25, 2011 11:20 pm

    Every so often I check in to the Rutland Manor site to see what latest garbage has been posted. For the average mind, it’s too much work to keep up with the changes that appear according to Bev Manner’s medication schedule.

    For years I’ve heard stories about her odd behaviors and suspicions of unethical breeding practices, but I also met several RM Labradoodles and loved them. So what could be wrong. I don’t have the time to participate in chat sites so I’m not always up to speed but through a Labradoodle network, the latest NEWS flash was brought to my attention.

    It might help you to know that most people are totally turned off about your ranting about God, Christianity and posting your personal accolades. Talk about bragging….I hate to admit, but you’ve got a bigger ego that a lot of men and a bigger pair to go with it.

    OK, so I don’t have the AUTHENTIC ASD. But for Gods sake, Beverley, do you have to go through so much drama and scripting to sell your puppies? Be honest. Tell people you’re selling very expensive mutts that they could easily get at the pound and see where that takes you.

    I’ve known for years that my RM Authentic ASD was no more than an expensive mutt, basically a Poodle with some other stuff mixed in. I love her anyway and so far she’s healthy.

    This brings to mind why I chose RM in the first place. Having heard it was the originator of the breed and claimed that the hybrid vigor would win over any health issues often carried by purebred dogs. Our family’s first choice was to buy a Poodle. But we didn’t know how to find a good breeder. After meeting a Labradoodle we were thrilled and went through with the purchase of Candie and we love her to pieces.

    We do not tell people where we got her any longer either. Why feed your bank account.
    Shameful doings on your part. Shameful.

  6. Maxine permalink
    March 25, 2011 11:25 pm

    So Knosses is healthy? Why do so many breeders and puppy owners have problems with their Knosses puppys? And why can a person go to any Labradoodle website and see all their breeding girls and boys but not at Rutland Manor. Where is the healthy Knosses? As for Andie-Spirit-Moxie, that dog looks no more like a Labradoodle than a Beagle. I wouldn’t be admitting I bred that dog.
    FYI, National Geographic is very interested in doing a piece on Puppy Mills. There are hundreds of places for them to get first hand information. Wonder if they will contrast well to the piece they did on you when you had the wool pulled over so many eyes.
    And I’ve had nothing but problems with my RM Labradoodle! One health issue after another. The gift that keeps on giving, right.

    • Joyce permalink
      March 26, 2011 11:37 am

      Rutland Manor is a sinking ship, Maxine!

      I was at one of the U.S romps where they were filming a segment for the National Geographic take on RM. Actually, that was where my inklings of Bev’s ethics were beginning to take shape. She asked my breeder friend to have her American Labradoodle ‘join’ her Rutland Manor group shot. Really? Join her prestigious group and NOT be one of hers? The same ‘kind’ of Labradoodle that she spews over and over on her site that we breeders in the U.S. DO NOT BREED TRUE AUSTRALIAN LABRADOODLES??? Yes, that very same one. Of course, with her new site, that has reinvented the RECENT TRUE Labradoodle, most of the people that bought from her don’t have the ‘right’ recipe.

      She is frightening and unethical. I pray each day that people will avoid making a purchase from her and instead do diligent research before purchasing. There are great breeders in the U.S. and abroad, but you need to ask the hard questions and you absolutely need to read, read and read some more.

  7. Anon permalink
    March 26, 2011 9:47 pm

    If one were to study RMs ALFA site and look at all her adoring and robbed breeders, you sure don’t see a lot of breeding stock with the ABSOLUTE INGREDIENT being the Soft Coated Irish Wheaten. Perhaps those breeders ought to be wondering why the expensive breeding stock they bought from the world famous RM Puppy Mill are nothing but fakes. All those people are lying down with the biggest dog and they sure will end up with a lot of fleas. They ought to do the right thing and disassociate themselves with the puppy farmer and see if they gain dignity by not following her ever changing recipe. She blasts on breeders who breed the Blue Merle but lets see if people start wanting spotted Labradoodles and she mixes in a little Dalmation.

    ************************From ALFAs website below***************

    Why Alfa? (Australian Labradoodle Founders Alliance)
    Why Another Labradoodle Breed Registry? Why ALFA? The phenomon which is the explosive and unprecedented popularity of the Australian Labradoodle, has led to an overwhelming flood of new breeders across the world.

    Labradoodle Associations/Registries were originally established with a charter to protect the breed as developed by the Australian Labradoodle breed founders. With changes in board and committee members, these have since gone their own ways, openly disagreeing with the Breed Founders on the way the Australian Labradoodle should continue to be bred.
    The co-founders agreed on ALFA? Isn’t the other co-founder her daughter Angela-Melodie? Did she agree to this? Face it Bev, EVERY organization you’ve founded has gone by the wayside and so will this one.

    ***********From ALFAs website below********************
    Unfortunately the ASD breeder listing was an honor system that failed. The symbol, and the name ‘Australian Labradoodle’ are still mis-used by some breeders. and the popular misnomer “Multigenerational” Labradoodle name is meaningless as it includes many different ‘grading schemes’ and combinations of breeds including the introduction of Cockapoos and other Poodle hybrids. One influental Labradoodle Registry in America took the astonishing action of changing the pedigrees of some breeding dogs without referring to their breeder, to show infusions which had not taken place.
    HONOR SYSTEM? There is no honor in any part of Bev Manners. Wasn’t she begging Derek in 2007 to return her two breeding Cockerpoos to her. Boohoo. What was she planning with them?
    And didn’t she blame Angela-Melodie and a former employee of changing the pedigree data base?
    One never knows with Bev. One day its this persons fault and the next day anothers. But nothing is every her fault.
    From the ALFA website below***************
    The ALFA logo can not be purchased (as are some other ‘accredited’ or ‘commended breeder’ logos). The ALFA logo protects the buyer and the authenticity of the dog. It indicates a breeder who is committed to ALFA’s code of ethics and in maintaining the purity of the genuine Australian Labradoodle as created and developed by its founders as well as an honest and caring commitment to the buyers of their puppies.
    Everyone knows almost anything can be purchased. What happens to the hundreds of breeders who paid a ‘one time’ fee of $500.00 to display the ridiculous ASD logo on their websites. They got robbed since the ASD isn’t a real Australian Labradoodle.

    From the ALFA website below*****************************
    It takes courage to stand firm in the face of strong opposition and ALFA member breeders are to be commended for their devotion to the breed’s integrity.
    ALFAs members currently are to be pitied and disdained for their STUPIDITY in buying into this load of crap. Is the whole world out of step people?

  8. Vicky permalink
    March 27, 2011 10:02 pm

    If you look back to all of Bev’s dramatics over the years and added up the money each time and there are dozens of times she said she has borrowed against her home, laboratory, her home, her research centre for Angela, solicitors, expenses, staff and so on, why she must have borrowed millions of dollars!

    How is this possible for a poor pensioner? It’s complete rubbish.

    Now that she has lost her puppy farm in Warragul to a liquidation, hopefully her victims she owes money too will get some of it back. Maybe James at Dogtainers has a good spot in the queue to collect.

    Truely the people in Warragul are happy she lost her home.
    But what happens to the people who have nonrefundable deposits on their puppies?
    Where is she farming now?
    How will she pay the salary of Helen & whatever staff she says she has?
    Is she living with Helen in Iona?
    Or have one of her very few remaining followers taken her in and has she honoured the health commitments on the puppies who have been presenting with seizures and epilipsy in the past several months?
    Hopefully God is watching out for all those puppies and anything alive under her watch.
    Only God can help them.

  9. alison permalink
    March 28, 2011 9:57 am

    hi folks, have just been reading bev’s breed standard…. am just wondering which of the four listed breeds that bev’s acknowledges would be responsible for the presentation of
    “wall eye” in labradoodles?? i was under the impression that wall eye was just a colouration within the eye that would not cause the dog any problems with their vision. Where did it come from in Labradoodles??

    • Vicky permalink
      March 29, 2011 2:08 am

      That is interesting but not a surprise for no one will ever know what is in their incomplete or complete dogs.

      I never head of wall eye but then I never thought Bev would actually admit to the world that the Authentic Australian Labradoodle without the Wheaten infusion (cooking class here?) was INCOMPLETE.

      She sure shot herself in the foot with that comment. And there are screenshots for all time and eternity.

  10. alison permalink
    March 29, 2011 9:21 am

    i agree vicki,
    the reason i ask is that some of those standard (or large) doodles bear a striking resemblence sometimes to an old english sheepdog, particulalry in half coat… or when clipped…
    old english have wall eye

  11. anon permalink
    March 29, 2011 6:11 pm

    When will the madness end? This new addition on RMs website is laughable. Once the infusion was done? That was years ago and then covered up and forgotten because it didn’t work. Now your ploy is to revive it.

    *Similarly, once the final infusion of the Irish Soft Coated Wheaten was done, using one Irish bloodline for the Miniatures and a different Irish bloodline for the Standards and Mediums, ‘the Authentic Australian Labradoodle’ in its completion, was the combination of all six pure breeds.*

    So a combination of six breeds and of course no one, not even Bev knows what those are. Are Volmar Kennel Irish Soft Coated Wheatens really in your gene pool? Did Volmar really supply a puppy farmer with their dogs semen? If so that says a lot about them unless the master conwoman pulled her usual fast one with them to.

    If your so called breed is now complete then why is there no consistency in your own dogs? There simpley isn’t. So stop calling it a breed. No one ever bashes the dogs Bev. Their innocent pawns in your game. It’s YOU who is evil. You don’t play around with life! It’s not right! Labradoodles are mutts and mutts are wonderful dogs but your trying to play God and lying to people right and left. Your playing Frankenstein with living creatures and counting your money.

    Now your in hiding and holeing up somewhere tweaking your website on the hour and trying harder to fool more people.

    Your market place is drying up because the world is wise to you. You lost the US and the people you call ‘stupid Americans’ especially if their religious. Forget Japan! They have enough problems with their recent catastrophie and the Scandanavian people are wise to your schemes in upping prices at the last minute.

    Stop talking about God because he has your number and if indeed he created you, I bet he wishes he hadn’t.

    Your final home will be in hell with your real creator and that is where you deserve to be for what you’ve done to countless animals.

  12. alison permalink
    March 31, 2011 12:42 pm

    Hi all,
    On one of the websites i have been on recently, bev originally stated that one of the irish infusions had come from imported semen. Now considering that her own website states she exports to 19 countries including australia, well this may not real. Her own website states the the irish weaton was a general purpose farm do, also used for “herding”…. yet she berates others who have supposedly brought the border collie (to develop the merle) into their lines because of their herding instincts…. oh well who’s herding who?

    Its interesting that the dogs from the era that bev’s breeding programme was “hijacked”, called the ZP era, has the same name as many of the quarter horse she bred at the same timeframe, when she was breeding with the Males in yarragon…
    I do wonder when bev has had the time to tour overseas, between the major car accident, her teacher training, working for the ABC, rescuing horses, breeding cats, german shepherds, and judging in groups three and five in the show ring…. having children, breeding angus cattle, quarter horses, angora goats, learing how to ride again, exhibiting at the Pets expo in melbourne, having a stroke, founding the labradoodle breed…. oh yes i forgot one… breeding dorper sheep….
    interesting that according to the dorper association of australia… dorpers were only introduced into australia in 1996…. wasn’t this when you were developing the labradoodle, and travelling constantly between all your many guardian homes?…thats right…
    I’m stll working out when she had time to breathe… let alone develop a website…?


  13. tara permalink
    March 31, 2011 4:35 pm

    Come on Bev! Everyone knows you Google Alert everything that pertains to you. So READ THIS AND ANSWER THIS. WHERE ARE THESE DOGS?
    Shania….where is she REALLY?

    Go on Bev, Google Labradoodle breeders and see for the most part that most breeders proudly show their bitches and studs, information about each dog, their tests and scores. And the pictures show dogs that are groomed attractively.

    Do you think that because you claim to be the founder of the breed that you can post matted, messy dogs, blurry candid pictures of your breeding dogs. How tacky and unprofessional is that.

    You’re losing ground by the day and your sales are way down because the word is spreading like wildfire and this time people are listening. Do you still have over 400 people on your chat site? Of course not and the numbers are going down and down because people there who do read the truth sites are waking up and deciding they can no longer support the devil – YOU!


    cause no one believes anything you have to say. You provide alot of amusement for countless people. Your website is loaded with lies, tales, blather, accusations, boring topics, self promoting accolades, religious crap that turns everyone off and infuriates many because of the hypocracy in that it comes from you – the devil.


  14. alison permalink
    April 7, 2011 10:56 am

    hi all….i can’t believe what i just heard… yes heard…
    for once instead of silencing the volume on the computer as soon as i loaded up the rutland manor website, i accidently left the volume up… and listened to Beverley’s dulcet tones give her overly rehersed version of the history of the Labracockawheat irish poodle… I was shocked, while on the same page as she slandered Charlotte Mcgrath in print, on the speakers was her acknowledging Charlotte’s part in establishing the breed…and the association i think…
    what the ????

    • tara permalink
      April 10, 2011 7:24 pm

      It’s believed that serious mental illness is part of her DNA so it’s no wonder that in addition to being a liar, thief, con-artist, animal abuser, law breaker to name a few things, she contradicts herself all the time. She never addresses her wrongs and mistakes or shows remorse, tries to repair all the horrible things she’s done to breeders and everyone who simply owns an RM Labradoodle. Regardless of how wonderful everyones dog is, mine included, people don’t know what there dogs DNA is as Beverley buys puppy farm dogs with God knows what in them.

      Now that she is homeless does anyone on the waiting list have a clue where there puppies are being born and under what conditions. Oh wait, everyone knows the conditions her dogs live in….horrible conditions and no attention to them.

      I’ve listened to her voice on her website and it’s sickening to hear her syrupy liars mouth talking in the third person. I guess she is the one who has to do it because who else would volunteer to speak up on her behalf. No one in there right mind.
      So where are the dogs now Beverley? No one cares where you are but the Labradoodle world cares about the dogs and always has.

      Quit revamping your messy website too. It’s always been a mess and now the lies change by the hour. Testing, socializing, training? Are you kidding?
      She hasn’t had anyone training her dogs since Ann Stefanski was doing it. But there is another person who wised up and left the flock.

      Thank God for this site and the information that is here so people can know the truth behind the gloss.

  15. Patrick permalink
    April 16, 2011 4:42 pm

    My wife and I had not seen this site before. We were going to send a deposit for a Labradoodle puppy from Rutlands and were still in the discussion stage but pretty much decided to go through with it. We met a lady at a beach and she told us about Rutlands. After studying RMs website we were confused about some of the topics on the site. The Florida Girl in Sydney has a very powerful post on her experience with RM and it was shocking to read it.

    With that information, I contacted a friend who is a member of the Rutlands chat room. I have access to that site and am amazed at what goes on there. Lots of puppies with seizures popping up in the last several months and lots of unhappy and worried families. Fortunately my friend has a healthy dog at this point. Beverley Manners keeps that quite the insulated little group.

    We decided to look further into what and who RM really is. After spending hours on the internet and finding this site, we spent days reading and rereading it. We went to every link and then we started contacting people who had Labradoodles and Goldendoodles.

    That led to us being put in touch with several people, two of whom had RM Labradoodles and they did not get the puppy of their dreams. We were invited to their homes to meet them and their dogs. They showed us the pedigrees and some paperwork that one puppy arrived with that was clearly altered. It showed the dog to be older than she really was at the time she arrived in the United States.
    Both the people had health problems with their dogs. One was diagnosed with Addison’s disease and they were told their health guarantee didn’t cover that. That prompted me to look into what most breeders do cover. Not surprisingly at this point, it seems Rutlands does not cover Addisons. Other breeders so. Why is that?

    The other person’s puppy had a genetic urinary incontinence and Rutlands did refund them some money but the cost over the dog’s lifespan will be many times more than the amount they received back.

    That led me to looking up breeders until I found some with Rutlands in their lines further back. Two breeders were very open about their experiences as they had retired the Rutlands breeding stock. In both cases, their dogs arrived matted, dirty and one dog’s papers showed her to be one year older than they thought she was. It took quite a while for both breeders to train and socialize the dogs and make them part of their families. No refunds for them, but certainly a lot of disappointment, anger and a feeling of having been robbed.

    Since we were doing our due diligence in sorting all this out, we went even deeper into our quest and contacted various authorities, including a shipper of puppies who said quite openly, he would no longer do business with Beverley Manners and her company. He said she owed him money and wouldn’t discuss the details further but it was clear that something wasn’t right.

    I have a dossier on Rutlands and am glad but for fortune this issue surfaced or my family might have been one of many who had their hearts broken by a dishonest and disreputable con-woman.

    This was a complex journey as I began simply wanting to get my family a dog. We have allergies and thought having anything other than a Poodle would be impossible. Now we find out that the Rutlands Labradoodles are basically Poodles.

    My background with the government gives me a lot of tools and experience to explore. My experience with fraud and deception led me to understand that Rutlands is not what it appears to be. Beverley Manners clearly does paint a different picture for her unsuspecting buyers than is really the truth.

    I have a colleague in Melbourne who favoured me by going to Rutlands and finding the place was sold and no one in the neighbourhood knew where it moved. A couple of the neighbours had some interesting stories to tell. There is no information on the Rutlands website as to an address. It was my understanding that people were welcome to visit and see where the puppies were born and raised.

    What began as a simple mission to get a Labradoodle for my family became a cloak and dagger, who done it, web of lies.

    I hope that the powers that be will keep working to put this criminal out of business and hopefully behind bars.
    To all the people who have Rutlands Labradoodles, if they’re healthy, that is the best news. For the hundreds who aren’t, that is sad news and I hope your dog leads a quality life.

    To Beverley Manners, why don’t you do the right thing and turn yourself in, give up the innocent dogs and collect stamps for your hobby.
    Who would have thought that underneath the shiny website lives a spider waiting to strike!

    • Joyce permalink
      April 19, 2011 3:21 pm

      Patrick, you are lucky indeed! Finally, people are beginning to really check into what RM truly is – a pathetic puppy mill on its last legs. I am pleased as punch that you searched long and hard to discover the glossy pages are a ‘looking glass’. Break the glass and you really see the stunning reality – and it is not pretty at all.

      We don’t know where Bev and the poor dogs are but we do know it is not ‘in a cottage setting with roses climbing the walls’. Bev has become, once again, what she has always been – a ‘back yard breeder’. Her site should be taken down as it is false advertising. Nothing on that site is NOW, it is the YESTERDAY.

      I am sure that she will put something up about her new digs, but someone will have to verify it – perhaps one of your associates? There are many ‘virtual sites’ out there to lure people in, heck she has been that spider on her web for years and years.

      It is very important that we keep disclosing and proving how disceptive she is to prevent others from suffering like so many have. Fortunately, you dodged a bomb especially with her continuing to use Knosses (heart issue progeny) and Huggie (Addison issue progeny). I wonder when she will add that she will not refund for heart issues? The outbreak of puppies with Epilepsy will soon be added to that ‘no refund’ list too, I bet.

  16. anon permalink
    May 20, 2011 5:58 pm

    New on the RM site. They’re expecting litters in August, September, October and November. Below is a quote from Bev’s own mouth.Her site could use a lot of improvement like shutting it down! Which poor bitches are being exploited this time around? Who are the studs? Guess it won’t matter what she posts, it’s all a bunch of lies.

    “We do not churn out endlesss streams of puppies to meet the puppy market. Rutland Manor puppies are spoken for by private families before they are born. To prevent our wait list from getting too long we close bookings from time to time throughout the year. Please watch this space for when applications open and close. Thank you!”

  17. Heike permalink
    May 31, 2011 6:21 pm

    One can only hope that continued exposure and pressure she will fun out of people to dupe. Keep up the good work and spread the truth far and wide…’s only a matter of time before she runs out of hiding places like her piece of work daughter Angela/Melodie has.

    • Marie permalink
      June 1, 2011 1:25 am

      Don’t worry. Angela isn’t hiding successfully. Her whereabouts with her new honey, Len are well known and she is being watched. Maybe she’s a bit under the weather at this time. What goes around comes around, hey Ange.

  18. alison permalink
    June 1, 2011 9:16 am

    yes, but where is Bev going… does any one know, is she being checked by the council in her new premesis

  19. alison permalink
    June 4, 2011 9:52 am

    there is a reason bev has to keep using knossos…
    where is this wide ranging genetic base she talks about…
    where are the masses of unrelated dogs… ava and anya are full sisters… by kelby, shakea is by kelby, special angel and amelia are grand-daughters of kelby… who is the sire/dam of lil parasol/brolly??
    isabella is the only supposed unrelated animal listed at the moment… and she’s a poodle!!

    • ellie permalink
      June 4, 2011 9:03 pm

      Aren’t they all?

      • Marie permalink
        June 6, 2011 2:59 pm

        Yes they’re all Poodles or they look like Labradoodles when she shops for new stock at the puppy farms.

  20. Leanne permalink
    June 7, 2011 7:11 pm

    Want to get sick! Straight from the RM website below! Everyone knows she was duping those poor people in Texas all along. Did she bring the stored semen with her in the suitcase? Everyday with Bev, it’s something new to try and improve her failing sales. Let’s hope those freezers don’t have a power failure.

    Frozen Semen is Now Available in the United States From Outstanding Proven Sires in the Rutland Manor Australian Labradoodle Breeding Program

    A Never to be Repeated Opportunity to Acquire Stud Services From Champion Bloodlines Which Have Stood the Test of Time.

    Some of Rutland Manor’s Top Stud Dogs were collected and their semen imported into America from Rutland Manor in Australia, in preparation for the intended breeding program in Texas that was terminated due to the theft of the breeding females sent to Texas in 2010. Rather than waste these precious bloodlines, they are now being made available to approved breeding programs in the United States.

    This once in a lifetime opportunity for American breeders is for a limited time only. Semen currently stored in The United States which is not booked will be returned to Australia. Please feel welcome to inquire about the incentive package deals on offer from 1st June 2011.

    Rutlands Redd Rufus
    Rutlands Magnum
    Tassies Megastar
    Chesney Park Chino
    Rutlands Dippa
    Rutlands Yogi Bear

    • Joyce permalink
      June 11, 2011 11:41 am

      Well, this is a very interesting turn of events. She has blasted American breeders on her website for raising ‘fake’ Labradoodles. Now she wants to sell us her ‘once in a lifetime semen offer’. What does that tell you? All of a sudden, our ‘chopped liver’ Labradoodles and programs are worthy of her ‘champion’ stock? Are you kidding me???? You can ‘claim’ champion stock when you can PROVE they are from champions. Not once, since I have known or read about Rutland Manor have I EVER seen a proveable pedigree, health test, eye exam, thyroid test, Sebaceous Adenitis result on ANY of her Standard Poodles (and there have been a slew of them!), PRA Disease result, von Willandbrand’s test…..I could go on and on. None of these results have an official number of being done on her site on any of her dogs.

      You can claim champions all you want, but until you post the results that can be traced to those champions, that pedigree and everything associated with it is ‘toilet paper’.

      This reminds me so much of the adorable King Charles Spaniel that was the ‘champion’ at one of the Crufts Dog Shows that passed on a horrible brain disease to his progeny. So many of his progeny suffered horrible pain and death as their brains outgrew their skulls and caused excruciating pain; his owners did not stop studding their ‘champion’ out and this caused complete outrage about several years ago. Yep, that was/is some CHAMPION!

      That same mentality is being tooted here and that is all about money. It is NOT about health, confirmation, or temperament. Having ‘champion’ stock is a very silly reason to breed or sell semen from. It should take more than a descriptive noun for any dog to be considered breeding quality.

      She should definitely take the last dog off that list unless she considers passing Addison’s Disease genes a good reason to sell semen! Yikes!

  21. alison permalink
    June 9, 2011 8:52 am

    i know… i love her use of “Champion” bloodlines… champion of what???

  22. Marie Gesson permalink
    June 11, 2011 7:27 pm

    Champions of having survived in her presense.

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