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A Nature to Die For

September 29, 2011

Nyah is a standard sized chocolate female with a wool coat and a temperament and nature to die for – Beverley Manners September 2011.

As a generic rule, it is Rutland Manors breeding policy to breed only two litters from each female, or three if we have been unable to keep a daughter to carry on her mother’s line due to an extra long wait list – Beverley Manners 2009

Sometimes we are left speechless at Beverley Manners lies and the brutality of which she treats these dogs. Sometimes we have no words. Sometimes all one has to do is look at Bev’s website and with her own stupidity she exposes the lies herself.

Shania Retired ?

Many of you know Shania, you may be one of many that demanded justice when we revealed that Shania had been forced to have 3 litters in a 12 month period. Shania has also suffered the indignity  and cruelty of being debarked, illegally.

We have discovered at least 7 litters from poor Shania

Litter 1 January 2006 – Tegan Park Muskateer

Litter 2 August 2006 – Tegan Park El Grande

Litter 3 January 2007 – Tegan Park Phoenix

Litter 4 August 2008 – Rutlands Kelby

Litter 5 February 2009 – Rutlands Kelby

Litter 6 August 2009 Hyland Myst Knossos

Beverley announced that this would  be Shania’s last litter and that she “Will spend the rest of her days living the life of a princess as she so richly deserves. Only the very best will do for this lovely girl”

But that was a famous Beverley lie because Shania had her 7th litter in August 2010 – Rutlands Kelby.

Those that know and love Shania and have witnessed her suffering for her entire 7 years, would recognise this beautiful dog anywhere. Beverley, who is so detached from these dogs, honestly believes no one would know if she renamed Shania and bred her for an 8th time.

The announcement of 'Nyah'/Onyx litter - Shania's 8th litter

Shania has been renamed Nyah and we witness the brutality of Beverley Manners once again. No mention of heritage appears with “Nyah’s” information because Nyah and Shania are sadly the same dog. Bev will have  some creative thinking to do in order  to print these ‘pedigrees’

Shania epitomises the life of a Rutland Manor

'Nyah' as she appears on Rutland Manor website September 2011

breeding machine and her suffering is testament to Beverley’s greed, delusions and barbaric cruelty.

Here’s a tip Bev, when you lie to the public and change the names of your dogs so you can over breed them, it’s a good idea to use different photos!

A “nature to die for” indeed it is Bev, your slowly killing this dog! You are a disgrace and the public are not that easily fooled.

Boycott Rutland Manor Puppy Factory!

Shania Rutland Manor website August 2010

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  1. alison permalink
    September 29, 2011 5:06 am

    as per the bev usual… breed the bitches because once its happened well what can any one do about it… lets hope the DNA tests can be done…, I’m waiting and watching to see when Brolly has her next litter… she’s already had two litters in 2011
    Bev… dont think we arent aware of what you do!!!

  2. alison permalink
    September 29, 2011 6:28 am

    can anyone give me an exact birth date for highland myst knossos????

  3. The Karma Truck Always Comes When You Least Expect It permalink
    September 29, 2011 8:40 am

    Ava, whose temperament has been cause for concern, also now has had 3 litters in a year or a little over a year.

    Whatever you put out there always comes back to you. Beverley Ruthless-Manners, you should be expecting some really nasty payback for your inhumane and cruel choices.

  4. A Crying Shame permalink
    September 29, 2011 2:02 pm

    Can’t wait to hear what story she will concoct to get herself out of this one.
    Nyah..just seemed to apear out of announcement on her Honeymoon page like Brolly and Ava, not listed under her breeding girls page, no mention who her parents are and no Kennel; prefix, yet when you click on Nyah’s name on Nyah’s litter page her description is one of a great mom with a history
    Perhaps she will say she is Shania’s daughter (clone) who was sold to another breeder and since Shania is retired she just HAD to have her back and offered a large sum of money to buy her back. That’s one possible concocted story..there are many more I can think of.

    If someone really puts the heat on her, asking for DNA proof, I am sure she will be crying tears that either someone broke in and stole her or she ended up unexpected passing away. Or perhaps she will say she has the DNA profile to prove it, yet we all know she never shows proof when someone challenges her. But then again anyone can DNA profile any dog and lie about who they are. DNA profiling mean NOTHING unless you are using it to track parentage. In other words…you need the DNA of Nyah’s parents too to PROVE who she REALLY is.
    Bev says alot of impressive things on her site about DNA profiling to prove she doesn’t lie and manipulate pedigrees, but has anyone ever challenged her on it? Yes they did!! OF course as expected..the dog that was being challenged immediately was taken off her site and sold. But thanks to an anonymous investigator..they FOUND where the dog was and Provided the Blood sample for DNA and verified who we suspected his mom REALLY was. You are such a shrewed sociopathic liar, thief, manipulator, playing victim all the time, who takes advantage of the innocent people who need and want to believe in you at the expense of the poor dogs!!

  5. September 29, 2011 3:20 pm

    somehow i got onto utube tonight…. just happened to be looking at some puppy farm prosecutions and “raids”… and i noticed one labeled Neiger… from channel nine news on the tv… seems like neiger had all their poodles removed by the rspca and the decision upheld by a court case… although i think this might be old news… my thoughts were …. “it takes one to know one”… and there is a lot of neiger in bev’s bloodlines

  6. October 1, 2011 9:58 am

    just read on doodle zoo…
    bev says was waiting for people to come out with this…?W.T…???
    Why bother doing it then. Is it some perverted sense of humour on her part… does she truly believe that just because it is really shania, that breeding her is ok? This poor bitch has in the past 2 years has had 2 litters, over four homes, two long distance transports and supposed training to be a service dog, does she ever get a chance just to be a dog?So much for the “for-ever” home and the life of a princess… but then again we all know what happened to the princess of henry the eigth… when they didn’t produce they got killed off too…

  7. October 3, 2011 9:47 am

    Oz Justice, Frances whatever she calls herself, Beverley Manners is a nightmare. BTW Bev used the name Mrs Frances Justice to con people that she wanted their pet for love and cherish.. She did not tell them the truth, “I’m Beverley Manners and I will breed your dog until she dies”, that she reserved for other Puppy Farmers like Banksia Park Puppies who are doing the same

    Its a bit transparent , her middle name is Frances and she is obsessed with her father being a Justice of the Peace (if he was)

    Lies, lies, more lies, don’t forget Beverley has admitted to my website that she faked pedigrees and got her breeding stock from other puppy farms.

    Shut Up Bev, when you are in a hole STOP DIGGING but above all STOP BREEDING dogs you hardly know and have no care for..

  8. Just noticed! permalink
    October 19, 2011 7:29 am

    Looks like poor Shania ( Nyah) had medical assistance to have yet another litter from her poor tired body. Was that done by the vet who declared her fit and healthy in order to keep his client happy, never mind his duty to the dogs.
    There’s a towel hiding the shaved leg, whatever next Bev?

    She’s just removed that photo. Hiding the evidence won’t help Bev , we all saw it.

  9. alison permalink
    November 23, 2011 1:11 pm

    Rutlands Ava to be retired???

    When looking at Ava’s timeline… its interesting to look at the photo’s… white marking clearly visible on some photos, but in others where it should have been, it doesnt seem to be there… yet in an early puppy photos, the white markings are clearly visible on both puppies who are listed as ava and anya in the photo.

    lets hope ava finds a loving home…

    also interesting to look at photos of “Onyx” in his guardian home… and look who is the guardian home for Rutlands Anya… a nice collection of photos…all very similer….


  10. Just noticed! permalink
    February 3, 2012 3:53 pm

    Finally Shania has been retired unless we are facing the biggest sham of all. Probably she is too old and worn out to carry puppies safely. 3 YEARS and MANY more litters after Beverley declared her retired, will she at last be allowed to be a dog in her old age? She is 7 after all and her youth is long gone. I really hope so.

    I don’t care if some family has swallowed Beverley’s lies provided they give Shania a great home

    Maybe they will see this page? If so they should ask themselves, how she is described as a descendant of Cool Dude on one page
    “Nyah who has left an impressive legacy to the Australian Labradoodle breed. A descendant of the legendary ‘Tegan Park Cool Dude’,”
    AND as a sister to him on another
    “Tegan Park Cool Dude’ was born at Tegan Park in December 2000. This maternal grandson of an Irish Water Spaniel was a tall Standard, with a chocolate wool coat. His sire, ‘Tegan Park Ima Collectors Itm'(spelling correct) had a profound influence on the intutive nature and working bloodlines of th Australian Labradoodle breed, and he went on to father pre-potent sires such as ‘Rutlands Magnum’ and ‘Rutlands Kelby’ as well as producing outstanding dams such as ‘Tegan Park Shania’ ”
    There are just TOO MANY LIES, 7 years old and at least 8 provable litters is hardly the life Beverley pretends her bitches lead.

    Please may her new family love her and care for her as she deserves, it’s nearly too late.

    • alison permalink
      February 15, 2012 10:28 am

      i think it would be interesting to compare DNA from litters of shania over the past couple of years…i find it interesting that shania was able to have a litter when she was supoosedly in tasmania and brought back to Beverley when that didnt work out, but was also with Zennith and her trainer at the westfields shopping centre in an email dated 24th august 2011… when did she have time to have her litters of puppies?

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