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Another Pound Dog – Hyland Myst Knossos

June 25, 2012

We know Beverley always used pounds and other puppy factories as a source of breeding dogs. Links to Valley View and ACA/Banksia Park puppy factory are well documented and proven facts. We have also exposed the shameful way in which Happy Wanderer and Tara came to be breeders at Rutland Manor.

Now Beverley has not suprisingly dumped one of her dogs at the pound, the only value Knossos had to Beverley was his sperm and she has kept plenty of that so she didnt need poor old Knossos anymore. Knossos is still advertised as one of her breeding dogs on the Rutland Manor website.

For over a month Knossos sat in a pound awaiting his fate. His pen was marked ‘not for adoption’ due to hip dysplasia and ‘other health problems’. Knossos was due to be killed as he failed the health test. But then a rescue group was able to claim Knossos and set about trying to find him that perfect home.

We can report that at last Knossos is in a loving family home, being treated like a family pet for the first time. He is very skittish understandably having never been treated as a pet, but also very loving. He is sensitive to sound, very timid and of course has been debarked. His location will remain a secret for obvious reasons.

Beverley is the epitome of evil, and dumping Knossos to an unknown fate at the pound proves she does not care about these dogs, only the money they can make for her. To most of us the pound is not a place for dogs, but to Beverley the pound is a place to source breeding stock and to dump her ‘stock’ when she is finished with them. Shame on you Beverley.

Boycott Rutland Manor puppy factory


Right of Reply

May 17, 2012

Most are struggling to keep up with the lies, backflips and blatant misrepresenation, Bev and Angela/Melodie  cannot even seem to remember if its the Cobber dog or the Cobba dog ?

One of our regular readers sent us the following statements and observations and allowed us to publish.

Rutland Manors suggests guardian homes are ‘Red Flags’ along with raising puppies in a home.  Really???

Bev has stated the following on her site:

Some Things That Could Raise a Red Flag

When they say…

1.    “All our puppies are born and raised inside our home with the children”

Not long ago, I noticed a breeder whose website shows no less than twenty breeding females and several males.   This same breeder had nine litters of puppies due to be born in a two month period.  It doesn’t take much to realise that so many puppies couldn’t possibly be raised inside the breeder’s home. Of if they are, I wouldn’t want to have a cup of coffee in that home! Rutland Manor Website 2012

Although I think having 9 litters over a two month period in a home is challenging, it is not impossible to do well. How do we know that there are not helpers being used to assist with those litters?  Did you inquire about that or did you just assume?  In a two month period, depending on the birthing schedules, three litters could be born the first week; three more at the end of that first month and the last three the middle of the second month.   The litters would be in varying stages.  As breeders, we know the first two weeks is really taken care of by the dam.  If you are responsible, you are already introducing a potty system by the third week as well as food.  By the fifth week, pups are practically weaned and eating heartily.  The sixth to eight week, they are being fed by the breeder three times a day.  An overlap of three litters in a staggered system is very do-able with an additional person.  I think you are confusing a well run facility (or home) with a puppy mill in which I would most definitely agree, drinking or eating anything would be detrimental to your health.  Do you have pictures of this place?  Is it a large home or a hovel?  Although many breeders may raise numerous litters in their home initially, many then transfer the pups to an outside area/building for potty training, socializing and romping.  So there is NOT nine litters living in the home for two months at all.   Making such a blanket statement about another ‘breeder’ when you, yourself have claimed to have produced thousands of puppies over numerous years with a minimal staff in a cramped facility of which this site has exposed is deceiving and misleading – especially without proof.

In addition, raising young puppies (too young to be vaccinated under six weeks)  inside the home is a dangerous practice because it is impossible to sanitise the entire house where so many people come and go from off the streets and parks where infectious diseases are rampant. This situation is a ticking time bomb and it’s almost inevitable that sooner or later parvo virus or other deadly viral diseases will strike. Your puppy could be one of the victims.  Don’t take the risk! Rutland Manor Website 2012

Risk?  You take a greater risk keeping puppies in a stone cell without any natural sunlight or air.  Going from one pen to another that has fecal matter has the same risk whether it is a home or a barn!  Disinfecting is the same no matter where the four walls may be.  Parvo can be contacted from anywhere and if a good protocol is not followed will hit any kennel or home no matter how clean.   It is a virus and can strike at any time.  Keeping to a stringent cleaning doctrine and using bleach footbaths before entering and when exiting does wonders for prevention.  What is dangerous is you trying to instill fear in people who would rather purchase their puppies from home raised litters rather than a puppy farm with no place to call ‘home’!

2.    When a breeder routinely advertises for guardian homes, ask yourself this question:  why would someone want to breed with more dogs than they can, or want to, take care of themselves?   Where is the joy of breeding from dogs who are strangers to the breeder?  Ask yourself, what other motive could there be when it seems to be a numbers game? Rutland Manor Website 2012

This statement takes the cake.  Just because you could not keep your guardian home program going due to your personal afflictions, you twist this wonderful concept into a morbid place.  You were delighted to claim that you were the one to dream up this concept and now you throw mud at it.  Why is that?  You truly feel that because YOUR guardian program failed that no breeder should utilize this concept?  A true guardian home is the most perfect placement for a breeding candidate.  They have a family, a normal lifestyleand are companions of both children and adults.  They have all the attention, grooming care, training, car rides, premium dog food, a social circle and above all are loved and patted every single day.  Compare that with a kennel of cement pens and a pasture when the weather is good like you do.  Heck, if you had cared for your dogs as you are trying to lead us to believe, why the heck did so many of them have to be debarked?  A properly run guardian program has no ‘strange’ dog visiting.  Part of the program is being properly socialized.  If you really brought up that pup correctly, it will remember you when it comes to visit.  It is the programs that truly use them like commodities that have no ‘joy’.


Joyce Tabor


March 3, 2012

What does a puppy farmer do when sales and supporters have slumped ?

Change the name of your dog breed of course 🙂 Puppy farmers still believe that the public are uneducated so will set out to deceive and create wonderful stories and gimmicky names.

And how strange that mother (Beverley) and daughter (Angela) puppy farmers who have hated each other for years are now reunited all due to their love of the Cobbadog. Well we all know Angela (or is it Melodie still ?) has a preference to changing names when it all gets a bit to much (or your caught out neglecting dogs). Pity the Angela/Melodie/Beverley/Rutland/Tegan/ Labradoodle/Companion dog/CobbaDog brigade doesn’t realise that a name change does not provide protection from an educated public that demands transparency and better treatment of dogs.

And all of this is supported by that wonderful puppy farmers group the Master Dog Breeders Association, even the founder changes her name to suit the occasion, dont you Julie oops we mean Steve ! Name changes are all the go !

Do they really think the public are that gullible ? A factory farmer is still a factory farmer, even if they change their name!

Good Company

October 21, 2011

How many associations can a puppy farmer go through?

Kicked out of ILA (International Labradoodle Association)

Kicked out of LAA ( Labradoodle Association of Australia)

Dumped by Disability Aid Dogs. Then came HALO and Aussie Angels Assistance Dogs and the Australian Associtaion of Pet Dog Breeders (Puppy farmers association run by puppy farmers) Ethical Dog Breeders Awards and with each new group and membership came a shiny ‘badge’ to strategically place on the Rutland Manor website !!

And now we have another one! The Master Dog Breeders Association!

RM Website October 21 2011

Who are they ?

Run by Julie Nelson, who sometimes uses the name ‘Steve’ when she wants to criticise anti puppy farm supporters on dogszonline. Also uses the name Daniel October when she wants to stick up for her puppy farming friends on facebook! Julie spends most of her day on the internet defending puppy farmers and attacking anyone that wants them closed. Sound familiar?

Like attracts like!

Yep Beverley sure knows how to keep in good company 🙂

A Nature to Die For

September 29, 2011

Nyah is a standard sized chocolate female with a wool coat and a temperament and nature to die for – Beverley Manners September 2011.

As a generic rule, it is Rutland Manors breeding policy to breed only two litters from each female, or three if we have been unable to keep a daughter to carry on her mother’s line due to an extra long wait list – Beverley Manners 2009

Sometimes we are left speechless at Beverley Manners lies and the brutality of which she treats these dogs. Sometimes we have no words. Sometimes all one has to do is look at Bev’s website and with her own stupidity she exposes the lies herself.

Shania Retired ?

Many of you know Shania, you may be one of many that demanded justice when we revealed that Shania had been forced to have 3 litters in a 12 month period. Shania has also suffered the indignity  and cruelty of being debarked, illegally.

We have discovered at least 7 litters from poor Shania

Litter 1 January 2006 – Tegan Park Muskateer

Litter 2 August 2006 – Tegan Park El Grande

Litter 3 January 2007 – Tegan Park Phoenix

Litter 4 August 2008 – Rutlands Kelby

Litter 5 February 2009 – Rutlands Kelby

Litter 6 August 2009 Hyland Myst Knossos

Beverley announced that this would  be Shania’s last litter and that she “Will spend the rest of her days living the life of a princess as she so richly deserves. Only the very best will do for this lovely girl”

But that was a famous Beverley lie because Shania had her 7th litter in August 2010 – Rutlands Kelby.

Those that know and love Shania and have witnessed her suffering for her entire 7 years, would recognise this beautiful dog anywhere. Beverley, who is so detached from these dogs, honestly believes no one would know if she renamed Shania and bred her for an 8th time.

The announcement of 'Nyah'/Onyx litter - Shania's 8th litter

Shania has been renamed Nyah and we witness the brutality of Beverley Manners once again. No mention of heritage appears with “Nyah’s” information because Nyah and Shania are sadly the same dog. Bev will have  some creative thinking to do in order  to print these ‘pedigrees’

Shania epitomises the life of a Rutland Manor

'Nyah' as she appears on Rutland Manor website September 2011

breeding machine and her suffering is testament to Beverley’s greed, delusions and barbaric cruelty.

Here’s a tip Bev, when you lie to the public and change the names of your dogs so you can over breed them, it’s a good idea to use different photos!

A “nature to die for” indeed it is Bev, your slowly killing this dog! You are a disgrace and the public are not that easily fooled.

Boycott Rutland Manor Puppy Factory!

Shania Rutland Manor website August 2010

Ozzy’s Story

July 11, 2011

More and more people are contacting us with their stories of Rutland Manor and the health conditions of their beloved dogs. Buying a Rutland Manor dog is expensive but the hidden costs is something Beverley does not reveal. There has never been any health tests published about any of the Rutland Manor breeding dogs, its all a huge secret and the consumer is always left with the huge vet bill and the heartbreak. Here is Ozzy’s story and we learn of 3 dogs purchased by the one family all with health problems.

Do you still want that expensive Rutland Manor ‘poodle’?

To all concerned,

We purchased our beloved doodle Ozzy in May of 2008 and he was the last litter that Yogi Bean had with Charlamagne.

When Ozzy arrived at DIA I was  a little shocked about his condition, he was rather small    and his lower jaw was slightly deformed.  But there was no way I was going to put this  precious baby back on a plane to Austrailia.  Ozzy has done extremely well up until 2 months  ago.  I noticed depression, loss of engery and stiffness in his limbs.  The first month I  thought because our household had changed somewhat it was taking an effect on Ozzy, but  as it progressed I sought medical attention.  His first blood test came back with with high kidney levels that the vet had never seen in such a young dog and his urine was diluted, did xrays that were inconclusive and recommended an ultrasound which we had done.  The ultra showed two kidneys but the left appears to have some type of calicification in it.  I then changed his diet to strictly organic and filtered water.  A week later the blood test came back with kidney levels normal but his bilirubin levels were exremely high 1.9 and the ultra sound did show the liver was small.  My vet is stumped, we are doing a bile acid blood test next week and a complete thyroid panel.  If these are inconclusive she is referring me to Colorado State University Veterinary School.  My sister and mother both have purchased doodles’ from Rutland Manor and both have medical problems:  one has a unidentified liver problem she is 4 parents Rosie and the studs name I can not remember and the other has hip dyplasia at the age of 4 parents Irish Night aka Coal and Lil Woo Woo.  Needless to say we are heartbroken, when we thought we were getting our pets from a loving breeder who turns out to be the worst of the worst.   If anyone has information on liver conditions from Rutland Manor I would love to hear from you.  Regards, Sandra and Ozzy

Indy’s Story

June 13, 2011

This is the story of Indy and her long heartbreaking and expensive recovery. Indy’s owners responsibly wrote to Beverley to warn her about Indy’s condition as they were only worried about the effect of Rutland Manor’s breeding program. Beverley described Indy’s condition as “a storm in a teacup”. When Indy’s owners forwarded veterinary evidence that confirmed hip dysplasia, Beverley as usual blamed the vets.  Beverley is breeding cruelty.

Indy recovering from surgery

Just wanted to up date you on whats been happening with my Indy Doodledog. (b 12 November 2002 to Gypsy and Cadet, story in Testimonial No.5). The last 6 months have been a rollercoaster ride for Indy and all of us that care about her.

In October last year we went ahead with the hip replacement surgery. There is no canine specialist hip surgeon in Canberra, where we live, so we had to see a surgeon in Sydney, a 3 hour drive. (Surgeon David and his staff were fabulous). It was difficult to decide which hip should be done as the X-rays showed they were both badly deformed so the surgeon didn’t have a lot to work with. She ended up having her right hip done. Her leg was in a sling for 2 weeks and we knew that she was in for a long rehab. However we didn’t count on 2 days after the sling and stitches being removed that Indy would dislocate the new hip!! We knew this was a rare complication of the surgery however it is usually associated with too much activity too soon after the surgery. Indy’s hip however dislocated in the night when she was rolling over in her sleep. She was in incredible pain!!!! We rushed her straight back to Sydney and David and his team preformed an emergency Triple Pelvic Osteotomy where the pelvis is broken in 3 places and the hip socket is realigned to prevent it dislocating. This meant another 2 weeks in a sling and 50 staples it was awful!!!!! When the sling and staples were removed her leg had become so wasted that she couldn’t use it at all. After another 2 weeks of not using it at all we took her back to Sydney and Indy stayed for a week for some intensive physiotherapy treatment. We received a very distressed phone call from David who said he couldn’t see any improvement and he felt it was cruel to continue. He felt there was nothing else they could do to help her recover the use of the leg and given that her other hip was unlikely to be unable to support her for any length of time we had some hard decisions to make.(I think David was just as devastated as we were!) This was in the second week in December. We decided to make sure her pain was managed and wait until after Christmas before making any decisions. Neither the Specialist or our local vet thought that she would regain the use of her leg so we thought we were looking at possibly a wheel chair, or if the pain couldn’t be managed having her euthanised. Christmas this year was NOT fun! Early in the new year we contacted a specialist animal physiotherapist here in Canberra and had decided that if she couldn’t help we would have Indy euthanised as it wasn’t fair for her to be in so much pain and so restricted in what she could do.

Watch Video

Well all I can say is that Louise the Physiotherapist is incredible!!!!! With massage, electrical muscle stimulation, and a gentle exercise program Indy is now able to weight bare on the leg and is slowly re building muscle bulk. Probably more importantly the physiotherapy treatment has significantly reduced her pain and we have been able to reduce the amount of medication she takes. There is a long way to go yet but Indy seems happy in herself and is back to being in charge of the world!

Watch Video

Every time I looked at Indy in that sling in pain and later struggling to walk I thought ‘…..this is the result of the dreadful breeding practices at Rutland Manner…..’. I don’t blame the surgeon as I said he didn’t have much to work with and there are risks with any surgery. It was Beverly’s failure to breed from healthy lines and to not acknowledge the extent of Hip Dysplasia in her dogs that led to Indy’s pain. I sincerely hope that these practices are stopped and that people heed warnings not to buy dogs from anywhere that uses them!!!!!

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