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Indy’s Story

June 13, 2011

This is the story of Indy and her long heartbreaking and expensive recovery. Indy’s owners responsibly wrote to Beverley to warn her about Indy’s condition as they were only worried about the effect of Rutland Manor’s breeding program. Beverley described Indy’s condition as “a storm in a teacup”. When Indy’s owners forwarded veterinary evidence that confirmed hip dysplasia, Beverley as usual blamed the vets.  Beverley is breeding cruelty.

Indy recovering from surgery

Just wanted to up date you on whats been happening with my Indy Doodledog. (b 12 November 2002 to Gypsy and Cadet, story in Testimonial No.5). The last 6 months have been a rollercoaster ride for Indy and all of us that care about her.

In October last year we went ahead with the hip replacement surgery. There is no canine specialist hip surgeon in Canberra, where we live, so we had to see a surgeon in Sydney, a 3 hour drive. (Surgeon David and his staff were fabulous). It was difficult to decide which hip should be done as the X-rays showed they were both badly deformed so the surgeon didn’t have a lot to work with. She ended up having her right hip done. Her leg was in a sling for 2 weeks and we knew that she was in for a long rehab. However we didn’t count on 2 days after the sling and stitches being removed that Indy would dislocate the new hip!! We knew this was a rare complication of the surgery however it is usually associated with too much activity too soon after the surgery. Indy’s hip however dislocated in the night when she was rolling over in her sleep. She was in incredible pain!!!! We rushed her straight back to Sydney and David and his team preformed an emergency Triple Pelvic Osteotomy where the pelvis is broken in 3 places and the hip socket is realigned to prevent it dislocating. This meant another 2 weeks in a sling and 50 staples it was awful!!!!! When the sling and staples were removed her leg had become so wasted that she couldn’t use it at all. After another 2 weeks of not using it at all we took her back to Sydney and Indy stayed for a week for some intensive physiotherapy treatment. We received a very distressed phone call from David who said he couldn’t see any improvement and he felt it was cruel to continue. He felt there was nothing else they could do to help her recover the use of the leg and given that her other hip was unlikely to be unable to support her for any length of time we had some hard decisions to make.(I think David was just as devastated as we were!) This was in the second week in December. We decided to make sure her pain was managed and wait until after Christmas before making any decisions. Neither the Specialist or our local vet thought that she would regain the use of her leg so we thought we were looking at possibly a wheel chair, or if the pain couldn’t be managed having her euthanised. Christmas this year was NOT fun! Early in the new year we contacted a specialist animal physiotherapist here in Canberra and had decided that if she couldn’t help we would have Indy euthanised as it wasn’t fair for her to be in so much pain and so restricted in what she could do.

Watch Video

Well all I can say is that Louise the Physiotherapist is incredible!!!!! With massage, electrical muscle stimulation, and a gentle exercise program Indy is now able to weight bare on the leg and is slowly re building muscle bulk. Probably more importantly the physiotherapy treatment has significantly reduced her pain and we have been able to reduce the amount of medication she takes. There is a long way to go yet but Indy seems happy in herself and is back to being in charge of the world!

Watch Video

Every time I looked at Indy in that sling in pain and later struggling to walk I thought ‘…..this is the result of the dreadful breeding practices at Rutland Manner…..’. I don’t blame the surgeon as I said he didn’t have much to work with and there are risks with any surgery. It was Beverly’s failure to breed from healthy lines and to not acknowledge the extent of Hip Dysplasia in her dogs that led to Indy’s pain. I sincerely hope that these practices are stopped and that people heed warnings not to buy dogs from anywhere that uses them!!!!!

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  1. Charlotte Melbourne permalink
    June 13, 2011 9:19 am

    Absolutely Shocking Story!
    I feel absolutely sickened at the pain and tragedy of this sorry saga!
    Our Gus, one of the early generations of Rutland Manor Labradoodles, died a tragic and painful death, 2 weeks short of his 6th Birthday.
    We were absolutely devastated!
    Beverley offered us our beloved Rex, who has the most severe underbite at a “bargain” price as a token of ‘sympathy’.
    I could never understand how the ‘carefully bred, multigenerational, disease free labradoodles’ that Beverley boasted about on the R.M. website could produce such an obvious and glaring defect.
    Nevertheless, Rex is so clever, loving and absolutely adorable – if only they had braces for doggies 🙂

  2. stoppuppyfarming youtube channel permalink
    June 13, 2011 11:26 am

    While we are very pleased to help this website by hosting the videos, it is so tragic to see the pain and suffering that puppy farming produces so carelessly. We are used in the UK to cheap sick puppies from the farms, to see the same badly bred, dreadfully reared puppies, sold for thousands is such an eye opener. Beverley Manners is a con artist who has made millions from her suffering dogs..
    Good luck to this website and thank god for all those loving families that care for the poor sick dogs.

  3. Joyce permalink
    June 13, 2011 11:43 am

    What wonderful people to love their dog so very much and do everything possible to help her. I wish Bev would have that same level of commitment.

    When are buyers of RM pups going to insist on her providing proof of the ‘quality’ she boasts of on her website? So many posts have been published of her lack of responsibility, care, and proof of what she claims her dogs are, yet the sales continue. This site provides facts not heresay.

    Of late, Bev has bragged about a number of her sires having available semen for sale – Lord knows what those sires carry as there is no documented proof of any of their qualifications. To use any of those studs is like you buying a car for your child in a junkyard!

    • Marie Gesson permalink
      June 14, 2011 12:37 am

      I wish every law on the Australian books would be thrown at Beverley Manners once and for all. Selling semen! Talk about tacky….she even has a picture of a hand holding a vial of semen. She is disgusting. Why doesn’t she just put in on Ebay for Gods sake! She is a pig, greedy and uncaring.

  4. alison permalink
    June 14, 2011 8:29 am

    hi all,
    as abhorrent as the thought of anyone using this semen for breeding labradoodle may be (from an animal health perspective if nothing else) it is normal practice to sell semen, greyhound breeders, thoroughbred breeders etc do it regularly…,
    however the difference is… there are no garuntees about rutland manor animals… no testing records, no health records, that would be considered normal practice in any of these other industries and provided as a matter of course, not in the exception and before the semen was sold. It would be presented with all infromation available either online (as she’s offering them online) and/ or in a hard copy to prospective buyer.
    … there is only one person saying that they are champion animals and that is rutland manor, whose credibility is seriously questionable.

    For beverley to say that she used dna testing in dogs long before anyone else… BS!!!!. I think she should look at the greyhound industry… i can remember a very big court case in australia, involving greyhounds, disputed parentage and breeding, and a well known australian rules footballer who was the supposed breeder/seller of the dog in question… it was settled out of court in the end i think, but needless to say DNA was used to prove the case against him…This was in the early 80’s.

    What is the provenence of these semen tubes, how have they been stored…what is age of them, when were they collected, was was the age of the dog when they were collected, how were they collected, sperm motility… etc…without such information and much more, i wouldn’t be touching them with a barge pole…


    • Joyce permalink
      June 14, 2011 9:52 am

      What will happen is an inexperienced new breeder will be swindled by this and purchase some of it. So many can be befuddled by her. We can only hope that these sites will pop up and they have the presence of mind to read them.

      Of course, her ALFA breeders, who she is slowly collecting could purchase semen. It is a wonder they are not lined up since they support her way of thinking and managing dogs. I think she has something like 12 or so. I wonder why they are not scoffing them up – after all, Bev is offering her ‘Champion Lines’ that are riddled with a minimum of Addison’s Disease that we know of. As posted above, semen for sale needs to be accompanied with health stats, motility rates and a myriad of specifications when offered. It is NOT done in secret. The way it is presented is a huge RED FLAG to any responsible breeder.

  5. Marie Gesson permalink
    June 15, 2011 12:23 am

    If you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas. I guess those affiliated ALFA breeders need to learn this lesson but it’s a shame that so many innocent animals are paying the price. Very sad.

  6. Janet permalink
    June 19, 2011 11:02 pm

    Found this on the Victorian Horse forum. The discussion is between country victorian ‘horse’ people who have an interest in the dog grooming. Seems that local groomers have noticed an issue with RM dogs!!!

    Re: oodles and oodles of matted oodles [message #
    e: oodles and oodles of matted oodles [message #2005500 is a reply to message #2004695 ]
    Mon, 13 September 2010 02:28
    Messages: 3
    Registered: August 2010 Level 5

    hi all… share your pain…. reccommend you look at this site “rutland manor exposed”… and you will begin to see why there are so many badly looked/groomed doodles and the people resposible for it…

    Re: oodles and oodles of matted oodles [message #2005801 is a reply to message #2005500 ]
    Mon, 13 September 2010 11:13
    Messages: 1616
    Registered: May 2009 Completely Insane

    rutland manor don’t get me started

    the place is a real hell hole
    it is up for sale but don’t buy it!!!!
    we want that lady to drown in her own filth

    she’s only got a few more days before her time is up
    if she doesn’t comply with the ruling
    she has to remove all boarding and breeding dogs from the premises until the kennels comply

  7. Janet permalink
    June 22, 2011 11:59 pm

    Just an update. Rutland Manor has forwarded me a refund for Indy this week, which has been forwarded to an animal welfare organisation. I remain extremely disappointed that Beverley has not been prepared to meet with me, allow me to personally view any of the records that she keeps or to visit the kennels where her dogs are housed. Money has never been my motivation for telling Indy’s story. I urge anyone who is thinking of buying a puppy to view the health records of the puppies parents, meet the parents of the puppy, research the breed(s) you are thinking of purchasing AND inspect the kennels where the dogs are housed. If a ‘breeder’ is not comfortable allowing you to do these things DO NOT BUY from that ‘breeder’.
    Thanks to all for the support for Indy. Her recovery is going slowly but well. She is at this moment bugging me to take her for a walk making it hard to concentrate on writing this!!! It’s a GREAT problem to have!!!!
    Best go and take Her Majesty for her walk, so she stops staring at me:)).

  8. alison permalink
    June 23, 2011 10:10 am

    hi janet, i am so glad that you have received something… I am still waiting on the apology from Bev for her abuse both verbal and attemted physical assualt on my mother… perhaps admitting she did something wrong is actually harder for her then handing over money… ah i wouldn’t have thought so with’s bev’s record…

  9. Janet permalink
    June 27, 2011 3:02 am

    Hi Alison, It’s interesting isn’t it…. It’s so much easier to give someone money than be open and honest about your mistakes….. or even to, back up, things you have said with actions. I would have been much happier being able to meet with Bev and look over her kennels than with any refund!!!! Handing over money can help you feel absolved from guilt without having to admit to anything or change anything!! Sadly I doubt that you will get an apology As that would require admitting and accepting responsibility for what was done to your and your Mum. Much easier pretend it never happened or blame someone else!
    If any good has come out of this, it is, that you are able to tell your story and help to warn others NOT to buy puppies or board dogs with people who are not open and honest in their dealings. It’s hard to know if a business is open and honest when the only way to contact them is an e-mail address (no telephone number. or address) and the owner is not prepared to meet with you 🙂

  10. alison permalink
    June 28, 2011 7:29 am

    hi janet…
    as much as i wish the whole episode hadn’t happened, both to my mum and my dog…
    *if it didn’t i still would be in the position of just thinking how terrible certain puppy farms are… and warning against them when i could as a stud breeeder…
    *if this hadn’t happened then i would not have done any investigation in to Beverly Manners, or Rutland Manor, and perhaps i wouldn’t have been part of this effort to stop her,
    *if this hadn’t happened i wouldn’t have become aware that Banksia Park puppy farm, was actually in my area, or a number of other puppy farmers…
    *if this hadn’t happened i wouldn’t have questioned my own ethics and standards in breeding and made sure i will achieve the standard i want and can be proud of… (we can all become complacent)
    if nothing else this made the trauma worth something

    Bev can’t blame anyone else for what she did, because she and only her was involved,

    Because i know Bev reads this site… My Mum went in for her 6th hip replacement operation last week, the previous 4 on this hip had failed… with my mum walking on a dislocated hip for two years because it wasn’t diagnosed, and it had only been repaired 6 months before the incident with Bev. She came through the operation well, and is already walking on the new hip, albeit slowly… She will be in hospital for several weeks…and will need the other hip’s replacement revised later in the year…
    so I hope you feel guilty Bev…this is who you attempted to push over…

    best wishes with Indy… i hope she continues to improve and shine….


  11. Cynthia permalink
    June 28, 2011 4:54 pm

    You got a refund, typical of Bev Manners cause she had no intention of letting you to visit her and see the dogs because she’s afraid of what you’d see and she sure doesn’t want anyone to know where the dogs are. How odd is that? A good breeder is happy to show off their breeders. At least she has lost a lot of business in several countries and hopefully it will dwindle down more and she’ll have to go on the dole or get a real job. One minute she’s saying she has no money and the next she pays out a refund.

    No one was surprised at all. People don’t even know where she is for sure but she has been spotted in Darnum and she might even be relocating in NSW. A former employee has been located and is willing to talk. They’ve moved far away so Bev can’t sic her son on them to intimidate.

    She’s spent her life blaming others for everything bad that happens to her when she brings it all on herself. If she DOES believe in God, she will have a lot to answer for one day.

    It’s doubtful that she is even human, she has no heart, no emotions and no conscience so she never feels bad about the awful things she does on a daily basis to others. She turns on the drama, she should have been an actress, and she turns on the tears like a faucet. She’ll be reeling in more suckers who fall for her poor me act but they will wake up too and she’ll be alone.

    The dogs are ONLY her means to money. She has posted that litters are expected this fall but out of which dogs? Every breeder in the world is proud to post of up coming litters and who the parents are, but not Bev Manners. She probably has no clue who the fathers are since she doesn’t watch her dogs. The frozen semen from Red Baron is a joke. She has no frozen semen so all those supposed puppies out of him, forget it. They’re not. Everyone feels sorry for the dogs knowing what she does to them and how they’re treated and abused.

    Allison will never get an apology because in Bev’s mind, she didn’t do anything to apologise for.

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