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October 15, 2010

Knowledge of Rutland Manor’s fraudulent behaviour is growing and the anger is spreading. If you paid up to $30,000 and in some cases even more for a ‘breeding bitch’ that was purchased from a puppy farm for a few hundred dollars wouldn’t you be angry?

Breeders all over the world are angry and rightly so, they have been ripped of for thousands of dollars and Beverley has laughed all the way to the bank as she typed up the fake pedigree’s.

Beverley paid $500 per puppy from the well known Valley View puppy farm (currently under investigation by Australian authorities) and tries to explain it away as a ‘rescue’. Its obscene and you can read about it here. Yet another website determined to educate the consumer and bravely print the facts.

Our thoughts once again go out to the ethical breeders who unknowingly purchased the Rutland Manor puppy farm dogs.

The world is watching Beverley.

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  1. Ubique Larkhill permalink
    October 15, 2010 1:02 pm

    Thanks to all those who sent in evidence in response to my request earlier this week. The Farms of Shame team was stunned to read those emails from Rutland Manor and checked them over and over again for authenticity before we posted them. We knew Beverley Manners was a fraud and an abuser but to have it confirmed by herself was not what we we expected.
    She should be brought to justice not just for her ill use of these innocent and beautiful dogs but also for the devastation she has brought to other peoples’ lives and businesses. People who believed and trusted her, the pet owners, the breeders, the charities, and even her sad and guilty family have suffered through Beverley’s greed.

  2. October 15, 2010 8:32 pm

    Thank you for your hard work and determination. I was niether shocked or dismayed with this latest and most damning information; in truth I have been waiting for this last piece of the puzzle. Yet and truth I support, all of us support, those top notch, world wide breeders of Labradoodles who began to wonder and test and question many years ago, when they recieved dogs from RM who were ill or in some questionable stage or state of debilitating illness, sterile, or in some other way not fit to be bred, and weren’t.

    The internet was not then the velocity for information it is today. By letter and post and phone the information began to be shared among the many, while at the same time, Ms. Maners breeding engines were steaming forward and, apparently, packing her wallet and her growing ego; so with personal retribution or questioning those breeders who raised the health warantee flag when their own Veterinarian’s testing (up to and including world reknowned Veterinary specialists) found, “things were not as they appeared to be”. Some owners, too, began to question – those as best I can tell, also put off with the issue as being an anomoly.

    As a Labradoodle owner (and lover) I feel compelled to thank the hundreds and hundreds, thousands perhaps, of Breeders around the world who stopped in their tracks…looked carefully into the issues and went forward to breed the healthiest of those who came to them, initiated long and expensive testing, or, retired their young bitch or stud to a forever family with full disclosure (or kept as their own this companion). And, sadly, perhaps in some cases to humanely euthanize those who were in dire and uncontrollable illness.e all were and are able to handle any financial or emotional issue that might come along. I say this because I have one of those who provides me with more love and joy than wealth could ever bring and I will love him to my own last breath, and his.

    Good breeders world wide should not even blink at this issue…they have already done what was necessary to provide the world with the tested, healthy, and ‘guaranteed’ Australian Labradoodle, support for their own breeding “stock” with RM lineages, and the pups being sold world wide, including in RM’s own “backyard” so to speak, where in truth this sordid story began among the best of the Breeders in AU, from their worries, their concerns. I have one of those healthy ones , too, and I love her as well and as much as I love “him”.

    This is really a story about ethics, about a moral dilema, about inaction on the part of the Australian government to put a stop to the mass exodus of puppy mill dogs and dogs sold from pet stores, and for many wonderful Breeders in Australia -a great embarrassment that it was not stopped when it was first thought to be discovered or understood. Wonderful Australian Labradoodles exist there today, all tested and healthy, but at great cost financially and emotionally to those Breeders who once, long ago, percieved RM as colleague, and yet who also began to question, to test, and to speak interactively with others around the world about what they were finding. Today, Labradoodle Breeders around the world are to be honored for taking pause, for stopping, for using intuitive thinking and their skilled breeding knowledge and reputable Veterinarians to find and provide us with the Labradoodle dog we own and love today.

    Happy, joyful, playful, silly, healthy fur friends. Raise high the glass to these Breeders
    in AU, US, UK, Netherlands, and so many other Country’s where Labradoodles are being raised, I do. As for Ms. Manners, jail time or the removal of a breeding license, NOW, is what I see in the near term. If for no other reason than she has stumbled herself on truth and in the names of those many Labradoodle dogs everywhere who might ultimately have been humanely euthanized for her sad, sad folly. How dare she!

    Thank you for the truth websites of Stop Rutland Manors and Farms of Shame. You were right. Another glass is raised to you both for bringing the truth to those of us who love Labradoodles and wouldn’t own any other dog, ever! I understand some of you in AU have risked your lives to do this. I salute you.

  3. A Tree permalink
    October 20, 2010 1:20 pm

    How can Rutland Manor survive when B Manners has admitted what a fraud she is? Judith has some very clear insights into B Manners very odd behaviour but nothing excuses what she has done.There are breeders all over the world hurt by this woman, they should be hitting her in the pocket and close her down for good.

  4. Harmonie Goldman permalink
    October 22, 2010 11:21 pm

    Whatever you can do to help this cause, SHUT RM DOWN…..please help! Someone in the Warragul government has to know what she is and has been up to. who does she pay off to stay quiet? This is an embarrassment to Australia in general. Horrible old witch woman she is.

    • anom permalink
      November 1, 2010 10:07 pm

      So Bev NO Manners is back in the horse ring with her pony Cozzie and the sulky she supposedly sold because she has no money. LOL! She let her stooge Helen drive the pony. Why? Has she lost her edge or are her so called poor feet giving her problems. Poor feet! Right…another lie.
      Did she leave RM unattended which is against the law? Is she now moving back to the horse world? She shouldn’t be able to have anything to do with any living creature.
      Give up Bev.

  5. h. allison permalink
    November 19, 2010 7:27 am

    Bev you’re still full of it…..

  6. Anon permalink
    March 21, 2011 7:55 pm

    Wonder why Jane and Goldie didn’t make it to the Labradoodle Romp. Maybe she is consoling Bev over her lost house. So sad. And Ziggy is getting a sibling. Thank goodness a puppy will get to leave the dungun puppy mill.

  7. Lisa Calderon permalink
    May 16, 2011 6:49 pm

    This site in conjunction with Rutland Manor’s site makes for interesting reading. This site contains the truth while RM contains lies and fairytales. It’s taken a few years since the blowup between Angela and Beverley for the truth to play out and now people are keeping their distance and buying puppies elsewhere.
    People who go to the Rutland Manor website are continually amused by her talking highly of herself in the third person, listing fake titles and awards as no one can find evidence of any of them being true. She insults many people with her false talk of God and quoting scripture. If someone is looking to buy a puppy, they don’t care about your fake belief in God, in fact its disgusting.

    Why on earth is Brolly and Knossos litter listed under “NEW LITTERS”? Those puppies have already gone to their homes for God sake! What is new about that?

    No buns in any ovens? We can only hope so. So watch out if something suddenly turns up. No doubt she bought dogs in whelp from other puppy farms and will fake them out as
    RM authentic Labradoodles. But she will still have to define what the authentic Australian Labradoodle is? With or without the Wheaten?

    No wonder Mrs. Manners had to peddle her wares at a garage sale.
    I pray to God the dogs have been put in decent homes and that Mrs. Manners is going to dissappear in the wind and leave the breeding to people who know what they’re doing and who care about the dogs.

    Typical to her form, she hides for weeks and then suddenly pops up on her chat site with stupid, meaningless comments. She probably has lots of time now that she has nothing in her honeymoon cove. Maybe she is getting kickbacks from the breeders who have her diminishing breeding stock.
    It won’t be long until the Rutland Manor breeding dogs are so diluted they won’t show up on the worthless pedigrees.
    That will be another time for celebration.

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