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Like Attracts Like…The Queen of Scam

February 23, 2011

It appears as though Rutland Manor has won some awards, or so claims Beverley Manners. Or has the Queen of scam been scammed her self ?

Ethical Dog Breeder award and Top Dog Website award, sounds impressive doesn’t it ?

After a few minutes of investigating it appears that they are clearly scammers, just like Beverley is. Times are tough financially for Beverley with dwindling puppy sales and Bev is obviously trying everything to revamp her image.

Click on the awards on the Rutland Manor home page and they will take you to a sign up page for train pet dogs

Beware if you sign up for the free train pet dog package that is linked on Beverley page you wont get any free training advice. Instead your computer will be bombarded with spam and you will never be able to reach anyone to have your email address removed from the company list. If you actually buy any of the packages offered by “train pet dog” you will never get anything in return, except theft of your money.,, and many other dog training sites are but a few of the hundreds of web site domain names owned by Sumantra Roy from India. He has been under investigation for several years and as soon as as one of his con web sites gets shuts down, another one pops up. Read what the consumer complaint board think of him.

Just like everything else Bev has claimed over the years, her “train pet dog” awards are nothing more than a scam, and a dangerous consumer one at that. Sumantra Roy is in good company!

Bev give up, leave the dogs alone, you really are scraping the bottom of the barrel this time.

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  1. alison permalink
    February 23, 2011 5:12 am

    hi folks… me thinks the Aussie Angels website has changed because i can’t find a listing of their mebers/board of managment anymore….I know Beverley was listed at one point…

    In my more suspicious moments i do wonder… beverley has never hidden the fact that she would like to rename her breed something like the aussie assistance dog…

    hhhmmmm… what better way since your property is being sold, to find a new spot for your puppy farm, then to become a registered charity… it would be rather useful financially too…

  2. Lisa J Ryan permalink
    February 23, 2011 6:57 am

    I wonder how long it will take desperate Bev to tell her flock of followers about how she has been scammed, ripped off, deceived etc. Good title “Like Attracts Like – The Queen of Scam. Bev is probably looking for a % of cross pollinated customers ! Hope they have all been reported to the Fraud squad.

    I wonder if she has yet chucked a wobbly over the statement that the AABPD head “introduced the Labradoodle”.

    “Dr Kate Schoeffel is a NSW based veterinarian and professional breeder of Labradoodles. Kate is an international pioneer of crossbreeds (designer breeds), having introduced the Labradoodle some 20 years ago.Kate is also a pioneer of the professional dog breeding industry in Australia, being the founder and president of the Australian Association of Pet Dog Breeders Inc. (website: She and her husband Bruce live on their farm in NSW and have four daughters.”

  3. Lisa J Ryan permalink
    March 3, 2011 8:40 am

    Noticed that Bev has moved the shonky awards down to the bottom of her website home page with yet another new Public Notice.

    • Arla McShae permalink
      March 3, 2011 4:01 pm

      And anyone can buy awards.

  4. alison permalink
    March 9, 2011 12:58 am

    hi folks, just doing a little research on the net again, and found this tribute published in The AGE newspaper on 28th February 2009. It is a tribute to Pamela Keating, daughter of Keith and Elva Raper. I hope they will forgive the publishing of their tribute to their daughter and sister, but it bears some relation to Brverley’s statement of managing the elva raper group of kennels.

    16-11-1954 — 26-1-2009
    PAM Keating, a passionate and visionary leader dedicated to the environment and the waste management industry, died in a single car accident in Gippsland on Australia Day, aged 54.
    Advertisement: Story continues below
    One of the first business leaders to fully grasp the challenges of the environment, her work transformed the way businesses manage their waste.
    Pam entered her parents’ waste management business, Active Waste, following the death of her brother Ken in 1987, ironically also in a road accident. She had a clear sense of how industry needed to reform its practices to safeguard the natural environment. She was convinced that environmentally sustainable businesses could be more profitable than the alternative and certain that a waste disposal business could successfully become a waste reduction business.
    She founded Waste Audit and Consultancy Services to work with both producers and distributors to reduce their need for waste disposal.
    Pam was serving as a board member with Environment Victoria, Business Skills Victoria, the Metropolitan Waste Management Group, ZeroWaste SA, and was the Victorian environment minister’s representative, as well as the chairwoman of Keep Australia Beautiful Victoria. She was also a member of EPA Victoria’s prescribed industrial waste advisory committee and an executive member of the Victorian branch of the Waste Management Association of Australia; she had served as president.
    Earlier, she had multiple terms as a board member of Gippsland Water and served as its deputy and acting chairwoman. All this was in addition to numerous committees and panels, whose number seemed to grow exponentially as the years went on.
    Born in Prahran, the second of four children of Keith and Elva Raper, Pam attended Tintern CEGG School in Ringwood East.
    Her indomitable streak was always to the fore, including when she had a run-in with the principal, who returned one day to find Pam dressed in her robes and holding sway over the school. By mutual agreement, Pam left school at age 15 to manage the family kennels and dog grooming businesses; she thrived on the hard work and discipline required to run a successful business.
    At 16, she obtained her pilot’s license, which enabled her to share a love of flying with her mother, a well-known figure and author in Australian women’s aviation. Later, she obtained a helicopter licence.
    In 1973, she met David Keating, whom she married in 1979. Together they established and ran several small businesses — until she stepped into the breach left by her brother’s sudden death.
    Pam’s creative strategy did more than transform waste management. She laid out a successful template for businesses grappling with problems of environmental sustainability. In recent years she established yet another visionary company, Sustainable Learning Australasia. She felt all employees across all industries, including government, had to be trained in sustainable practices.
    Pam is survived by her husband David, their sons Ashley and Travis, her mother Elva, brother Graeme and sister Cheryl Batagol.
    This tribute was prepared by Pam Keating’s family and friends.

    Hmmm… Pamela Keating or Beverley?

    • Arla McShae permalink
      March 10, 2011 4:03 pm

      I”m a bit confused. Are you saying that this Keating woman and Beverley Manners are the same person?

  5. March 10, 2011 8:15 am

    Yet another lie by Bev then, LOL doesn’t look like she was the manager of the Elva Raper Kennels, just an occasional kennel maid who supervised the tea trolley on her good days. Just what we expected.
    Hey! All the lying claims about her “judging” and reputable pedigree dog breeding seem to have disappeared off the front page of the newly polished website.
    No she wasn’t a judge, some of the pedigree breeders keep show information for 40 or 50 years and there is no sign of Bev under any of her names and the kennel clubs do not know her at all. Bev has realised that all her claims have been disproved.
    This is what she used to say
    “Bred and exhibited the following registered “Pure” breeds

    Grafenburg German Shepherd Dogs – 31 years
    Silhouette Scotch Collies (Rough) – 12 years
    PixiePaws Shih Tzu – 3 or 4 years
    PixiePaws Maltese – 3 or 4 years
    Grafenburg Rottweillers – 3 years
    Held Victorian Judging Licence for Groups 3 and 5

    Kennel hand then supervisor for the Elva Raper Chain of Melbourne Boarding Kennels for 10 years, the last 5 as its in – house professional dog trainer

    Owned and operated the Peppercorn Park Boarding/Training Kennels and Grooming Salon – 14 years”


    The TRUTH is a woman stumbling between many relationships, a fantasist needing periods to recuperate in mental health institutions, a manipulative and bold liar. A woman who values MONEY way above friendship or respect.
    Bev bought dogs from Trading Post, Valley View and ACA puppy farms for a couple of hundred dollars each and then sold them for more than 20 thousand AUD abroad with fake pedigrees knowing they had health problems such as hip dysplasia or cataracts.

    Let’s all just spread the TRUTH about her

    • alison permalink
      March 16, 2011 3:59 pm

      hi all,
      I have only found one pedigree for any “grafenburg dogs… “Grafenburg Just So”.
      Listed as being owned by B and R Wetzel, living in Bunyip, born 23/09/1981. His dam is Grafenburg Elite of Kel, his mother’s dam Grafenburg Encore… but from there its unknown on this dams line. There is no mention of any magdelena… but perhaps this was a pet name… Three generations, does not require an awfully long time… and there is certainly no champion, or the like listed for these bitches, though there is way back in the sires line. For a person showing and breeding german shepherds for some 30 odd years it is somewhat strange to have never got your dogs to any form of championship.

      From some of the german shepherd forums i have read, it is considered pretty poor form to name your kennel after or similer any of the german great names, like Von Grafenburg.

      I will leave you to make up your mind

    • Linda Kubitz permalink
      April 19, 2011 4:05 pm

      It seems like Bev Manner thinks she is a Jack of all Trades, but she is actually a Master of abusing dog, lying to people and taking advantage of them. Its widely known she is an uneducated, low class woman with several children from different fathers. None of her children seem to want anything to do with her.
      Some people would pour themselves into animals to replace the human connection and do it with kindness and love.
      Not Bev. Maybe the reason her children want nothing to do with her is because the way she treats the Labradoodes is the way she treated her own children.
      I would run and disassociate myself from a parent like that too.
      That woman will die alone and no one will miss her. What a memory she will leave and it won’t be a good one. Very sad.

  6. alison permalink
    March 12, 2011 11:05 pm

    No Arla,
    i am not saying that…Patricia and Beverley are two entirely different people.
    It does strike me that if Patricia Raper left School at 16, to become manager of her parents business, and was obviously such a very talented and dynamic business person, then some one else would not have been required to manage it… particularly in the time frames Bev mentions…


    • Arla McShae permalink
      March 17, 2011 5:53 pm

      Thanks for the explanation. But of course Beverley had done it all, hasn’t she. The B and R Wetzel in your post would be Beverley and Robert, one of her many husbands. Of course the German Shepherd bragging is nothing more than stories or should we say lies to impress people. Give the world a break Beverley, you’ve only created havoc, lies and broken dreams.
      Now your going to finally lose your house so someone should kennel you. The world is waiting for more lies and tales from you.

  7. Joyce permalink
    April 17, 2011 1:27 pm

    Every now and again, I will visit the Rutland website to read how Bev continues to ‘shine her armor’. I read this:

    ‘ Breakthrough! I have long campaigned for a ban on Pet Shops selling puppies, because regardless of the care pet shops give their puppies, they feed the puppy farming industry. In 2009 I wrote a paper outlining suggestions to eradicate the problem. I sent the paper to local government and other bodies, including the RSPCA.’

    I almost choked. Maybe it has been there for some time, but I am busy like everyone else and just happened to catch it this morning. This excerpt coming from the mouth of the same woman that bought and sold to Colin Hamms puppy mill. Who knows what has become of Bobbi Jo and Billie Jo that she sold to that miserable place. She FEEDS puppy mills. Who is she kidding? She claims to have ‘rescued’ puppies from so many other puppy farms because they ‘were going to be bonged on the head’ and then turned around and made up pedigrees to sell them as Authentic Australian Labradoodles. Does anyone out there REALLY believe the muck that comes out of this woman?

    She wrote a paper that contradicts every single thing she has done herself. Bev is so very good at describing to a ‘T’ what people should and should not do – but she is exempt from these guidelines herself. She is an excellent writer of ‘fairy tales’.

  8. Linda Kubitz permalink
    April 19, 2011 3:59 pm

    I believe that post has been up for a while and you’re right in that it’s all in her dreams. I often wonder about Bobbi Jo and Billi Jo having read about them. It would be too much to expect that they are alive and well.
    I cannot understand how Bev Manners continues to evade the laws that she breaks all the time. Is the local government corrupt? How can they look the other way?
    ‘Maybe its that animals aren’t important enough and they’re satisfied with Bev paying fines.
    I wonder if anyone knows where she is setting up shop again. If I was waiting for a puppy from RM, I would surely want to know where my puppy was going to be born and hope that the conditions were even slightly improved from the old place.
    Thank you to Debra Tranter and her crew and to Ubique Larkhill for their relentless work to stop this horrible mess.

  9. anon permalink
    June 6, 2011 3:03 pm

    Food for thought. Beverley and Angela are cut from the same cloth. Birds of a feather they are. Low class trash.

    However, after Angela’s fiasco in dumping 30 Labradoodles at a kill shelter in Florida in America in the fall of 2007, she has the decency to stay out of the limelight. She might just know she was wrong and is hiding her head forever, thank God. Too bad her mother can’t do likewise. God hear our prayers and make the monster go away.

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