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How do you scam a scammer ?

July 2, 2010

We, well, well, the plot thickens !

Below copied from Rutland Manor Website July 3 2010


July 2nd 2010

The hate sites will have a field day with this I know. But a light needs to be shone on truth.  My life is very public and it is a bit like a goldfish living in a bowl with the world looking in.  Everything I am sharing is fact, not emotional nor seeking sensationalism, just the plain truth.  I will be adding documentation which proves what I have said as soon as I am able  as I am still stranded in this Texas hotel, without transport and no scanner.

I fully realise that there will be naysayers who will take great pleasure in saying that Rutlands Legacy wouldn’t work because I am such a ‘bad’ person.  I know that I am not a bad person, but I am it seems a very naive one who trusts people and takes them on their face value especially when they press my “God” buttons.  I freely admit that I lack wisdom and at age seventy I hope it is not too late, because I don’t want to allow betrayals to turn me into a skeptic who trusts no one any more.

I placed public halos around the heads of the people I thought I could trust and spent the last bit of my overdraft on my home mortgage ($36,000.00) to send most of my wonderful breeding dogs to Texas in January 2010 where I believed the Rutland Manor legacy would be in good hands.

When I arrived in Texas on 15th April 2010 my first surprise was to find that these people are so inexperienced in anything to do with breeding dogs which was not what I had been led to believe.   Adult stud males were living together and there were three serious dog fights soon after I arrived, with Rutlands Onyx being rushed to the Alvardo Vet clinic where he spent the night on a drip from his wounds and in shock.  Another stud dog fight between little Charlie and Embers could have been fatal for Charlie only for the fourteen year old grandson being on the spot and breaking up the fight.  Their grandson told me there had been more dog fights before I had arrived.

My beautiful “Happy” was boarded in Australia with a number of my other dogs for a period of four months when the EPA  gave me two days to remove my dogs from my Australian property due to noise complaints from neighbours. (Dec 2008 -The EPA advised Beverley to fix the kennels, she refused and instead de-barked all her dogs. 8 months later the EPA issued a fine of $5,671 for failing to fix the kennels. They gave Beverley another month to fix the kennels (9 months all up)or the dogs would be removed. Beverley did not fix the kennels, so she decided to move her dogs into a boarding kennel-RM Exposed Team )

The offending neighbours later moved.  (The neighbours were subjected to continual harassment including having their letterboxes ripped out, rubbish bins tipped over the road, cars scratched, fence signs vandalised and ripped  and had Beverley’s staff and their friends running through their property at night. These families all had young children and were subjected to this each night for weeks. One young family were so frightened they moved into a motel and they have since sold their home and moved. One family went to court and took out a restraining order against Beverley- RM Exposed Team) Twyla Pyles and Kate were there and helped to load them onto the horse trailer for their long four hour road trip.  I am not making this up !

When Happy and the others returned back home four months later, some of them were in a very bad matted condition and had to be shaved and grass spearheads removed by surgery.  This will all be verified by the vet records and dates when I return home and post them here.

Happy had  matted infected ears and matted clots of coat around her genitals and after I clipped her and gave her a shampoo she was taken straight to the vet for treatment the following morning as were others over the next two days as we cleaned them up which was no easy task. (The photos of the infected ears are actually Sunnie – RM EXposed Team)

Leg shaved to reveal grass seeds imbedded in the skin

Photos like this taken of some of the dogs the day they arrived back home and before their visit to the vet next day have been posted on the hate site to make it appear that I keep my dogs in this condition. When I return home to Australia I will scan the vet documents and dates and will post them here to confirm the truth of what I am saying.

I told Twyla all about this and advised her that Happy should have a swab for infection and treated if necessary before she was mated in Texas.  When she left Australia she was in good condition and health again or the government vet would not have passed her for export.

On 15th April the day I arrived in California Twyla spoke to me on the phone with what she called ‘exciting news’  and told me that Happy had been mated by Akubra.  I reminded her that I had told her Happy needed to be swabbed for infection, and Twyla responded that she didn’t know what a swab was. Akubra has not had his hips tested.

Happy is almost three years old and this was her first litter.  She was shaved off to the skin in May  after being in Texas since January.   I sat by her as she suffered a painful and distressing labor, with five dead  and emaciated puppies being born and two surviving ones which would have died had I not been there.

On June 19th Mike and Twyla told me that they expected me to sign over all my dogs to them and transfer them into their own names.  I reminded them that we have reams of correspondence in writing which shows that it was always to be a lease, with a 60/40% split of the money from the sale of the puppies and administraton was to come from Australia.

On June 20th Mike drove me to a hotel an hour away and left me there at 10pm.  When I left Mike and Twyla’s there was no argument, and we parted with hugs and kisses and telling each other how much we love one another.  It was the kiss of Judas.   All my efforts since to contact them by phone and by email have been ignored.  When Mike dropped me off at the hotel that night he handed me a list of his “expenses”.  These included

Property rates (they already run a paintball business so rates have to paid regardless of whether there are dogs there or not)
Social Security tax
Office supplies and phone
Auto mileage
House cleaning – “because the dogs make the house dirty”
Mowing their grass and maintenance on their property
Labor of $500 per week for taking care of the dogs
And the list goes on.  Presumably grass needs to be mown etc etc regardless of whether there are dogs there or not.

July 2nd I was served at the hotel with a legal notice claiming lien on all my dogs with the demand that I pay Mike and Twyla $107,911.85  plus another $550 per day for every day the dogs are there past 25th June.  There is no mention of the thousands of dollars I have paid Mike and Twyla from the sales of puppies born at their place and no mention of the hundreds of dollars I spent on equipment which I gave to them.

Ironically, the day before this legal notice arrived I had called Kate in California because I knew Twyla would take her calls, and I asked her to let Twyla know that I had been in deep prayer for days about this perplexing situation and that I wanted to offer Twyla and Mike all my breeding dogs for free with the exception of Rutlands Onyx who they know has been promised on retirement to young Dan in Australia who raised him, and little Flo and Willow after they raise their puppies and my special Gem.  I was prepared to hand over my life’s work and my dogs to them for free rather than enter into any conflict with anyone. Life is too short.  But they chose to do it this way.

Anyone who thinks the dogs are better off in Texas may like to consider that all the dogs except Chubby and Trek and and Pardy had their coats trimmed off short  before they left Australia in January 2010.  By May 2010 they were so matted that it took three people  ( Kate, Linda and Kathleen who came over from California) andTwyla  almost two weeks to groom them.  Most of them had to be shaved to the skin they were so matted and full of burrs.

Charlie and Gem shaved to the skin in Texas

Kisses and Taz shaved to the skin in Texas

I wish now that I had taken photos of all the dogs and  BEFORE they were groomed and shaved, and of the container where the dogs sleep in the crates I sent them over in, on a two tier level of shelving  against the wall like pickles in bottles.  And I wish I had taken pictures of the poor little Min Pins and grossly overweight min pin crossbred “Pumpkin”  whose toenails were so long and curled over into their little foot pads that I trimmed them myself.

I had hoped that I could teach and mentor these people, but they had other plans as I found out on 2nd July when I was served with the lien after dumping me in a hotel and refusing to talk with me or email me.

Basically I believe that these professed “Christians” had this plan all along to get their hands on $250,000.00 plus worth of valuable breeding dogs by fair means or foul.  There are some things that I told only Twyla which were fed to the hate website.

May God have mercy on their souls “Forgive them Father, they know not what they do”.


I  do not bless the breeding operation by Mike and Twyla Pyles.  I will not honor health guarantees from puppies  born from my stolen dogs as I have no control over how they are raised.  Any pedigrees provided by Mike and Twyla Pyles for puppies born on their property are not endorsed by me as correct. I will not be held liable for any dispute between Mike and Twyla Pyles and anyone who buys a puppy from them.

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  1. July 2, 2010 9:22 pm

    The scam continues, here is the bad photoshop job Beverley did to “prove” that Onyx lived in a real home with Dan not a filthy lonely kennel. It fooled no one.

    • anon permalink
      August 24, 2010 6:00 pm

      Beverley, does Minna at Stuartlea Poodles
      know that you blame her each and every time you send your Labradoodles there to hide them, for neglecting them, therefor causing their ungodly conditions when they return? Always someone else’s fault. For a supposedly Christian woman, you announce by your very words that you walk among us lowly humans WITHOUT fault. YOU are never wrong.

      • Heike Allison permalink
        August 26, 2010 7:34 pm

        Why would they take in Bev’s dogs after all that has transpired. It seems that anyone left to help this vile woman with all the finger pointing she has done would steer cleer of her.

  2. July 3, 2010 12:20 am

    Scammed once again? I think not. Fortunately, Twyla and Mike saw through the smoke screen. It is as it always was – no person/organization/family member/friend or foe can be in business with RM.

    Inexperienced breeders????? Hadn’t her posts stated how LONG these people visited and learned from her? Now, they are inexperienced and she NEVER knew this? She blindly sent her beloved dogs to them and set up a business venture and did not know they were inexperienced?? Wasn’t she suppose to be their mentor? She did not instruct them on stud behavior? Are you kidding me??????

    Would it have been more prudent to check things out before shipping those dogs and entering into a business? Now, she wants to give them to the Pyles because she does not want to ‘fight it out’? Really? Me thinks it is because she OWES them a pile of money and the US courts may hang her out to dry! And why is it so necessary for her to mention costs? What does that matter to anyone? These were all her decisions, she is no idiot – far from it – she wants pity. None being served from this corner. Lord help the remaining dogs at RM. :+(

    Here goes her followers swallowing another ‘cup of her special brand of ‘Kool Aid’!

    • jnusha Holt permalink
      July 3, 2010 3:28 pm

      Right Joyce, my information says that Mike and Twyla were breeders in the past. And isn’t this what Beverley did to Trish and Alan Male in Australia? From what I’ve read, just about everyone has been promised the dogs and then she makes more promises and probably contracts that can’t be honored and then as usual, Beverley cries “victim”. That screams of paranoia. The whole world is out to get her. How many Mike and Twyla’s and Trish and Alans are there out there that no one knows about?
      I think she is in panic mode because there is no Helen nearby and I think her followers are dwindling by the minute.

      I know of several people who have only been members of her chat site who are disgusted at her posting all her personal crap and the disclaimer!

      What about the people who just got puppies while she was there? Are they out on a limb Beverley? Those puppies were born in Texas and she must have signed those papers. I am in touch with someone whose sister has one of those puppies and the pedigree does NOT say Rutland’s Legacy….it says Rutland Manor. Those new puppy pedigrees weren’t even in the papers that came with the puppy! These people who spent top dollar for their dogs had to PRINT the pedigrees out on their own printers! How professional is that! She did’n’t want Mike and Twyla to know that, did she? Any surprise? There never was going to be a Rutland’s Legacy! Beverley just used those kind people like she uses everyone and then one by one, they leave her side, even her own children. Of course Angela is her own novel in her life and the son in Australia probably can’t drop everything and run to her side but the son in California who she said is near death, is NOT near death but can’t stand her. Otherwise he is at least in the US and could maybe come and help his poor, prayed upon Mother. If only this could hit the evening new programs then innocent people would know about her. Pray to God that those dogs stay in Texas. And what’s wrong with summer coats anyway. She had pictures up there a few weeks back bragging on the dogs chasing a toys of some kind dressed in their new summer coat cuts. One day it’s OK and then the next day it isn’t.

  3. The truth shall set you free permalink
    July 3, 2010 1:32 pm

    One must wonder, why were Beverley’s dogs at a boarding kennel for four months? Four months???
    And what kind of boarding kennel would let dogs get in that condition? Wouldn’t they be responsible for their wellbeing?

    It’s baffling, she dropped her expensive breeding dogs off at a boarding kennel for four months and never checked in on them? Never bothered to see how they were being cared for?

    For once we may be getting a little bit of truth from Beverley Manners, congratulations on admitting you’ve neglected your dogs. Maybe one day you’ll come clean with all your other lies, but we all know not to hold our breath on that one.

    • jnusha Holt permalink
      July 3, 2010 3:09 pm

      Yes, I think she is shooting herself in the foot. If she brought her dogs back from a boarding kennel in that awful condition, why especially did’t she see to it that Happy was checked out before she sent her to Texas? She knew there was something wrong with that dog’s breeding parts and since she keeps her dogs in months of neglected shape at RM she probably didn’t notice anyway. Good one evil Beveley at least you admit you dumped your already neglected dogs off to another place that neglects dogs. That is probably why they took them in the first place. No one noticed except Mike and Twyla!

  4. silva permalink
    July 3, 2010 5:03 pm

    Looking at the rm site at the breeding dogs it doesnt say they fight does it? The revelations about serious fights are deeply shocking.

    Miniature and small Medium sized puppies
    Flo and Lil Willow are both expecting babies in July 2010 to Charlie. Flo’s first litter to Charlie was outstanding, and produced Trek, Alfie and Lil Chocolate Drop, so we are very excited to see a repeat of this pairing. Lil Willow is a first time mama so it is a very precious and fun time all round!

    These little dogs are truly large dogs in small jackets, with joyous fun personalities blended with a mellow and sweet nature.

    Little Flo Lil Willow Charlemagne (Charlie)

    “Mellow” Yet another lie from Beverley

  5. July 4, 2010 12:19 am

    Well Bev, enough rope and you finally hung yourself……caught in all the lies and dog abuse and neglect. Hopefully this truely is the end of RM as we know it. I know Twyla will take care of the dogs as I have stated previously.

  6. Gina permalink
    July 4, 2010 2:02 am

    Shot herself in the foot is right! Didn’t she report on her website that the dogs were romping in doggy heaven at Twyla and Mikes? Pictures of wonderful grassed yards with happy wagging tails? Now she says they don’t look after them? Who’s lying here? This is from one who has been pushing the Christian buttons of hundreds of Americans for over 12 years to get what she wants.

  7. Mary permalink
    July 4, 2010 1:42 pm

    And another one bites the dust! Let’s see now..that makes 100% failed attempts over the years for RM to successfully set up a business venture with anyone. It’s the same old song.
    Can’t remember for the life of me who the other breeder was that Beverely was slamming on her site a few year back after another business venture gone sour. It was relatively the same problem where Beverely changed the contract midstream..
    Now we hear the exact same thing again…
    Bev says
    “”On June 19th Mike and Twyla told me that they expected me to sign over all my dogs to them and transfer them into their own names. I reminded them that we have reams of correspondence in writing which shows that it was always to be a lease, with a 60/40% split of the money from the sale of the puppies and administraton from Australia””

    You would think the terms of any contract would be clear even before any dogs were shipped to the USA..
    This scam of Bev’s is all to common.
    Then she has the odacity to say..she was going to give the dogs to Mike and Twyla for free but because they served her with papers..she is not going to be nice to them now! You are such a liar. You will twist this thing around once somehow make you look like the honorable one. Your same old stories are repulsive to many!!

    Beverely quit blaming everyone else for your neglegence. You always blame everyone else. When are you ever going to take responsibly for ANYTHING.
    Everyone has heard you scream victim way too many times over the years
    Sorry…I can’t even believe your story that dogs were shaved in January before being sent to Texas tand a horrendous mess 4 months later. The most their hair would even grow would be a couple inches and if your claims that you have now perfected the labradoodle coat were true, 2 inches of growth would not put their coats in deplorable condition as you have described. Even a non perfected coat would not be deplorable if it was shaved 4 month earlier. Yes..may be some matts..but not the huge exageration you are so typically of

    Mike and heart goes out to you for the hell this demonic women
    is capable of putting you through.

  8. Janice permalink
    July 5, 2010 5:04 pm

    Beverley – have you phoned Sean yet???

    Will you be phoning him?

  9. July 6, 2010 3:02 am

    Maybe now Twyla will believe as we all have for so very long…..Bev is what we have said she is, disturbed beyond help at this point in her life. This personality type is a true sociopath, no empathy for others including animals. She lives only to supply herself with adulation from others no matter what the cost, and of course money. She will lie, cheat, abuse both man and animal to acheive her goals. Never take responsibility for anything she does, unless of course it’s to boast about her false gains in life. She is a pathological liar and many of us aren’t prepared to deal with some like her. She throws away friendships like garbage when she is done with them, because she cannot be a real friend that requires a heart and soul and I am sure she has neither. What you never counted on Bev, is all of us…staying the course and not giving up on the hope the world will open its eyes and see you in the broad daylight for what you truely are.

  10. July 8, 2010 5:37 am

    Another thing Bev, Kisses and Taz are Twlyas dogs and they always have been groomed well, I have seen tons of pics of them and they have NEVER been a matted mess as you so claim…but I have seen your dogs a mess consistantly….so it is you who should be asking forgiveness, it’s just tooo bad all of your dogs aren’t with them instead of you!!

    • jnusha Holt permalink
      July 9, 2010 3:51 am

      Poor Stella and Clementine.

  11. Coco permalink
    July 10, 2010 11:08 am

    Why is it all of a sudden so quiet? No trace of RL on the RM website, is Bev still in the US? What is happening now to the poor dogs now ? I am scared that she will put them into quarantine to get them back to Australia.

    • July 10, 2010 1:58 pm

      The dogs are still in Texas being very well cared for. For now, they are not going anywhere.

    • ANON permalink
      July 10, 2010 6:55 pm

      The dogs are safe, happy and cared for. They’re well fed, played with, walked and live a life of luxury. A concept that Beverley Manners would never consider for her money makers. Have pity for the dogs left in Australia and one can only wonder how she is going to pedal the puppies that will no doubt be born from Ava, Anya, Isabella, Sunnie and POOR POOR POOR SHANIA. She was NOT saved and is probably in whelp because she LOVES being a mother. That is from a former employee. Go to the feed store in Warragul and you can learn a lot about RM and its goings on.

  12. ANON permalink
    July 10, 2010 2:14 pm

    Now she is telling us she worked for the chairman of the Australian Broadcasting Commission!

  13. ANON permalink
    July 10, 2010 6:49 pm

    Give me a break. Read her bio. What hasn’t she done? Gone to the moon? Too bad she didn’t and had stayed there. As for the organizations she’s founded…..every one of them has folded or thrown her out but according to her, she resigned or they failed in keeping her vision. Even ALFA’s board of directors has shrunk considerably and it is doomed to fail like everything else has. The list goes on and on. Oh wait, wasn’t she Prime Minister of Australia at one time?

  14. Judy permalink
    July 10, 2010 9:05 pm

    sorry Annon but it actually says she was ‘Secretary” to the Chairman – but that could also be taken with a grain of salt!!!

    • Chat is listed again on RM website with a new posting by Grandma B permalink
      July 11, 2010 2:09 am

      Rutland Manor has provided a Chat Page for many years: a place where members of the big world wide Rutland Manor family could gather to share their pictures and stories and to ask for guidance on many issues related to the keeping of their Rutland Manor Australian Labradoodles.

      In June 2010 the Rutland Manor Chat Page was hijacked by Twyla Pyles, calling herself “Rutlands Legacy” and I was suspended from the chat page membership along with other families who dared to voice their support of Rutland Manor on that site.

      A genuine Rutland Manor Chat Page will be provided shortly where Rutland Manor families can gather again with transparency in a place where people are not ex communicated for posting a negative comment.

      Disclaimer: I have no connection with the so-called “Rutlands Legacy” and I will not be held liable for any advice or other content displayed on Twyla Pyles’ chat page. I will also not be held liable for any health warranty claims or other claims or disputes arising between Twyla and Mike Pyles and anyone who purchases puppies bred from my dogs deceitfully obtained. Puppies bred by Twyla and Mike Pyles are not entitled to have the name “Rutlands” on their pedigrees and I will not be held responsible for the accuracy or otherwise of pedigrees supplied with those puppies.


      • Falsified Puppy Papers permalink
        July 11, 2010 11:18 am

        Beverley’s note says: “In June 2010 the Rutland Manor Chat Page was hijacked by Twyla Pyles, calling herself “Rutlands Legacy””

        Does Beverley think we’ve forgotten that she created, orchestrated, and fully endorsed “Rutland’s Legacy” , (because according to her, of her old age and more of her life behind her than ahead)?

        Jesus H. Christ, does that sick woman think her supporters should just love and hate people based on her irrational whims?

        Does she think everyone will turn on Twyla because she says so? We must assume that whomever chooses to continue supporting Beverley’s tirades and shenanigans must be too weak-minded (or scared) to make a break from her.

        If you aren’t sure what to think just remember, it’s okay to be wrong, as long as when you realize you’re wrong you make it right.

        At least we can be happy that someone “hijacked” the url of the original RM chat page when Beverley deleted her chat group, looks like they snapped that url right up when she canceled her account. I’m going there right now to join, because enough is enough.

        I hope the US immigration dept gets her out of our country and back to Australia, and doesn’t let her back in ever.

      • alison permalink
        July 11, 2010 3:40 pm

        so beverley… you still havent answered my question… was it appropriate to verbally abuse and physically threaten my 72 year old mother, or to board my dog at your kennel when specifically this was not allowed under the terms of your epa orders??
        alison welch

      • jnusha Holt permalink
        July 12, 2010 5:44 am

        Uh oh Beverley, you better remember that you are in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA now and Americans don’t like the word HIJACKED. Watch your forked tongue, Madame Satan and go home. Pity the Australians who have to claim you as a citizen. Maybe a nice welcoming committee of the Warragul police will greet you when you get home. Maybe some more of your neighbors have up and moved to get away from you. Jail would be a nice place for you. Then you can know what your dogs lives were like.

  15. ANON permalink
    July 12, 2010 5:26 am

    Regarding Alison’s horrible experience : Beverley doesn’t care who she abuses and has no respect for anyone. She had great fun abusing you and your mother and laughed it off as she does everything that might challenge her and her almighty authority. I heard tell she said her name was Charlie Brown! That is so funny and I bet she thought she had you believing that. Her face is a hard one to forget and her pictures are all over her website so all anyone had to do was look. Remember, it’s not about the Labradoodles, it’s about Beverley. How petty and desperate can she be to disobey the laws forbidding her to board dogs to get the small amount of money it brings in. But to her, every penny is another to line her greed coffer. Board dogs, breed dogs, neglect dogs, shout at her staff, blame everyone else for her own behavior is what makes her come to life. I bet she blamed it on her staff or the owner! What a joke and the joke is on her. She didn’t want you to know she was the owner because it would be to embarrassing to admit she owned a stinking, deplorable hell hole where animals are forced to live, breed and eat crappy food. She told her staff later that it was the funniest thing that happened over the holidays and that she really pulled one over on those two ladies. Remember, check the feed store gossip and you’ll find out just about anything. She doesn’t have loyal staff because she is loyal to no one.

  16. July 13, 2010 8:24 am

    Another sad story in a long line of sad stories…..

  17. Niloufar permalink
    August 22, 2010 2:28 pm

    I’ve been to RM and was not impressed. It is a stinky old place and it seemed like dogs were hidden we were told we couldn’t go to certain parts of the property. I didn’t buy a puppy from RM because after hearing the rumors and meeting Mrs. No Manners, there was something very steely and evil in her eyes. It made my friend and I shake. We wanted to see Ava and Anya and were told we couldn’t. Now after some investigating and talking to local people and people who know RM, it is rumored that there is no Ava AND Anya. There is only one black female that is bred under both names which is one of Beverley’s magic tricks. Give em two names, breed the hell out of them and sell them for a pittance to Matt Hamms. Good one RM!

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