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May 17, 2012

Most are struggling to keep up with the lies, backflips and blatant misrepresenation, Bev and Angela/Melodie  cannot even seem to remember if its the Cobber dog or the Cobba dog ?

One of our regular readers sent us the following statements and observations and allowed us to publish.

Rutland Manors suggests guardian homes are ‘Red Flags’ along with raising puppies in a home.  Really???

Bev has stated the following on her site:

Some Things That Could Raise a Red Flag

When they say…

1.    “All our puppies are born and raised inside our home with the children”

Not long ago, I noticed a breeder whose website shows no less than twenty breeding females and several males.   This same breeder had nine litters of puppies due to be born in a two month period.  It doesn’t take much to realise that so many puppies couldn’t possibly be raised inside the breeder’s home. Of if they are, I wouldn’t want to have a cup of coffee in that home! Rutland Manor Website 2012

Although I think having 9 litters over a two month period in a home is challenging, it is not impossible to do well. How do we know that there are not helpers being used to assist with those litters?  Did you inquire about that or did you just assume?  In a two month period, depending on the birthing schedules, three litters could be born the first week; three more at the end of that first month and the last three the middle of the second month.   The litters would be in varying stages.  As breeders, we know the first two weeks is really taken care of by the dam.  If you are responsible, you are already introducing a potty system by the third week as well as food.  By the fifth week, pups are practically weaned and eating heartily.  The sixth to eight week, they are being fed by the breeder three times a day.  An overlap of three litters in a staggered system is very do-able with an additional person.  I think you are confusing a well run facility (or home) with a puppy mill in which I would most definitely agree, drinking or eating anything would be detrimental to your health.  Do you have pictures of this place?  Is it a large home or a hovel?  Although many breeders may raise numerous litters in their home initially, many then transfer the pups to an outside area/building for potty training, socializing and romping.  So there is NOT nine litters living in the home for two months at all.   Making such a blanket statement about another ‘breeder’ when you, yourself have claimed to have produced thousands of puppies over numerous years with a minimal staff in a cramped facility of which this site has exposed is deceiving and misleading – especially without proof.

In addition, raising young puppies (too young to be vaccinated under six weeks)  inside the home is a dangerous practice because it is impossible to sanitise the entire house where so many people come and go from off the streets and parks where infectious diseases are rampant. This situation is a ticking time bomb and it’s almost inevitable that sooner or later parvo virus or other deadly viral diseases will strike. Your puppy could be one of the victims.  Don’t take the risk! Rutland Manor Website 2012

Risk?  You take a greater risk keeping puppies in a stone cell without any natural sunlight or air.  Going from one pen to another that has fecal matter has the same risk whether it is a home or a barn!  Disinfecting is the same no matter where the four walls may be.  Parvo can be contacted from anywhere and if a good protocol is not followed will hit any kennel or home no matter how clean.   It is a virus and can strike at any time.  Keeping to a stringent cleaning doctrine and using bleach footbaths before entering and when exiting does wonders for prevention.  What is dangerous is you trying to instill fear in people who would rather purchase their puppies from home raised litters rather than a puppy farm with no place to call ‘home’!

2.    When a breeder routinely advertises for guardian homes, ask yourself this question:  why would someone want to breed with more dogs than they can, or want to, take care of themselves?   Where is the joy of breeding from dogs who are strangers to the breeder?  Ask yourself, what other motive could there be when it seems to be a numbers game? Rutland Manor Website 2012

This statement takes the cake.  Just because you could not keep your guardian home program going due to your personal afflictions, you twist this wonderful concept into a morbid place.  You were delighted to claim that you were the one to dream up this concept and now you throw mud at it.  Why is that?  You truly feel that because YOUR guardian program failed that no breeder should utilize this concept?  A true guardian home is the most perfect placement for a breeding candidate.  They have a family, a normal lifestyleand are companions of both children and adults.  They have all the attention, grooming care, training, car rides, premium dog food, a social circle and above all are loved and patted every single day.  Compare that with a kennel of cement pens and a pasture when the weather is good like you do.  Heck, if you had cared for your dogs as you are trying to lead us to believe, why the heck did so many of them have to be debarked?  A properly run guardian program has no ‘strange’ dog visiting.  Part of the program is being properly socialized.  If you really brought up that pup correctly, it will remember you when it comes to visit.  It is the programs that truly use them like commodities that have no ‘joy’.


Joyce Tabor

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  1. May 17, 2012 7:16 pm

    Mrs Manners should at least remove where she claims to have invented the Guardian Home on her website before slating it, that particular lie is on your home page Bev if you are unmedicated enough to find it.
    Some breeder’s websites are covered in photos of tidy happy looking dogs with their health tests complete with all the results even the merely adequate, its so easy to tell the Genuine from the Fake. Bev doesn’t even know which of her dogs is which, she never did and when she did any health testing it was only to tear up any she didn’t like and pretend it didn’t matter. Or of course sell the dysplastic, half-blind test failure as prime breeding stock

    I’ll say it now, the truth is out and only the seriously deluded are buying from you NOW Bev. Don’t Buy the Lie. Rutland Manor is a Puppy Farm.

  2. alison permalink
    June 25, 2012 11:59 pm

    mmmm…45 years of stud breeding, 6 kids, on a working dairy farm with other working farm dogs, lots of relatives coming to visit, lots of kids playing with puppies…. i dont think my family has ever had a Parvo or corona virus outbreak…unlike Bev….

  3. alison permalink
    March 22, 2013 1:55 pm

    bev’s new property is in darnum…. which means she still needs to be registered with baw baw shire council for the large number of breeding females/males she maintains… has this happened??
    As a breeding facility… she would possibly need to be registered with the DPI as well…. has this happened??

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