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Council Incompetence

Baw Baw Council are well aware of this illegal puppy farm run by Rutland Manor but have to date not taken any action. It does appear as though Rutland Manor is getting preferential treatment, you be the judge.

Beverley Manners operated under the name of Rutland Manor from a property in Darnum Victoria for a number of years before she moved to the Warragul property in September 2007. She also began operating the Warragul Boarding Kennels and Cattery at the same time.

Beverley did not have a permit to operate a breeding establishment when she moved Rutland Manor to Roberts Road Warragul. Baw Baw Council commenced an investigation in December 2007. And this ongoing investigation is still to this day being passed on to numerous departments within Council.

12th May 2008 Council were advised that kennels and a puppy farm were operating without a permit. This was passed to Glenn Patterson CEO who passed it onto Russell Mills and Phil Stone.

6th June 2008 Compliance Officer Steve Hedger stated in writing that this complex situation requiring liaison between RSPCA, the EPA and the Bureau of Animal Welfare has taken longer than anticipated to investigate, however it is now close to resolution.

20th June 2008 Petition lodged with council signed by 32 residents urging Council not to issue a boarding and breeding permit.

21st July 2008 Council advised that the owner of Rutland Manor had sent by way of registered post a “threatening letter” to one of her neighbours and that due to a number of “disturbances” the police had been called out to Roberts Road. Complainant once again asked Council to rectify the current situation of noise and illegal breeding of unregistered dogs.

22nd July 2008 Laurie Arundale Compliance officer states in writing “Council officers expect to understand all of the facts of the matter by 31st July 2008 and a decision will be made at that time. The investigation may result in charges being laid”.

25th August 2008 –complaint lodged with Ombudsman Victoria re: Baw Baw Council’s lack of action.

4th September 2008-20 concerned residents and the EPA meet with Baw Baw Council.

15th October 2008 Council stated in writing that Beverley Manners had until 13th November 2008 to rectify the dogs constant barking. Shortly after this Council commenced legal proceedings.

19th December 2008 EPA conducted a series of tests and issued notice to Rutland Manor/Warragul Boarding Kennels  to cease running a boarding kennel/cattery. (In early June 2009 a number of cats and boarded dogs were observed on the property and this was reported to Council)

24th April 2009 In writing Compliance Coordinator Laurie Arundale stated that Council had decided to suspend the current prosecution stating “costly and limited resources” and that the EPA were now investigating.

2nd May 2009 Second complaint lodged with Ombudsman Victoria re: Baw Baw Councils failure to take any action.

June 2009 – Beverley commences debarking her dogs.

June 4th 2009 Council were reminded again that none of the breeding dogs at Rutland Manor were registered and that this had been allowed to occur since 2007. Council were also advised that Rutland Manor had a trained guard dog on the premises (Rotweiller) that is not registered, does not have mandatory identification collar, mandatory signage displayed on the perimeter of the property and fences were not 1.8 metres high as per guidelines. That breeding business was continuing still without a permit to do so. This complaint was sent to Mayor Ruth McGowan who passed it on to a compliance officer.

June 5th 2009. Laurie Arundale admits in writing that Rutland Manor still does not have a permit to breed dogs, even though there is ample evidence that dogs are being bred at Rutland Manor.

June 22nd 2009 Complaint is lodged to Baw Baw Council CEO David Powell from Debra Tranter informing them that Rutland Manor is operating an illegal puppy farm and that dogs are being bred “back to back” as stated on Rutland Manors Website and that a number of boarded cats and dogs were observed on the property.

June 23rd 2009 Baw Baw Council quickly issue Beverley a boarding and breeding permit under the company name New Covenant Pty Ltd signed by Compliance officer Laurie Arundale. Laurie phone’s Rutland Manor and advises Beverley Manners of Debra Tranter’s complaint and to remove the sentence “we breed our girl’s back to back” from the Rutland Manor website.

June 24th 2009 Rutland Manor staff are observed shaving all the dogs in an attempt to hide their matted hair and positioning pot plants around the kennels to make them look more appealing.

Who is protecting the dogs?

Rutland Manor Kennels

Rutland Manor Kennels

6 Comments leave one →
  1. Sandra Middleton permalink
    April 3, 2010 9:26 pm

    If the council has repeatedly done nothing about this, there would be a reason surely. I smell money here. The fact that the permit was issued so quickly reinforces the odour.

  2. alison permalink
    June 20, 2010 5:11 pm

    hi all,
    am just wondering if there is any further updates on the council and their actions or inaction as the case may be???

  3. StopRutlandManor permalink*
    June 20, 2010 5:15 pm

    Hi Alison,
    We are currently trying to get them to act on the overbreeding of Kirsty. They are reluctant to act however we are continuing to request that they enforce the legislation.

  4. Harmonie Goldman permalink
    June 20, 2010 8:41 pm

    What can be done about Kirstie in Australia when she is in America and so is Beverly. Kirstie has had her three litters and the third one has gone to their new families. Beverly is probably counting the days until Kirstie comes into heat so she can make more money off her. When will that vile person go home?

  5. StopRutlandManor permalink*
    June 21, 2010 2:26 am

    We believe Council can still act on the overbreeding of Kirstie, even though they are reluctant too.

  6. sue-ellen permalink
    February 4, 2012 4:44 am

    im shocked and appaled by these hideous barbaric places and i cant believe that i am only finding out about puppy mills now. I live in Warragul not far from Rutland Manor, can anyone tell me if its still operating as i notice the last post was fom 2010?

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