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Good Company

October 21, 2011

How many associations can a puppy farmer go through?

Kicked out of ILA (International Labradoodle Association)

Kicked out of LAA ( Labradoodle Association of Australia)

Dumped by Disability Aid Dogs. Then came HALO and Aussie Angels Assistance Dogs and the Australian Associtaion of Pet Dog Breeders (Puppy farmers association run by puppy farmers) Ethical Dog Breeders Awards and with each new group and membership came a shiny ‘badge’ to strategically place on the Rutland Manor website !!

And now we have another one! The Master Dog Breeders Association!

RM Website October 21 2011

Who are they ?

Run by Julie Nelson, who sometimes uses the name ‘Steve’ when she wants to criticise anti puppy farm supporters on dogszonline. Also uses the name Daniel October when she wants to stick up for her puppy farming friends on facebook! Julie spends most of her day on the internet defending puppy farmers and attacking anyone that wants them closed. Sound familiar?

Like attracts like!

Yep Beverley sure knows how to keep in good company 🙂

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  1. October 21, 2011 1:26 pm

    For the record Julie Nelson is known as steve on dogzonline but has never heard of Daniel October.
    Julie Nelson. .

    • StopRutlandManor permalink*
      October 21, 2011 1:34 pm

      Hilarious Julie/Steve/Daniel 🙂 So does the MDBA support all of the well documented cruel practices that have occured at Rutland Manor ?

  2. October 22, 2011 12:24 pm

    Yes, I noticed this new accreditation on her page the other day. It’s shocking how many poorly thrown together breeders associations there are out there.

    On another note, I’d be interested to see the reasons you (general you) say that Daniel=Julie. I’m also a little confused as to what Julie actually believes, and what has just been muddled up. If somebody could clear up, that’d be great, because from what I see online she has made comments such as the fact that commercial breeding is not in the best interests of health for particular breeds (like the shar-pei) (from, and she has said that it’s not a good idea to buy from pet shops because there’s a risk of buying from puppy mills. But, on the other hand, those comments don’t exactly mesh with my view of the MDBA…

    I guess my confusion on what exactly she stands for is based on differing definitions between her and I on things like puppy farms vs commercial breeders? Must be. But if anybody has a concise way to explain what she believes, and why she’s been accused of being “Daniel”, I’d love to see it.

  3. StopRutlandManor permalink*
    October 22, 2011 1:41 pm

    We see many conflicting posts and comments from Julie,Steve,Daniel. It seems opinions change to suit the current agenda? Nothing is consistent, however only Julie can answer this question 🙂 We were sent some paperwork confirming that Julie ueses the name Daniel October. I think it was common knowledge to most the she used the name Steve as well.

  4. October 22, 2011 2:32 pm

    I am happy to state I am known as steve and have never denied it – I take responsibility for everything I write and say. However, any supposed paperwork any one supposedly has which they say is confirming I am Daniel October is a clear indication that someone is telling big fat lies.

    I am not Daniel October and until last night had never heard of them. Think what ever you want – you will any way but I am stating I am not now nor have I ever been Daniel October.

    Julie Nelson.

    • StopRutlandManor permalink*
      October 23, 2011 8:10 pm

      How very telling that you only come here to dispute your fake names Julie. Not one mention of MDBA’s member, Rutland Manor’s cruel practices. Are all MDBA members aware that you are now protecting those puppy farmers that have been dumped by other organisations? Rutland Manor does not appear on MDBA’s list of ‘breeders’ on your website ?

  5. Donna Hager permalink
    October 23, 2011 4:12 pm

    Good company? It never ends and Beverley Manners never has an explanation for her ever changing affiliations with various groups. As far as Kate Schoeffel, they were friends, then they weren’t , then they were, then they weren’t. Beverley’s friend list is growing shorter and shorter with a few hangers on in Australia and people in Asia who don’t know the truth.
    When will Shania be bred again? Pretty soon one would imagine since her puppies are in demand. Pat Talbot will be making her 6 hour trek to pick up her puppy farm baby in November.

    Keep buying and they’ll keep producing. STOP buying and there will be no reason to keep overbreeding those poor dogs. do any of these people wonder where Beverley is hiding those puppies and breeding dogs? How does she keep her so called invitation for people to visit Rutland Manner if there isn’t a Rutland Manner to visit?

    This whole thing continues to be disgusting. And isn’t it interesting how Beverley sneaks in to post on the Doodle Zoo now under pseudo names such as Frances and Layla? Too funny and very transparent. No one supports her posts and when the posts start piling up showing her what people think if her, she has to make up people to come in and post defense for her. Beverley Frances Layla Rutland Manners Wetzel Kunze Maryanak. Your not fooling anyone. Have you no shame for what your doing? Or are all the shiny badges what your really after to make it look like your above board and running an ethical business? And everyone knows the money & ego are the ultimate evil and temptation for you.

    • Layla permalink
      October 25, 2011 9:17 am

      Well Donna Hager you’ve just proved that if you don’t know the truth you make it up. Yes, Frances and Layla are one and the same person but it’s not Beverley. I got sick and tired of reading all the lies and exagerations about Beverley and felt the need to voice my opinion. Of course I was shouted down which was expected. You all only like to hear from your supporters.

      I am currently the very happy owner of two beautiful RM dogs and wouldn’t hesitate to buy another from Beverley. In the past I had another RM dogs which was just as good and the vets have always commented on what good dogs they are.

      As for my dealings with Beverley, I’ve always found her to be helpful, professional and willing to help out with training and grooming tips. I judge people by the way they treat me, not through heresay on the internet. There are many happy RM doodle owners here and overseas, and not just in Asia, so leave us alone.

      Where do you get information that can only have come from one place? Are you a supposed supporter on the RM chat forum? If so, stop your hiding behind another name and if you don’t like it, cancel your membership. This is the advice given to others on here and Doodle Zoo. But then if you did that you wouldn’t have a source of half baked information would you. I know this website has been threatened with legal action in the past for untrue comments posted about others. Keep going like this and there will be more.

      • StopRutlandManor permalink*
        October 30, 2011 5:18 am

        Congratulations Layla on purchasing into one of the cruelest puppy factories in Australia. Not all of us wear rose colored glasses 🙂

      • Chad S. permalink
        October 30, 2011 12:17 pm

        Layla (Frances, Bev, Beverley, whatever),

        You’re not fooling anyone with your not so subtle fake supporter. Your style of writing is very telling and follows a pattern that always sings the same demented song from all of your posts. You may change the name Bev, but you can’d hide from your own mental disorders which are obvious from your posts.

        Stop breeding dogs now madam puppy farmer!


  6. alison permalink
    October 31, 2011 9:51 am

    Layla, i asked you politley on another site,

    At what cost does Rutland Manor produce such a large volume of puppies??
    You felt that you were attacked by all and sundry… but you didn’t answer the question?
    I have absolutely no interest as a breeder or an owner in labradoodles… but i do have an interest now in beverley manners…
    whether you like it or not, it is a proven fact that beverley has broken the law, and legal rulings not just once, but on multiple occassions… both in regards to animal breeding and running an illeagal business with her boarding kennels…
    You can speak with the EPA yourself to find the truth of this… you don’t have to take my word for it…
    Rutland manor has either bred its bitches more then twice in any 18 month period or its listed pedigrees are incorrect…
    If either statement is the case then who is responsible for it????
    Beverley? Helen in the office? Angela?? Trish and Alan Male? Who??
    Why is it OK for Beverley to take the credit when her dogs, for what ever reason, do well, even if she hasn’t seen them since they were 8 weeks old, but when there are inadequacies, inaccuracies, and down right lawbreaking and illeagality then she’s got nothing to do with it??

    You say”…I judge people by the way they treat me, not through heresay on the internet…”

    I had no preconceptions regarding Beverley when i met her for the first time… only to have my elderly disabled mother abused, assualted and insulted by her…
    I know how to judge Beverley Rutland Manners!

    “You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.”
    William Wilberforce (August 24, 1759 – July 29, 1833)

    Layla…Perhaps you should look again.

    best wishes

  7. Layla permalink
    November 1, 2011 5:50 am

    I am not looking through rose coloured glasses. My opinions were formed by meeting Beverly, visiting her RM property before it was sold, mixing with people who have RM dogs and my own experience. All of the RM dogs I’ve met have been wonderful and well adjusted right from the start, This is not the result of a cruel, neglectful environment. What puppy farmer trains puppies before they are sent to their new homes overseas. People raving about the excellent condition of their pups and how well adjusted they are can’t all be wrong.

    How are you so sure that whatever happened in the past is still happening? Why should Bev be held responsible for Angela or the Males, Alison? Who are you people to say that nothing has changed.

    You don’t know Bev, she is not writing this Chad, and most of your opinions are formed by bitter, twisted people who, if they don’t know the truth, make it up. How dare you presume that Beverely writes under my name. She’s quite capable of standing up for herself under her own name and did not ask me to write. And there is nothing wrong with my sanity.

    Alison, there are two sides to every story and I’ve heard both. The truth is usually somewhere in the middle. I’m not getting into that with you. You have your opinion and I’m entitled to mine.

    Perhaps YOU should step back and consider that maybe not everything YOU read is true.

  8. alison permalink
    November 3, 2011 3:50 am

    i didnt take everything i read as true… i did my own investigations…

    i spoke to the EPA, i got them to send out their report and the orders made…. did you???…

    I emailed the library of congress in the USA about Pelham “plum” Rutland manners… there was no record of him as editor….

    i spoke to my aunt 45 years of stud breeding, and went through copious amounts of AKC, VCC and Dogs victoria publications… no record of Beverly Kunze, Beverley Wetzel or Beverly Rutland Manners in groups 3 and 5…

    I emailed Rhoshyn German Shepherd Database… They found the three records for Grafenburg German Shepherds…

    I spoke to Baw Baw shire council…and their citation to rutland manor regarding overbreeding….

    “You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.”
    William Wilberforce (August 24, 1759 – July 29, 1833)

    Layla…Perhaps you should look again.

  9. Wendy Sutton permalink
    November 3, 2011 8:22 pm

    This Layla person – hello Beverley – is no more an actual person than Santa Clause. Come on Beverley, more lies, deny it all you want but you are Layla, Frances and whoever elses name you use. Chad has it right on for sure. Why after all this time, Beverley, did this alter ego Layla/Frances which interestingly is your middle name, did she appear. The only person on earth to defend you? This is great entertainment imagining you sitting at your computer, hiding out from the world that now knows what you are.

    You can’t even provide your poor chat site people who are patiently or not so patiently waiting for new puppy pictures. Why are you torturing them? Your not even where the puppies are. Are they OK? How will these wait listed people even know their getting the correct puppy? They won’t.

    Why aren’t any of your so called friends stepping up to defend you? Your number of friends is shrinking all the time. NO ONE DEFENDS YOU BEVERLEY.
    You go on the Doodle Zoo and blast off on a thread and then people tell you to go away because your not wanted and then as the posts pile up with facts about the kind of person you are, Beverley disappears because she cannot defend any more. So what happens? Frances shows up, then Layla shows up, then it’s admitted that they are one and the same person. Too funny that you can’t even keep up the defense yourself.

    Go on Beverley Frances Layla, make a list going back ten years of every person who was your loyal friend. Don’t even bother checking off a few. Check them ALL off. They got it, they saw it and what you are…a low class puppy farmer and liar. Maybe you’ve cleaned up your act a little recently but if it walks like a duck, looks like a duck and quacks like a duck…ITS A DUCK.

    Why can’t you apologize to Allison for treating her so badly? Her many pleas to you are heartfelt. She knows a lot through her research and living near you. She experienced your ugly side which you try and hide.

    What would it cost you? Your cash flow is slowing down isn’t it? You’ve lost your edge and the Labradoodle world will be a better place when you stop breeding those poor dogs. You will have to answer to God Beverley for all the horrid things you’ve done.
    Why can’t you apologize to the world right now? Please.

    • Layla permalink
      November 5, 2011 10:28 pm

      This “Layla/Frances” person is alive and well Wendy and living in a Melbourne suburb. Just because someone writes in defense of Beverley doesn’t mean that she’s writing under another. I chose to use different names as I’ve so many people attacked on this and other websites using their own names and I knew I’d be attacked from all sides. The fact that Bev and I share the same middle name is something I unaware of when I chose it, and that’s why I changed to Layla. No lies, no deceit, NOT Beverley.

      I’m not saying that Beverley is snow white but, just as with statistics, there are ways of twisting the truth and I think there’s been lots of twisting going on. I don’t believe I owe Alison anything. There are two sides to every story and I’m certain she hasn’t told you the whole truth about her behaviour. I’m not getting into that. I wasn’t there to witness what went on and I’m not taking sides.

      You however, calling Bev “a low class puppy farmer and liar” are not quoting the truth and are slandering Beverley. Alison is showing her ugly side right now dredging up things from Bev’s past that have nothing to do with what she’s doing right now.

      Released prisoners are given another chance once they’ve done their time. All I’m saying is that I don’t think it’s fair to keep harping on the past and trying to destroy someone for their past. Let her live and stop hounding her. She has a right to a peaceful life.

      I have no need to apologise to anyone here and certainly not to the world!!! Why is it OK for all of you to say what you like but not those whose views differ from yours?

      • StopRutlandManor permalink*
        November 6, 2011 11:35 am

        Shania also has more than earned the right to a ‘peaceful life’ as have all the other dogs that Beverley has abused over the years. They are the victims Layla. As for ‘twisting the truth’ you have described Beverley perfectly there.

      • alison permalink
        November 6, 2011 10:40 pm

        You do not owe me anything… and unless you are Beverley, I have never said otherwise.

        However as you believe i am somehow twisting the truth… i will ask you simply and specifically…. it only requires a yes or no answer.

        In 2009 was Rutland Manor and Beverley Rutland Manners ordered by the EPA and the council to cease and desist all dog boarding at the Roberts Road property until such time as improvements were made to the boarding kennels that met with the EPA requirements?
        Were those improvements made?
        Did the EPA rescind its orders?

        Now Beverley Rutland Manners has two problems for any “yes” or “no” answer she gives to these questions.
        If she says “yes”, then why did she accept my dog as a boarder, directly contravening this legal order
        If she says “no”, then she is not telling you the truth. As i have previously stated you can get a copy of those orders from the EPA, so that you do not have to trust my statement alone.

        She has never disagreed with me that my dog was there, as the Vet records show. As my dog was there she broke the law…

        its pretty black and white. She cant have it both ways.

        This works exactly the same for most questions she has been asked..,.

        Either her bitches have been bred more then twice in ANY 18 month period, or the pedigree that was provided to buyers is a fraud!!!

        How is questioning Beverley’s statements dredging up her past? She made the statements… not me!
        Why can’t she be questioned?
        Here is someone proporting to be an expert. Yet there is no proof. Rutland Manor is proported to be a research centre… where is the research?

      • Ann permalink
        November 7, 2011 8:06 pm

        You say that you have two RM dogs of your own. How about telling us about them then? What litters they are from, when they were born, what are their Pedigrees, their names etc. You say that you have been to visit Bev’s kennel. When was that and at what location? How many times did you go? Have you been to see the new kennels after Bev auctioned off her home, or is there even a new one? Let’s hope Bev isn’t breaking the law again by housing dogs without a license, or even getting her “friends” to house the dogs and using them as a kennel without a license. Bev is certainly keeping everything very quiet about where she is now yet she still keeps old photos on her website letting everyone believe that is where the dogs and pups are being born and raised. Not very honest is it, but then again Bev hasn’t been very honest in any of this for years has she?

        As for this quote from you:

        “Released prisoners are given another chance once they’ve done their time. All I’m saying is that I don’t think it’s fair to keep harping on the past and trying to destroy someone for their past”

        I didn’t know that Bev had done time. And as for doing things in the past…Bev continues to operate the same way she always did. She continues to twist the truth for her own benefit, she continues to breed dogs that should have been retired long ago, she continues to lie to people, and she continues to say that she will publish information that will clearly show how she has been wronged all these many years, yet it never appears. Until Bev shows all
        of the world that she was in the right with concrete evidence, she will never escape her past, or live a peaceful present or future.

  10. Layla permalink
    November 3, 2011 11:10 pm

    I’ve done my looking Alison.

    If you have nothing better to do than spend all that time trying to destroy someone then I’m absolutely sure I want nothing to do with you. You are a vicious, bitter, slanderous person. Setting out to purposely destroy another person is just plain evil.

    Find something more positive to do with your life and stop quoting at me. As I said before, you have your opinion and I have mine. It doesn’t mean that you are right. You won’t change that.

    • alison permalink
      November 5, 2011 8:32 am

      I am treating you as if you are a real individual….
      you still havent answered any questions,
      nor has Beverley…
      I have not been rude,
      I have not been slanderous….
      all i have done is ask questions…. and stated facts,
      I have used dates, addresses and information posted by Beverley on various websites as well as her own Rutland Manor website, and other information freely available to the public both online and in person if they choose to look for it…

      I am not setting out to destroy another individual… my mother forgave Beverley her actions a long time ago…I admit to having a harder time in forgiveness… but i have….

      Forgiveness does not absolve anyone of the consequnces of their actions.

      Nor does my forgiveness for Beverley’s actions to myself and my mother, change anything for shania, brolly or any of the other un-named dogs with which Beverley breeds .

      Now that i am aware of a wrong, it makes me “less” if I turn my back and do nothing…

      So Layla when are you going to take a stand…
      i’m not asking you to defriend her,
      but i am asking you to STOP LOOKING THE OTHER WAY….

      • Layla permalink
        November 8, 2011 10:51 am

        Your behaviour is not that of someone who has forgiven Alison. You appear to spend your life searching for anything you can find that you can twist to discredit one person. You won’t accept that anyone can have a different to yours and I’m not wasting any further time on this vile website. You seem to take great pleasure in trying to destroy someone who has achieved far more than you ever will and is thought of highly by many in Australia and around the world.

        I really can’t be bothered with any of you anymore and will leave you all to your bitter, negative lives and concentrate on the positives in mine.

  11. alison permalink
    November 4, 2011 12:30 am

    just out of interest
    Bev’s 31 year love affair with the german shepherd breed….
    the last german shepherd she bred
    Grafenburg Just So (Rutland)
    DOB 23/09/1981
    reg: V91887
    bred and owned by R and B Wetzel

    31 years love affair would make it around 1950….
    interesting when Beverley was born in 1940.


  12. alison permalink
    November 7, 2011 12:54 am

    hi folks,
    can anyone tell me… did both rutlands anya and rutlands ava have white markings on their chest and their neck. I have seen a puppy photo labeled anya and ava at 4 months old where they both seemed to have a white strip on their chest.
    thanks in advance

  13. Wendy Sutton permalink
    November 8, 2011 9:34 pm

    Beverley Frances Layla, your Nov 3 post is very funny. How can anyone destroy something that has been and is in self destruct mode all the time? Beverley France Layla, you have no reputation that is worth defending which is why you are trying pitifully to do it yourself. The information on this site IS the truth except for your sad attempts to defend yourself.
    Give up and stop using those poor dogs to support yourself and your ego.

    You have got to see the proof is in EATING the pudding and the world has had a taste and they don’t like it.

    I hope you feel better real soon. Another attempt to gather sympathy from your followers?

  14. alison permalink
    November 9, 2011 1:49 pm

    Layla… and Beverley…
    You have done again exactly what you did on doodle zoo.
    Post, and when the truth gets too much,now you run away…. You were posed a question, nicely politely, no rude words… and yet you wont answer it!!!

    Instead you blame the person posing the question, you sidestep, practise avoidance tactics.
    This has nothing to do with differing opinions, slander, being evil, viscious or bitter…
    It has everything to do with Beverley admitting the truth!

    You call me evil, viscious and bitter, yet i am the one being slanderous?

    Why not answer the question?

    The answer to the question is

    “YES Beverley broke the law!”

    Yes Beverley actually needs to admit that she was wrong!!!

    is that so terribly hard to do?

    My forgivness is between me and God, something i needed to ask from God,
    Asking for forgiveness, has several parts, including not only acknowledging that you did something wrong, but implying the idea that you will not do the wrong again…

    Nowhere does it say that because you have been forgiven that you are or have been absolved of the consequences of your actions.
    You need to remember that actions have consequnces…

  15. Layla permalink
    November 11, 2011 10:04 pm

    Alison and the rest of you, I’m not running away. As I said, I’m sick of you all harping on about the same things and really can’t be bothered wasting my time any longer and I am not Beverley.

    GOOD BYE. I leave you to do what you do best, spewing venom while I get on with the enjoyable things in my life. I don’t need all of you.

  16. alison permalink
    November 17, 2011 11:46 pm

    the difference between you and I, is this…knowing the truth… you can live with it!…
    I cant…
    As William Wilberforce, the great british 18th century anti-slavery, and animal welfare campaigner said….

    “You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.”
    William Wilberforce (August 24, 1759 – July 29, 1833)

  17. Wendy Sutton permalink
    November 23, 2011 5:56 pm

    So Gillian, AKA Layla Frances Beverley…you won’t be back and don’t need us? Don’t disappoint your admiring fans. You already said you won’t be back, then you’re back again to say you won’t be back. ??? However all your personalities spin it, you’re a liar.

    You all think your hiding by cropping the photos and videos close so the backgrounds can’t be identified but you have left clues nonetheless.

    Gillian may you be reminded of the technology of GPS. It’s a beautiful thing, gotta love it.
    People are getting very close to where you all are running your puppy farms. All dishonest people trip themselves up.
    The videos are cute. Puppies roaming in the ‘JUNGLE?” Are you serious? Is there a problem with Geoff cutting the grass?

    Shame on you Gillian weaving such a tangled web for your con artist friend. Sooner or later you will have to come face to face with the vile and evil darkness who stands right in front of you.

    Now you’ve been elevated to a board member of ALFA! Congratulations. That must make you feel very important. A job on a soon to be defunct organization where you basically have no job, only a title. Wonder how many board members really support Beverley Manners and her campaign.

    Little Gemma looks so cute tied up the park bench when you delivered Pat’s Ralphie to the NOT SO SECRET neutral location at the park. Did you know that GPS devices are cheaply and easily purchased?

    The major contributors to this site have done their homework and have documented facts regarding the comments here. You, on the other hand, what proof do you have? It’s been posted over and over by Beverley Manners herself saying she was going to provide documents to discredit the claims against her. Why has she never done so? Because they don’t exist. If she did post something, everyone knows how great she is with altering documents, from pedigrees to exit papers for underage puppies.

    Now people are sinking to her level by deceiving families and discourage people from visiting Rutland Manor because there IS NO RUTLAND MANOR.

    Helen Lawrence (the office Stepford Assistant) is only allowed a certain number of dogs according to the Shire of Cardinia. Does her landlord know what she has been up to?

    Beverley uses videos of Helen’s grandaughter Brianna playing with the puppies. Very convenient for Beverley to give the impression that there IS a Rutland Manor.

    What excuses could the master manipulator Beverley Manners be giving to persuade families to meet you to pick up their puppies? Illness (as she said recently), out of town or perhaps it just save her the drive.

    Now puppies are leaving the farm and one is going to Colorado as a breeder. Spread that defective gene pool around Beverley!

    So Gillian, please don’t take your alter egos away, please stay around because you’re transparent and very amusing. But one day you will have to reconcile with your own conscience and face the part your playing in this horrible mess.

  18. Donna Hager permalink
    November 30, 2011 6:57 pm

    Why is Helen not answering client’s emails? I would sure be upset if I didn’t get answers to my questions.

    People! PLEASE take this as a sign, run away, lose your deposit and go to a reputable breeder!

    But Beverley in true form has excuses. Helen’s email not working? Really? She wouldn’t know that? Or is she off buying more puppies for the Puppy Mill?

    Regarding Lil Toff, poor little one getting his bandages off. But why did he not remain in his guardian home after the injury? Because there ARE no guardian homes
    Please $top feeding Beverley’$ bank account! She says “a$ long a$ people want Rutland puppie$ I will continue to breed them. They are my pa$$ion and each new litter bring$ more wonderment and plea$ure with it.” Are you $erious?

    In Bev’$ mind thi$ is tran$lated to mean, a$ long a$ ignorant, uninformed people are willing to $upport Puppy Mill$ and throw away their money I get richer and richer. Each new litter let$ me make more trip$ to the bank!

    Give up Bev! It appears your number is up and people are not going to let up until you are in a home for the mentally disturbed. No sane person would do what you do to living creatures.

  19. Pat Talbot permalink
    December 6, 2011 11:16 pm

    I have been to RM many times over the past 11 years, and you guys have got so many stories wrong. But you will not be convinced as some of you have had bad experiences. But let me say I have seen first hand the enviroment these dogs are kept in and cared for, RM is no way anything like a puppy farm. Concentrate on the real filthy, cruel puppy farmers, they need to be abolished. I have a pup now from RM and he is perfect, I have watched and read these forums now for years, and so much gets twisted, and yes some experiences are true, but the vile hatred shown by so many of you people makes me wonder what type of people are YOU. Some of you that have felt let down by RM, maybe you have a reason to feel annoyed, but the rest of you are like phiranas, when you read something, be it true or not, you all go into a frenzie of hatred. Is’nt this supposed to be about the dogs and their welfare, no it seems this forum is all about hatred for another human being, revenge, and see how much vile cruel things we can say about another person. I get pretty disgusted to read the terrible way a human being gets described, if these things were said in public, it would be called in a court of law, slander. I don’t expect you guys to stop, as you get so much joy from bringing down another person, I just hope you do sometimes look inside yourselves, and remember the saying, ” he who is without sin, cast the first stone.” If you all like the feeling of being detective, then do something positive and train to become one.
    I won’t be back, even though my name I see has been mentioned previously, which I thought was a bit rude, anyway Merry Christmas to all the good souls that may read this forum.
    Pat Talbot & Ralph

    • StopRutlandManor permalink*
      December 27, 2011 1:02 am

      Thanks Pat, We have always welcomed all comments here , good and bad. Its just that no one has anything good to say about Rutland Manor or Beverley.

  20. Kerry Wing permalink
    December 31, 2011 10:03 pm

    Dear StopRutlandManor,
    Amongst all the other lies on this site what you just posted is the one of the most blatantly untrue. Over the years that this site has been up and running there have been quite a number of people that have spoken up in Beverley’s defence but you have unilaterally attacked, edited or even deleted their posts. There is no room in your mind or heart to believe any possible good where RM or Beverley is concerned. I agree whole heartedly with everything Pat has written above and I applaud her for speaking her mind in defence of a friend. And I also applaud Layla(who is most definately NOT Beverley) for also trying to make you see the entire truth and not just the bits you all seem to want to dwell on. I hope you will honestly give some thought to what these fine ladies have written and consider with an open heart and mind what they are trying to say to you.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all, may the coming year bring you peace, joy and good will toward all mankind.

    Respectfully yours,
    Kerry Wing

  21. StopRutlandManor permalink*
    January 2, 2012 4:49 pm

    Kerry please feel free to read our posts on Shania or Ellie or any of the other dogs and point out to us the ‘lies’.
    You are wrong when you say a ‘number of people’ have spoken up in Beverleys defence on this site. We have not had any emails or posts in support of what Rutland Manor do and have done to their dogs.
    Thanks to this website and the people who have had the courage to speak out about their experiences, the public are now more educated about the way Beverley has treated her dogs over the years, and the public are disgusted. If you can justify and turn a blind eye to the cruelty and brutal treatment of these dogs, it says more about the type of person you are.
    Thanks for your input but by simply praising Beverley and calling our factual posts ‘lies’ you have demonstrated to everyone how Beverleys few supporters ignore the suffering of the dogs.

  22. Kerry Wing permalink
    January 2, 2012 7:20 pm

    Dear StopRutlandManor,

    I have read your posts on Ellie and Shania, you have a very colorful writting style.

    I am not wrong about “a number of preople” speaking up in RM’s defence as I have been following this site since it began and I remember all to well who has been speaking up and the way you attacked everyone and refused to give any credence to their comments.

    I have not turned a “blind eye” in fact when I first became interested in RM I picked up the phone and spoke to them, I later visited and toured the property. And then I visited again and met the parents of my future pup. I did all the things one is supposed to do when buying a dog. I saw none of these things you claim to be happening, but then so much of what you speak of on this site is from RM’s past and to that I can not speak. I only know what I have seen with my own eyes on the numerous times I have visisted RM.

    I do not ignore the suffering of dogs because I did not see any suffering dogs at RM. I am sorry that this is so hard for you to accept but it is true. I agree now more than ever when Pat said “this is less about the dogs for you as it is the person”…..

    Sincerely yours,
    Kerry Wing

    ps If you are so intent on the truth and everything with you is so honest and above board and you are so proud of the work you are doing to expose RM then why not use your name? Why hide?

    • StopRutlandManor permalink*
      January 4, 2012 1:53 pm

      Is Rosy still having seizures Kerry?

      • Kerry Wing permalink
        January 5, 2012 1:45 am

        I would answer your question except I must confess to not being entirely sure as to how to respond? Is your point that you know who I am? (which frankly unlike you I have not tried to hide) or are you trying to make some point about the fact that she has seizures? None of which changes the facts that I have never in any of my visits to RM seen any of the things you are accusing RM of. I did my homework befor getting my RM dog and I would not hesitate to get another……they are amazing dogs.

  23. alison permalink
    January 4, 2012 9:21 am

    Kerry and Pat…
    With so many people showing so much support to Rutland Manor… why isn’t there any new posts on the supposedly independent support sites for Rutland Manor…I would have thought it the best way to counteract all this negativity… but i havent seen one post in support of beverley anywhere else except on this website… rather strange don’t you think?
    Come on Kerry and Pat…. perhaps you can answer the questions that Frances, Layla and Beverley cant or wont?

    • Kerry Wing permalink
      January 5, 2012 1:55 am

      Alison I am not privy to RM’s business dealings so even if I wanted to give you answers I can not. Nor can I answer your question in regards to these independent support sites you refer to, they are not mine. I know the main RM chat site is alive and well. You are always demanding answers. Why do you suppose any one would want to tell you anything? When I wanted answers from RM I picked up the phone and spoke to them and then I visited. I have nothing negative to say regarding any of my dealing with them.

      • alison permalink
        January 7, 2012 4:47 am

        Kerry… you say that all you have had o do was ask Beverley and she would tell you the truth… well perhaps you can ask Beverley the following, …

        “…it only requires a yes or no answer.

        In 2009 was Rutland Manor and Beverley Rutland Manners ordered by the EPA and the council to cease and desist all dog boarding at the Roberts Road property until such time as improvements were made to the boarding kennels that met with the EPA requirements?
        Were those improvements made?
        Did the EPA rescind its orders?

        Now Beverley Rutland Manners has two problems for any “yes” or “no” answer she gives to these questions.
        If she says “yes”, then why did she accept my dog as a boarder, directly contravening this legal order
        If she says “no”, then she is not telling you the truth. As i have previously stated you can get a copy of those orders from the EPA, so that you do not have to trust my statement alone.

        She has never disagreed with me that my dog was there, as the Vet records show. As my dog was there she broke the law…

        …Its pretty black and white. She cant have it both ways.

        This works exactly the same for most questions she has been asked..,.

        Either her bitches have been bred more then twice in ANY 18 month period, or the pedigree that was provided to buyers is a fraud!…”

        Kerry… there is your animal welfare issue that you culd not see when you visited…did you just lok the other way as well?

  24. January 4, 2012 1:33 pm

    The Charge Sheet against Rutland Manor is on my site Farms of Shame and on this site. Only the blind cannot see the evidence and defends their own reputations by supporting Beverley.

    Selling Rutlands Billie Jo and Bobbi Jo to Banksia Puppy Farm which states they kill ex breeding stock after a lifetime of documented abuse.

    Selling dogs with fake pedigrees from sick and dying litters. Beverley pleaded guilty..

    Appalling abuse and neglect of many dogs, for example Rutlands Happy Wanderer

    Constantly breaking the law by breeding bitches non stop from 7 months old to 8 years old as shown on this website. Found guilty and fined by Baw Baw Shire Council.

    Here are some examples of illegal breeding
    Rutlands Shasta – Born 11th August 2002 – Ist litter 7th June 2003 (mated before she was 8 months old) 2nd litter 24th Jan 2004, 3rd litter 1st Sept 2004, 4th litter 14th March 2005, 5th litter 25th Oct 2005, 6th litter 19th May 2006.
    Rutlands Puffin – Born 28th February 2001 -bred back to back from 10 months old. 1st litter – 2nd March 2002, 2nd litter 30th July 2002, 3rd litter 12th January 2003, 4th litter 19th June 2003, 5th litter 16th September 2004, 6th litter 14th March 2005-exported in whelp.

    Rutlands Puffin was sold by Beverley AS A BREEDING BITCH after 5 litters at RM to have 5 MORE litters in the USA, that is 10 litters in all, ladies and gentlemen
    Tegan Park Shania born in 2004 bred constantly and only recently had a litter, despite Beverly stating time and again that she was retiring her.

    How can anyone think Beverley is innocent?

  25. StopRutlandManor permalink*
    January 6, 2012 11:44 am

    Kerry your Rutland Manor dog is having seizures because of its hideous breeding, something an ethical breeder simply wouldnt do. Perhaps you need to educate yourself a bit better before you simply repeat what Bev tells you too 🙂

  26. alison permalink
    February 13, 2012 11:55 pm

    it is interesting to hear that aussie angels assistance dogs are no longer associated with Beverley…

  27. Lest We Forget permalink
    November 30, 2012 1:38 am

    Interesting that Rutland Manor is no longer mentioned on the MDBA website. Did they finally wake up to Beverley’s scams, or were they just getting too many complaints?

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